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Yonkers, NY Real Estate is One of the Most Competitive Housing Markets Due to its Affordability and High Demand

Yonkers, NY real estate should be among your top real estate options. Yonkers is best known for its outstanding historical neighborhoods, busy streets, and beautiful waterfront living. The city is not only economically and culturally diverse but also prized for its fantastic job and career opportunities, great educational centers, and great food. If you are thinking of real estate in New York and want to call Yonkers your new home, you are making the right choice.
The housing market in the city is somewhat competitive. The real estate market in the city has been classified as the buyers' market. Once a home is listed in the market, it receives multiple offers and sells for the listing amount within a short period. Overall, the houses usually sell 3% higher than the listing prices. They sell really quickly, indicating high demand for houses in the area. The city has various property types to choose from; hence there is a home for every demographic and lifestyle.
Are you searching for a home in an area full of employment opportunities? Consider moving to Yonkers and enjoy the benefits of residing in the area. Full of thousands of job opportunities, Yonkers is the place for you to succeed. With the cities close to New York, residents enjoy the added advantage of exploiting employment opportunities in NY.


In the early years, the city's land was part of the Dutch land grant known as Colen Donck. The land covered today's Manhattan-Bronx border, extending to the Hudson and Bronx Rivers. The land was later given to Adriaen Van der Donck, who built a sawmill near the boundaries of Hudson River and Nepperhan Creek. This led to the Nepperhan area gaining its current name Saw Mill River. Initially, Yonkers was a small agricultural town supplying farm products. The supply of water power in the area saw the rise of manufacturing jobs in the city. This marked the turning point of Yonkers as its growth relied heavily on the new industries. Elisha Otis developed the first elevator in the city. In addition, Otis elevator Company established the first company on the banks of Hudson near today's known Vark Street. The village was later incorporated into the western side of the Town of Yonkers, becoming a city. During the World War, approximately 7% of the Yonkers population joined the military service serving either in the 27th Division or 77th Division. Early the same year, Yonkers hosted Colt Runabout Company, a brass automobile maker. With increasing innovation, Yonkers became the headquarters of the Waring Hat Company. However, the post-war era brought a lot of competition from less costly imports, resulting in some manufacturing companies' closure. This saw a decline in various industrial jobs. The loss of massive job opportunities in the city primarily led to the city becoming a residential city. Thanks to the excellent transportation infrastructure that saw the rise of Yonkers city. The two commuter railroads (Hudson and Harlem) made the area a desirable area to live. The manufacturing industry also faced a resurgence as a result. Throughout its rich history, Yonkers has been home to many notable inventors. Since its early years in business, industry, and development, the city has been a progressive community. Yonkers Chamber of Commerce's progressiveness continues to create a formula for success in the city.

Things to do in Yonkers

Living in Yonkers, you will never complain of dull days. There is always something for everyone with many indoor and outdoor activities and adventures. Due to its location on the Hudson River, the city is surrounded by beautiful sceneries along the waterway. Its residents spend their leisure time exploring the beautiful gardens, biking, and hiking or basking along the local park. If you are a garden lover, you will enjoy visiting Untermyer Park and Gardens, a perfect place for taking pictures.
Are you a foodie? Food is everywhere in the city. The eccentric and unique restaurants mixing local and international flavors give the residents a wide choice of delicious meals. From the classiest cafes to the top-of-the-line dining, food in Yonkers is a must-try. Do you want to enjoy some Italian food? Visit Zuppa and enjoy some Italian favorites and gelato. If you're going to enjoy some traditional Irish food and drinks, Rory Dolan's Restaurant and Bar is your place.
The Hudson River Museum is ideal for visiting and enjoying world-class galleries and various collections found under one roof. On visiting the museum, you will find a planetarium and theater to awaken the ancient memories. If you want to spend your afternoon outdoors wisely, there is no better place than visiting the Untermyer Gardens. The gardens showcase flora and fauna of Yonkers.
Tibbetts Brook Park is the best place for anyone who wants to enjoy Yonkers' greener side. There are a lot of activities to carry in the park in case you visit. From fishing to bird watching to swimming and enjoying sports activities like basketball, you will enjoy your visit to the park. Suppose you have great taste in vintage fashion. In that case, you can consider a trip to Cross County Shopping Center and enjoy shopping from the departmental stalls and the local boutiques. There are endless things to do when living in Yonkers, and you will never regret moving to the city.

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Yonkers is in Westchester County in New York state. It spreads over hills rising from the near sea level to the banks of the Hudson River, extending to the Sacred Heart Church. The area covers 20.3 square miles, of which 18.1 miles is land while 2.2 is water. It borders Greenburgh to the North Hudson River to the west. To the south, the city borders Riverdale and Wakefield. The Bronx River separates Yonkers from Bronxville, Mount Vernon, and Scarsdale to the east.

Yonkers demographics

The estimated population for the area is 211,569. The city's racial makeup is quite diverse, with 47.2% Hispanic, 19.4% Black Americans, 0.9% Alaska Natives, 6,3% Asian, 39.7% Hispanic, and 34.9% Whites /non-Hispanic. There are 75,864 estimated households with 2.60 persons per family. The median income for each home is $69,825, which is quite fair and indicates that most residents receive a decent income.

Arts in Yonkers

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Yonkers is a historical area known for celebrating its diverse culture and history through its many art galleries and museums. The Blue Door Art Center organization is dedicated to supplying local communities throughout Westchester with arts programs and exhibition venues. Additionally, the Philipse Manor Hall preserves an impressive collection of presidential portraits, such as the Six Presidents from NY. The Riverfront Art Gallery presents a different and balanced schedule of progressive artworks not frequently seen in Yonkers and its surroundings. Lastly, Yoho Artist Studios offers collective artist work such as textile artists and sculpturists.
While visiting Yonkers, you can't afford to miss the exciting entertainment in the area. Empire City Casino is the largest entertainment destination offering exclusive empire city packages. The Casino features over 5,200 hottest slots and electronic games like baccarat, poker, and roulette. The empire also hosts live entertainment 6 nights a week and yearly parties such as celebrity appearances, concerts, and athlete meet and greets. It's never a dull moment living in Yonkers.
Are you a first-time flier looking for a thrilling advanced flier? Look no further than Yonkers because iFLY is the perfect place for you. Visit the iFLY and fall in love with the exhilarating feeling of floating on air. iFLY is where the dream of flight becomes a reality. If you are looking for lots of entertainment in one place, Ridge Hill is the place to be. This shopping center is filled with stores from your local to national brands' favorites. If you visit the area during the summers, you will have the best experience of their outdoor movie nights.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Yonkers

The city highly values the importance of good education. Whether moving with your family or planning to start one, public schools in Yonkers are the best. The Yonkers Public School District, consisting of 40 schools, is shaping the children's future by creating plenty of opportunities for the children to enjoy. Yonkers has plenty of them for individuals looking for advanced education opportunities either for their children or themselves. With the close proximity to NY, the choices are unlimited. One can enroll in Colombia University, NY Universities, or The Juilliard School. Yonkers also has its own selection, such as Westchester Community College, Manhattan College, and Sarah Lawrence College. If you decide on furthering your education, Yonkers is the place to be.

Why Yonkers?

Investing in real estate in Yonkers, NY is by far one of the best decisions you will ever make. The city is rich in culturally and economically diverse, endless job opportunities, social amenities, and excellent educational, recreational, and shopping centers. Having it all in one place is the most satisfying factor when considering a new location. It's time to move to Yonkers; it’s the perfect choice.


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