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Where to Look For a Condo? San Francisco – That’s Where!

San Francisco sits in Northern California and is well-known for its rolling fog, steep hills and streets, cool summers as well as its famous landmarks. As well as being a popular tourist destination, it is also a thriving technology and social media hub, being home to major companies like Apple, Facebook and Google, resulting in a strong economy.

The city has a fantastic arts and culture heritage with many of its neighborhoods providing for tourists as well as residents. It is ranked as the ‘most walkable city’ in the United States by

There are over 220 parks grace the city and an abundance of educational as well as sporting opportunities.


The name of San Francisco was derived from the Spanish colonists who established the Mission San Francisco de Asis in 1776, which itself was named after Saint Francis of Assisi. Originally known as Yerba Buena, meaning ‘good herb’, the name of San Francisco was officially adopted in 1850. San Francisco was originally the home of a Spanish mission and pueblo but this small settlement was later overtaken by gold prospectors in the late 1840s following the discovery of gold in the hinterland. The Gold Rush turned San Francisco into a busy cosmopolitan and growing city. Cable cars crisscrossed the hilly city and in 1887, the Golden Gate Park was built. However, in 1906, the great San Andreas earthquake and subsequent fire destroyed most of the city’s buildings. Just nine years later, San Francisco had re-built itself and hosted the Panama International Exposition. Throughout the 1930s, the city continued to prosper and growth was significant, becoming a cultural haven and a center for poets and the arts by the 1960s. Despite a second damaging earthquake, which hit the city in 1989, the technology industry and launching of the internet drew entrepreneurs from far and wide to San Francisco, creating the thriving cosmopolitan, multi-cultural of today.

Things to do in San Francisco

While searching for a condo for sale in San Francisco, why not experience some of the most popular things to see and do in the city, including the famous Golden Gate Bridge which was originally constructed to connect Marin County and San Francisco together.

Descended from the Italian immigrants of the Gold Rush is Fisherman’s Wharf and is an absolute must see in San Francisco. Full of seafood restaurants and cafes, it is also home to a sea lion colony, museums, parks and host to several popular events.

Add to your itinerary Golden Gate Park, the largest in the city, walk through Chinatown, take a ride on a cable car, book a tour to visit Alcatraz Island, home of the infamous prison, climb up to Twin Peaks, drink coffee in Union Square and historic Ghirardelli Square, and the Walt Disney Family Museum.

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Map showing San Francisco


The city sits on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula in the north of California, although the city isn’t considered part of that region. It is between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean and is predominantly surrounded by water, which means the city enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate with temperatures remaining fairly constant throughout the year. At most times, the city has its familiar fog over it, caused by the cold air from the ocean meeting the warmer Californian air. Where the summers are dry, the winters in San Francisco are wetter. When considering buying a condo in San Francisco, you will find that summer temperatures – between 50F and 70F – are not much higher than in winter – from 41F and 57F.

San Francisco demographics

The 2020 Census lists 873,965 people in San Francisco, an increase of 8.5% from the 2010 census. It is a multicultural city with a majority minority population which includes 41.3% whites, 33.9% Asians, 5.3% African Americans, 9.9% Native Americans as well as a small proportion of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders.

There are 345,811 households in San Francisco with 39% of those households being individuals and 56% renting in condos in San Francisco.

Arts in San Francisco

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

The city’s plethora of fairs, festivals and events are a major attraction, such as the Mill Valley Music Festival, the beautiful Cherry Blossom Festival in Japantown, the Waterfront Festival and Fireworks Display, the Fillmore Jazz Festival, the Chinatown Autumn Moon Festival and not forgetting the delicious Ghirardelli Chocolate Festival.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in San Francisco

Being one of the most densely populated cities in the US, there are 114 schools in San Francisco, 18 of which are high schools, which accommodate 52,811 students. With safety high on the agenda, parents and children can be confident that they will be protected in schools. Its culturally diverse population means that students will fit in well in just about any school, college or university. Travel around the city is easy with plenty of bus, train, subway and trams to get about. San Francisco has some of the most well-known universities in the US including Stanford University, UC Berkeley and the University of San Francisco. There are also a plentiful variety of schools and colleges rated good and excellent, like The College Preparatory School, The Nueva School, Marin Academy, Henry M. Gunn High School and Saratoga High School. North Beach If you are looking to be by the ocean and you are into seafood and Italian style cuisine, you’ll love North Beach. Also known as the Little Italy of San Francisco, it is home to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf, the Coit Tower and the City Lights bookstore. Chinatown is just a short walk and there are plenty of buses running to the city center. Nob Hill Views are the mainstay of Nob Hill and if you’re looking for nostalgic San Francisco, this is the place to be. Home to some of the city's most luxury hotels, it is also a popular cable car line so getting around is no problem. Polk Street is the older part of Nob Hill with great restaurants and bars. With Chinatown being in walking distance, this area is a great location to buy a condo in San Francisco. Haight-Ashbury Haight-Ashbury was the home of the Hippie movement in the 1960s and retains that distinctive bohemian culture today. There are some of the best green spaces in Haight-Ashbury including the enormous Golden Gate Park. If you’re into vintage clothing, skate wear, museums, botanical gardens and records, this is the area to rent a condo in San Francisco. Russian Hill Another neighborhood full of hills as well as amazing views of the ocean and city, but a bit quieter than Haight-Ashbury, is Russian Hill. Bus services run regularly into the city, or you can get fit walking up and down the hills. Lombard Street and Union Street are the most famous, home to trendy restaurants, bars and shops. Presidio Heights Very much a more affluent area of San Francisco, Presidio Heights has some of the most expensive condos for sale in San Francisco. The area is home to a raft of celebrities and tech moguls who enjoy plenty of green spaces and views of the ocean. Top 3 Reasons Buy a Condo in San Francisco Here are 3 of the best reasons for buying a condo in Suffolk County, New York: 1. An excellent public transport infrastructure. Some of the USA’s best public transport systems are in San Francisco. Although many get around the city on foot, Muni is the municipal transportation system operating streetcars and buses. As well as cable cars, bicycles, taxis and the ferry, the underground BART system is excellent. 2. There are plenty of local jobs too. There is a thriving job market in San Francisco, much of which is based around the technology and tourism sectors. 3. There is always something to do. The city is awash with historic sights, family attractions, tours and activities, as well as restaurants, bars and nightlife. You’ll never get bored in San Francisco. Although there’s no nightlife in Presidio Heights, there are plenty of hiking trails, stunning redwoods in Presidio Park, as well as the Walt Disney museum.

Why San Francisco?

Is Buying a Condo In San Francisco A Good Move?
San Francisco is one of the most popular cities to rent a condo but is also quite expensive as condos in San Francisco retain their value well. Many people actually prefer to buy a condo in San Francisco from the security aspect. But what is there that really sets San Francisco apart?

Many people choose to rent a condo in San Francisco, short-term or long-term, while others prefer to buy a condo. Its transportation system is excellent and there is a great mix of cultures and heritage to explore on foot, too. The job market is plentiful and busy, and there is a good choice of housing, from historic mansions and family homes to low-rise apartments and high-rise condos.

The decision is a difficult one as the city and its surrounding areas have so much to offer a diverse range of people. If you’re interested in living here, rent a condo in San Francisco and visit for a while before committing to buying a condo.


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