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Successful investment is about knowing the right venture to put your money into

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Introduction in California

When you are shrewd with your investment plans, you’d be wary of the security and the expected returns of your preferred assets. Commonly misconceived as a "vacant asset," most prospective investors shun land and tend to frown upon the idea of committing their capital in it. Unbeknownst to many, it remains one of the most formidable assets one would acquire. 

As a primary factor of production you'd hold for long with fewer maintenance requirements and a promise of immense increase in value over time, land is among those few investments with good payout. However, you don't just pour money on whatever parcel you come across. You need the right one. Not unless you have money to burn, it's good to have the tidbits to ensure you invest right. In this article, we have done pretty much of the work for you, summarizing the important information into a few minutes read. We give you reasons why buying land in California might be the best thing you could ever do. 

Ranking third in the combined amount of land on sale in the United States, California has offered options for those looking to buy or sell land. The average price of an acre of land in California is $1 million, a price tag sustained by the region's agricultural productivity and high demand for property. Moreover, for a state with the most developed economy and the most preferred by both locals and immigrants, land would perhaps be among its highly coveted assets. It sells like hotcakes. 

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Things to do in California

With innumerable destination spots and sceneries, there is a plethora of things to do in California, including:

  • Hollywood walk of famePosing beside a sidewalk star on the Hollywood walk of fame is so popular that it has become a rite of passage for every vacation in California. Hollywood Land / California adventure is a must-own asset.

  • Universal Studios HollywoodPart studio and part amusement park, the Universal Studios Hollywood consists of plenty of attractions that would keep the whole family entertained. You’d tour the most popular TV sets and movies of Hollywood, including the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

  • Urban Light and LACMAThe urban light art installation is one of the most-visited part of the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art. In addition to the Urban Light, the Museum hosts Robert Irwin's Miracle Mile as part of its collection of exhibits.

  • Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory: With public telescopes, the Tesla Coil, and planetarium, the Griffith Observatory is a favorite for astronomers. The observatory also allows one to experience incredible views of the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles Basin. 

  • Go hog hunting in California on public land: Get a hunting license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife and set off for some adrenaline rush chasing hogs down. 

Alcatraz Island is so popular that tickets to the Island may sell out months in advance during summer. Visiting the Island exposes the history of the abandoned maximum-security prison and an epic view of the San Francisco skylineAlcatraz Island:

History of California

History of California

History of California

When Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo sighted the region that is currently California in 1542, some 130,000 native Americans were already in possession of the land. Its occupation came to full force in 1769 when a Spanish expedition was commissioned, followed by colonization in 1773. In 1849, California gained statehood, and in 1850 it became the 31st state to officially join the union as a non-slave state.

At 163,707 square miles, California is the third-largest state in the US and apparently the most populated.  

Agreeably, discourses surrounding land in California would not be complete without mentioning the gold rush. In 1848, the state experienced an influx of fortune seekers who had heard of its gold-rich grounds. Thousands of prospective gold miners flocked the Sacramento valley, and by 1849 when the extraction was at its peak, the non-native population had reached 100,000 compared to a paltry 1000 before the rush had begun. About $2 billion worth of gold was mined from the area by 1852.

The discovery of the precious metal was perhaps California's most fateful development for its current land situation. Accounts of the abundance of gold attracted people from as far as China who wanted a piece of the state's mineral-rich lands, insanely driving its demand up. California land value has been increasing ever since. 

History of California

California's Demographic Data

California's Demographic Data

California's Demographic Data

California is home to some forty million people accounting for an eighth of the US population, with second-place Texas having about twenty-nine million residents. The beauty of it all is no race or ethnicity can claim dominance of its own people.

Latinos are the majority accounting for 39% of the populace. 36% are whites, 15% are Asians, African Americans are about 6%, less than 1% are Native American, and 3% are other races. Over 27% of California's residents are immigrants, more than double the national average of 12%. With a median age of 37.0 years, California's population is younger than the rest of the nation, whose median age is 38.5 years.

As a melting pot of people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, the state of California ranks first in linguistic and cultural diversity and second in ethnic and racial diversity. And as would be expected, some parts are more ethnically variegated than others. Los Angeles and San Bernardino, for example, have a higher percentage of black Americans. Land for sale in Los Angeles, California, would therefore be ideal for residents who prefer neighborhoods dominated by people of color. On the flip side, neighborhoods such as those in Anaheim California Disney Land would be more suitable for people who prefer white dominated communities. 

But on the whole, California is a tolerant society and quite accommodating to people from all walks of life. Regardless of your skin color, belief systems, or culture, when you buy land in California, you'd most probably fit in, no matter where in the state you want to settle. 

California's Demographic Data

California Climate

California Climate

California Climate

Much of California experiences a subtropical climate. Winters are mild to cold and summers hot and humid, with the coastal areas being cooler. Rains are reliable and evenly distributed throughout though droughts are also frequent.

With good rainfall and favorable atmospheric conditions in general, California's weather is suitable for farming. This, coupled with the availability of rich fertile soil, gives it an edge as the country's leading agricultural destination and among the top exporters of fresh produce in the world. Special agricultural zones like the Central Valley land continue to play a significant role in maintaining the state's farming competitiveness. As reported by California land watch, land for sale in Central Valley, California, attracts a median price of $1 million. With more than 211,000 acres up for grabs and listings amounting to about $4 billion, the central valley land is second in the state for the combined high value land parcels presently on sale.

The state itself ranks third in the country's land listings. In total, about $26 billion worth of California land is currently being sold. Major categories include commercial land for sale in California and land for rent in California. While city land has for a long time been in high demand with a majority of buyers seeming to yearn for the buzzing megalopolitan life, a new trend has since emerged. The Lockdown experience has forced people to rethink their home choices with many preferring a more rural or coastal life. As a result, beach properties in upmarket areas such as land for sale in Malibu, California are selling like crazy which means prices are at an all time high, but buyers have cheaper alternatives. Brokerage firms are putting up signages for more affordable properties in down-market regions such as land for sale - Central California Coast.

California Climate

Education in California

Education in California

Education in California

The California Department of Education is responsible for administering the state's public education system, majorly the grades K-12. Even though California's education system may not rank as the country's best, it has improved manifold over the years. With an average annual funding of about $100 billion, residents are sure of adequate educational facilities and infrastructure. The good thing about the financing system is that it is multi-tiered to prioritize high-need learners, majorly those who are economically challenged. This way, California has been able to do away with inherent barriers that inhibit equity in learning. 

The state has also invested heavily in its higher education by allocating hefty funding for colleges and universities each year. With an injection of about $47 billion subsidy into institutions of higher learning, California has made college more affordable hence accessible to a majority of learners.  

In this regard, if you are thinking of buying land in California to build a house, by all means do, because you can be sure that your children will receive an affordable quality education. 

Education in California

Top Three Reasons to Buy Land in California

Top Three Reasons to Buy Land in California

Top Three  Reasons to Buy Land in California

Buying land in California has always been profitable for seasoned investors and those new to the trade. Here are reasons you should take the plunge:

  • The new normal has created opportunities 

The fear of the pandemic and its effects on the economy has exerted a pressure on both demand and supply factors in the property industry. For some reasons, mortgage rates are at a record low which makes property acquisition in prime areas cheaper. There truly can never be a better time to acquire cheap land in California. You could buy and use as rental property or keep to sell at a higher price at a later time.

  •  Buying land in California is a good opportunity for developing an additional income stream. 

California land comes with multiple investment options, which would be a mainstream of income if you do it right. You'd develop rentals, farm on them or sell them at a profit at the right time. The good news is the state’s property taxes are very low. At 0.73 which is lower than the national average, land in california is indeed an excellent long-term investment.

  •  Farmland in California will always increase in value

So long as the demand for agricultural produce keeps on increasing, farmland in California will always sell like hotcakes. Nothing less would be expected for the country's agricultural powerhouse. With unbelievably amazing offers such as land for sale in California under $5,000, you'd easily acquire a farmstead for use in your own preferred way. 


Other than its good weather and beautiful beaches, California gives you many reasons to invest in its land. Being the most populated state in the US, California offers real estate investors endless possibilities from farmland, to commercial property to many other land investment options. If you ever think of where to buy land in the country, California would be an excellent place to start your search.

Top Three  Reasons to Buy Land in California

Land for Sale in California

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Notable Landmarks In California

Notable Landmarks In California

California Climate Risk


Earthquake risk

High risk


Air pollution risk

Medium risk


Wind risk

Low risk


Tornado risk

Low risk


Total weather risk

Low risk


Hurricane risk

Low risk


Hail risk

Low risk

California FAQs
California FAQs

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