Los Angeles at Sunset
Los Angeles at Sunset


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Living in the city of your dreams and the home of your dreams is more than possible, with determination and a bit of manifestation

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The Amazing Land of California

As such, you may want to seek out condos for sale. California is a common destination of choice for many people, because of its beautiful ocean coastline, healthy lifestyle , consistently lovely weather, walkable and lively cities, gorgeous state parks like Joshua Tree, and modern amenities. The state offers the best of both worlds – the hustle and bustle of cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, alongside the laid-back and scenic vibes of San Diego and Oceanside. Perhaps you can imagine yourself in the beautiful Carmel-By-The-Sea. It’s possible to find amazing Carmel, California condos for sale if you put your mind to it. 

When considering whether and when to purchase a condos for sale in California, there are some major factors to consider. California does have higher taxes than most states, so the cost of living is higher. But, the lifestyle that’s available is definitely worth the money for many people who choose to stay in California for generations. And, Southern California shares a border with Mexico, which means there’s an incredible blending of cultures, histories, and traditions through the state – as well as some extremely delicious tacos. So, finding  condos for sale in Southern California could be the perfect move for you. 

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Things to do in California

One of the best parts of California is that it’s so easy to stay busy. There are numerous places to go hiking all throughout the state, because of its varied geography. One popular destination is Joshua Tree national park about two hours outside of Los Angeles. The park sits at the center of two desert ecosystems, the Mojave and Colorado. There’s incredible vegetation to see and cute little animals. There are also hikes that are a little less sweaty and intense, like the hike-up to the famous Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.  Maybe you could just go on a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge ni San Francisco. 

There are also famous beaches, from Pacific Beach in San Diego to Long Beach and Malibu in Los Angeles. There are so many museums in California, it’s easy to lose count. Los Angeles has the famous Getty Museum, which is a massive artistic experience. The whole complex overlooks the city and includes art from ancient eras. Balboa Park in San Diego takes up the entire middle chunk of the city and has some of the most diverse succulents in the region. The park includes art and history museums, as well as restaurants that feature local jazz musicians. It also has numerous festivals throughout the holidays. Of course, California is also the destination of events like Coachella. 

History of California

History of California

History of California

California is a massive region, and its history is pretty massive too. So, here’s the synopsis: California did not officially become a U.S. state until 1850, but it’s history extends way back.  The first Spanish missionaries came to what would become California in the 1700s. The region's history coincides with Baja California, a peninsula on the west coast of Mexico. When Spainards arrived, they thought modern-day California was just an extension of this peninsula and called it Alta or “upper” California. 

Spaniards eventually traveled north from Baja California and began creating settlements. Chrsitian missionaries established churches in San Diego and then began moving north to create more settlements in places like Monterey and San Francisco. The remnants of these establishments can still be seen in cities like San Diego, which has an Old Town neighborhood that includes shops, old pueblo style buildings, and authentic Mexican restaurants. The point is that Spanish food, language, and culture via Mexico has been making a mark on California for centuries. 

When the United States was able to win California away from Spain, the region was home to nearly 150,000 indigenous peoples and 14,000 inhabitants of European and Mexican descent, which to this day is responsible for contributing to California’s incredibly diverse population. 

After statehood, California’s history moved very quickly. Gold was discovered in the 19th century, and the state became a hotspot for exploration and settlement. It was also clear that there was an incredible amount of wealth to be made in this region. People from all around the world, including China, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii came to California to make their fortune. 

Fast forward to modern day, California is the most populous state in the country and has some of the most diverse,  most renowned, and economically robust cities in the country. The state is marked by Hollywood in Los Angeles, technology hubs in San Francisco, and beautiful beaches in San Diego. 

History of California

Demographics in California

Demographics in California

Large group of people forming the shape of California

California’s population is still predominantly white, but is still incredibly diverse, particularly in city centers. According to 2020 Census Bureau data, the population of 40 million people is roughly 37% white alone, 2% indigenous or Alaska Native, 16% Asian, 7% Black, and 40% Hispanic or Latino.

The state is also home to some major military bases, like Camp Pendleton in San DIego. There are roughly 1.5 million veterans in the state. And because the state has so many unique neighborhoods, like Korea town in Los Angeles, it attracts a lot of immigrants. Around 27% of the population is foreign born. Also, the state is really young. Only 15% of the population is above the age of 65, and 23% of people are under 18. 

California’s population is highly concentrated in cities, as the state is largely one gigantic desert - which we will get into later. But, if you’re looking at a condo for sale in one of the state’s major cities, it could be helpful to those demographics as well. 

Los Angeles has roughly 3.8 million people. Around 52% of the population is white alone, 9% is Black, less than 1% is indigienous or Alaska native, 12% is Asian, and 49% of people are Hispanic or Latino. 

San Diego has roughly 1.4 million people. Around 43% of the population is white alone, 6.4% is Black, less than 1% is indigienous or Alaska native, 17% is Asian, and 30% of people are Hispanic or Latino. If you’re looking for  California condos for sale in Oceanside, California, just north of San Diego, it’s close to Camp Pendleton. So,  it’s also a common destination for military families and veterans. 

San Francisco has roughly 800,000 people.  Around 40% of the population is white alone, 5% is Black, less than .5% is indigienous or Alaska native, 34% is Asian, and 15% of people are Hispanic or Latino. 

Large group of people forming the shape of California

Weather in California

Weather in California


Southern California is well known for having fairly consistent and lovely weather in the 70s throughout the majority of the year. Beach-going is common even into December and January, while cities like San Diego experience a phenomenon known as “June Gloom,” when there’s a bit of cooler, overcast weather before the hot summer months,which can get into the 80s and 90s.  Northern California also has great weather, but can get colder in the winter months. 

Much of the population lives on the coastline, for obvious reasons. The beaches are gorgeous. But more inland, the state is essentially one gigantic desert and can get very dry and hot especially during the summer. The state gets about 75% of its rain and snow from the watersheds north of Sacramento, but California is mostly dry.The state ships in water from the Colorado River in order to keep the southern region moist and feed the state’s massive agricultural fields in the Central Valley. 


Education in California

Education in California

Stanford University California

California is in the top 20 states for K-12 education options. And when it comes to higher education, the state is home to some top-tier and ivy league universities, such as Stanford and CalTech. 

However, when it comes to actual test scores, public schools in California definitely have some work to do. One WalletHub study has found that California ranks in the bottom-tier of states, and that could have to do with factors like lack of state public school funding, the existence of large, diverse, socioeconomically lacking neighborhoods where schools are behind, and children not being able to get as much one-on-one attention. 

Depending on neighborhoods, though, it is possible to find great Palo Alto Unified school district, for example, is considered to be a better place to send kids. San Dieguito Union High School District is also a higher ranking optionprivate and public school options

Stanford University California

How much is a condo in California, and should you buy?

How much is a condo in California, and should you buy?

Los Angeles Condo

Let’s be realistic, property in California is expensive. Maybe you’re looking at condos for sale in Corona California, and thinking a property is only the stuff of dreams. But, the housing market is booming. For those that invested even just ten years ago, their properties are worth much more than what they bought it for. If you’re thinking of looking for a long-term investment and have the funds to buy a dream home in California, it’s definitely worthwhile to explore that option. The fact of the matter is that the reasons why people go to California will always be there – those are the beaches, the lovely weather, and the lifestyle. 

Furthermore, renting can be a major money drain in California. The rental market is certainly sky-high. A 500 sq. foot one-bedroom in San Diego, for example, can cost around $1,500 to $2,000 a month. But, you could buy a nearly 1,000 sq. foot apartment in San Diego city for around $450,000, and bay a mortgage of less the rental amount. Plus, if you find a great real estate company, they won’t be trying to make a massive profit off your home. They’ll make sure you find a great California condo with great views and great California condo management. They might also be able to point you to the best condo insurance California. After all, California condo insurance is a must.

Investment into real estate, especially condos in California, is certainly only going to create wealth, as the equity and value of the home continues to balloon in value. The state continues to grow and be a popular destination for home-buyers, especially as the government invests in environmentally friendly laws that draw in younger and more conscientious populations.

Los Angeles Condo

Condos in California

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Notable Landmarks In California

Notable Landmarks In California

California Frequently Asked Questions
California Frequently Asked Questions

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