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Los Angeles, CA Real Estate

Los Angeles is a city so famous it almost seems mythical. Straddling the Pacific Ocean on California’s western coast, it is the entertainment capital of the world. Just the mention of Los Angeles instantly brings to mind iconic images of the glamorous California lifestyle. Everyone recognizes the famed Hollywood sign, the 2600 celebrity names engraved in the stars on the Walk of Fame, and epic scenes on the big screen of movie actors rolling down the seaside roads with the top-down, flagged on both sides by breezy palm trees so tall, they seem to touch the perfect blue sky.


Los Angeles is at the heart of the California Dream, which is the pinnacle of the American Dream, and that’s one major reason why Los Angeles, CA real estate is very much in demand.


Now America’s second largest city and the West Coast’s biggest economic force, Los Angeles was originally settled by indigenous tribes like the Chumash and Tongva, as far back as 8,000 B.C., according to In 1781, a group of settlers consisting of 14 families made up of 44 people of Native American, African and European heritage traveled more than 1,000 miles across the desert from what’s known today as northern Mexico. These families created a farming community in the area. The Spanish Governor named it "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula.” In English, this translated to "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciúncula." In the next decades, this community would continue to thrive under the flags of Spain, Mexico, and eventually the United States, until ultimately, it would become one of the biggest, most well-known, and powerful metropolitan cities in the world –– the City of Los Angeles. People usually associate Los Angeles with the movie industry, but it was actually another industry that built this city. In fact, it was oil that played a major role in Los Angeles’ evolution into the powerhouse that it is today. According to the Los Angeles County Office of Oil and Gas, the Los Angeles City oil field was first discovered in 1893 by gold prospectors searching for a different color of treasure. Within four years, there were 500 oil wells and Los Angeles was leading the country in oil production. Within forty years, Los Angeles was producing a quarter of the entire world’s oil. Another fascinating part of Los Angeles history is that, if it weren’t for Thomas Edison and his patents on the other side of the country, it’s highly likely that Hollywood would have become a farming community. That piece of land had already been bought by Harvey and Daeida Wilcox in 1886. They’d named it Hollywood, but their dream was not making movies –– they were fig farmers. Originally, they had envisioned Hollywood as a religious community, a “‘Christian utopia.” But their efforts weren’t fruitful, and these farmers couldn’t realize their dreams. Eventually, they divided and sold the property. According to the Saturday Evening Post, Thomas Edison had been intent on turning the East Coast into the world’s film capital. He had so many patents, including one for the kinetograph, the first-ever video camera, that he used his patent monopoly to control which movies were made. So filmmakers fled west, as far away as possible, where it was impossible to enforce strict penalties for patent infringement. That’s how the movie business took root in Los Angeles and eventually exploded into a major, driving engine of the city and its surrounding communities. Los Angeles’ Hollywood sign is such an iconic landmark and tourist attraction, that it’s hard to imagine it ever being anything else. The truth is, when it was built in 1923, it originally read “Hollywoodland.” The backstory, according to Fodor’s, was that the sign was an ad for a housing development. Finally, in 1949, it became the now-famous sign when the “Land” was removed. Historically, there have been countless other artistic and scientific enterprises fueling the creative giant that Los Angeles has become. That’s one reason why there’s so much more to Los Angeles than meets the eye. According to The Sun, Los Angeles is the first city to ever measure the speed of light. This story takes us to 1926, when acclaimed scientist Dr. Albert A. Michelson invented a way to bounce light between distant points and measure the speed of light with unrivaled accuracy. Baldy Mountain was one of these peaks, and as the first accurate measurements of the speed of light, these proved to forge the way for Albert Einstein. Of course, Los Angeles also became home to a booming tech corridor, with entrepreneurs in the technology and STEM industries moving from the northern part of California and from all over the country to bask in the endless sunshine while bringing their inventions to life.

Things to do in Los Angeles

The City Of Stars is a magical place, with endless activities to satisfy nearly any bucket list. There’s a reason why Los Angeles attracts an astronomical number of tourists; each year, 50 million people travel to LA to see the sights, and that number continues to grow.

First of all, it’s rare for a heavily populated metropolis like Los Angeles to offer hiking on rugged mountains just nine miles away from City Hall. Even with the population density, LA is a city that’s inextricably tied to nature and all of the activities found in mountain and ocean terrains. Many Angelenos are usually busy riding the waves or tying up their hiking laces. Here, vibrant, multicultural neighborhoods back right onto public beaches covered with golden sand, city streets wind up to gorgeous hiking hillsides, and the vast, clear skies are better than any movie screen for star-gazing, sunbathing, or cruising with your convertible, bike, scooter or skateboard.

LA also packs quite a culinary punch. It’s here you’ll find some of the country’s best tacos, most authentic Korean cuisine, and one of the nation’s biggest concentrations of vegan food.

Because dreams are encouraged in LA, every year busloads of dreamers from towns across America make the journey to share their stories in film, theater, music, or visual art. The result is a smorgasbord of creative outlets and forums: countless, edgy art spaces; rock venues with a cult following; nationally acclaimed concert halls, and thought-provoking galleries and stages.

Of course, while there’s plenty of entertainment to go around, one of the quintessential things to experience in LA is taking a tour of Universal Studios Hollywood. The key take-away is that no other city delivers such an electric mash-up of entertainment styles, statements, and influences. Sometimes all of these styles can be found on the same street.

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Map showing Los Angeles


The city is divided into over 80 districts and neighborhoods, many of which were incorporated places or communities that merged into the city. These neighborhoods were developed piecemeal, and are well-defined enough that the city has signage marking nearly all of them. In general, the city is marked by these areas: Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles and Northeast Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, the Harbor Area, Greater Hollywood, Wilshire, the Westside, and the San Fernando and Crescenta Valleys.

Los Angeles demographics

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and the second-most populous city in America. 4 million people inhabit the city area and 12.5 million people live in the urban area. As the self-named cultural hub of the Pacific Rim, the city is incredibly multiethnic. According to Los Angeles Superior Court, Los Angeles does not have a majority population; its residents come from 140 different countries and there are 224 identified languages spoken in the city. 48% of the city’s population identifies as Hispanic or Latino, 26% identify as Caucasian, 15% as Asian or Pacific Islander. The rest of the population is split between African American, American Indian, or other.

A city of singles, Los Angeles ranks as one of the most concentrated single hotspots in America. In fact, 55.8% of the adult population in the LA metropolitan area is single, meaning that this sector is divorced or never married. It’s not clear whether this tendency to go solo is because Los Angeles is a career-focused city, or because of its landscape of renowned universities, which will be covered later in this article. Whatever the reason, LA’s singles scene outshines the rest of the country, where, on average, 44.3% of the population is single.

Arts in Los Angeles

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

With 841 museums and art galleries, Los Angeles has more museums and galleries per capita than any other city in the world, in addition to its thriving music and theater scene.

Museums include the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Broad, the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Norton Simon Museum, the Huntington Library art collection and botanical gardens, and the Hammer Museum at UCLA. Los Angeles is known for its impressive collections of contemporary art. The Museum of Contemporary Art has three separate locations, which are the Geffen Contemporary, for larger installation pieces by more established artists, the MOCA Downtown, which is the standard collection, and the Pacific Palisades. As noted above, there is never a lull in the cultural activities to be found in every nook and cranny this city has to offer.

Notable Landmarks

It would be impossible to determine what landmark says “LA” more than any other, and in a sprawling city like Los Angeles, even locals haven’t seen all the treasures, no matter how long ago they put down their roots. Here’s a small sampling of a few remarkable attractions.

The famous Urban Light installation at LACMA faces Wilshire Boulevard and was designed by Chris Burden using 202 cast-iron street lamps, some of which were restored from actual streets in California. The solar-powered-turned LED lights, thanks to a partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Foundation, have become an iconic image often representative of the City of Angels.

The world’s shortest railway, Angels Flight Railway, is in downtown Los Angeles and has given over 100 million rides since it opened in 1901. After several shutdowns over the years, the historical funicular is fully operating year-round.

An art deco icon with memorably photogenic opportunities on top of Mount Hollywood, Griffith Observatory has one of the most stunning panoramic views in Los Angeles. It’s also the backdrop to a popular hiking trail, too. Once a month, the Observatory also hosts a free monthly star party with astronomers on-site, available to answer any questions. Admission to the grounds and Observatory is free, excluding special programs and shows in the Planetarium or theater.

The Venice Canals are part of a picturesque historic district in Venice Beach. The four waterways going east to west can be found in between Venice Boulevard and Washington Boulevard off of Grand Canal, and are actually a small piece of the original canal system developed by Abbot Kinney in 1905, meant as an homage to Italy. He called it the “Venice of America.”

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a local attraction. With the long list of Hollywood legends who are laid to rest there, like Jayne Mansfield and Douglas Fairbanks, it’s clear why. The cemetery also hosts a popular outdoor summer movie screening series set among the tombstones.


With 184 parks across the city, anyone can take advantage of the great outdoors any time of year. Whether it’s strolling through an urban oasis, getting involved in organized sports, or getting some exercise on a scenic hike, gorgeous weather and beautiful natural surroundings are the constant factors.

Everyone from art aficionados to devoted dog owners will find a slice of nature that fits their lifestyle, and it’s all free and open to the public.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles educational system offers public, NPS, and private schools, and in higher education, it includes the public University of California, California State University, and California Community Colleges systems. ​​ Rated #1 in top public schools by U.S. News, University of California Los Angeles has a total undergraduate enrollment of over 30,000 and is situated in beautiful Westwood, about fice miles from the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, University of Southern California, a private institution, is ranked #17 in National Universities and sits in LA’s Downtown Arts and Education Corridor. Overall, there are about 230 colleges and universities in or near the Los Angeles area.

Why Los Angeles?

Advice From An Angeleno:
“People who move away usually end up moving back here. When you’re in L.A., you can make your own experience. There's so much space, and even while you have access to everything an urban melting pot has to offer right at your fingertips, you have all the room to make your own unique world.”

The status of Los Angeles as one of the most glamorous, multicultural, naturally majestic, and creative places on earth means there’s always demand to live in this singular and world-renowned city. It’s hard to go wrong with Los Angeles, CA real estate.


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