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Michigan is the state of great lakes, tunnels, and mighty industries. The first Ford automobile plant was constructed right here in Highland Park.


Henry Ford's work played a pivotal role in the industrial revolution and the growth of automotive engineering in the state, making land for sale in Michigan highly lucrative during the industrial boom. 

Many people don't know that Michigan is the only state in America with two peninsulas. The upper peninsula is rich in mineral deposits. The lower peninsula is where most industries are located, and it's more densely populated. With an estimated 65,000 lakes and ponds, vacant land for sale in Michigan is just six miles away from a natural water source.

Things to Do in Michigan

Michigan’s got plenty of delights to offer whether you’re a tourist or a local. Its moderate climate and proximity to water make it a perfect location for outdoor recreational activities, but there are plenty of other things to do as well.

Fishing is a popular pastime for people here. Did you know that Michigan boasts of one of the biggest freshwater coastline of any state in the US and over 11,000 inland lakes to choose from, you’re sure to find land for sale in Michigan that’s close to a fishing spot. A peaceful, idyllic area to cast lines with family and friends. These inland lakes are everywhere across the free land of upper peninsula Michigan, connected by the Mackinac Bridge. 

Deer hunting is another popular outdoor activity. Record numbers of hunters applied for licenses to hunt elk on Michigan hunting land for sale. Conservationists approve it as it helps manage the public hunting land, Michigan wildlife, and other natural resources.

Winter makes the land terrain for sale upper peninsula Michigan perfect for snowboarding, snowmobiling, and skiing. Equipment is readily available for rent at the numerous ski resorts in the area. 

The Michigan Science Center should be your first stop if you like science and technology. Located in Detroit, this museum is the premier science and technology hub. Exhibit galleries display STEM creations by bright young minds and educational performances and theaters showcasing 4D film screenings.

Art lovers, don’t visit Michigan without going to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Considered one of the top six art museums in the US, it contains almost 70,000 art pieces valued at over $8 billion in total. You can get a glimpse of these works at more than 100 galleries distributed over a 658,000 square foot display area.

History of Michigan

History of Michigan


Michigan has a storied past in American history. The first factory to ever use an assembly line to manufacture automobiles got introduced in Michigan in 1913. After becoming a national landmark in 1978, the Highland Park Ford Plant was the second place to produce the famous Model T. 

Fun fact; the name of the state comes from the word ‘Michi-Gama,’ a Chippewa word meaning ‘large lake.’ Some of the earliest inhabitants of the Wolverine state were Native Americans. In the 17th century, they formed an alliance known as the ‘Three Fires,’ a collection of various tribes mainly found in southeastern Michigan. 

Native American tribes lived on free land in Michigan until the arrival of European settlers. These early Europeans came from France to settle on lands for sale in Michigan in the late 1600s. By the 1700s, French settlements on Michigan land for sale included churches, metalworking forges, markets, and alcohol distilleries. 

Native Americans now had access to knives, axes, guns, metal utensils, tools, jewelry, glass beads, and alcohol. Their interactions with French settlers were initially violent, but through trade and the passage of time, their relationship led to the budding growth of fur trading and other activities. Many Native Americans became trader middlemen and local tour guides. Others became northern Michigan land brokers. As more settlers arrived, the fur trapping and trading industry flourished. 

Michigan was first awarded to the US in 1783. In 1787 it became part of the Northwest Territory. During this period, politicians adopted an aggressive program to acquire cheap land in Michigan. They negotiated treaties between native organizations like the Michigan land bank. Sometimes they made these acquisitions forcibly through the Michigan land division act or a Michigan land auction. Treaties were seen as more affordable than prolonged conflict. (Source)

Michigan joined the union on January 26th, 1837.


Michigan Demographics

Michigan Demographics

Large group of people forming Michigan flag map

As the 10th most populous state in the US, it's no surprise that land for sale in Michigan goes fast. Just over 10 million people live here, the majority in Detroit's capital. Other cities like Manton have multiplied over the past ten years, making the demand for land for sale in Michigan relatively high.

With 58,110 square miles of land, 1,305 miles of which are inland water, farmland for sale in Michigan guarantees adequate water for whatever crops you may choose to grow. 

The main revenue generators of Michigan include manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism. The Wolverine state is also home to various wildlife and game hunters, which is why hunting land for sale in Michigan is so highly sought after. Local game such as bear, deer, elk, waterfowl, and turkey are found in plenty.  

Michigan's economy grew by 7.6% in the first quarter of 2021, ranking it among the top 10 states nationwide and higher than the national average. The state has so much to offer, whether you choose to buy land for sale in Michigan in the rural or urban areas. The southeast is the most populated area, while the northern region is a top vacation destination. Land for sale in upper Michigan is considered a prime purchase. 

Large group of people forming Michigan flag map

Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather


Because of the geographic and topographical differences between the upper and lower peninsulas, Michigan enjoys a mix of climates. The southern region is usually warmer, with the annual temperature range around 18-82 degrees Fahrenheit. Northern Michigan experiences colder weather with 3-75 degrees Fahrenheit yearly temperatures. 

Michigan gets about 34 inches of rain per year and 64 inches of snow each year. It's one of the snowiest states in the US. The Wolverine state gets an average of 170 sunny days annually. The months of August, July, and June are the most pleasant of the year when activities such as hiking pick up in frequency. January and December can be freezing, encouraging people to stay home and keep themselves occupied with indoor activities. July is the hottest month, but the summer heat isn't unbearable thanks to the low humidity. 

Some hunters track deer, elk, and other game on Michigan public hunting land during the winter months. It's safer as bears are hibernating, so many locals head out to public land hunting in Michigan. Depending on where you settle. 

The Great Lakes make the heat of summer bearable while also warming up the icy cold winter winds, which is why this state has a more moderate climate than other states in the region. The coolness of the upper peninsula contrasts with the dryness of the lower arm. For this reason, the growing season in the upper peninsula lasts about two months, while in the lower peninsula it can take almost six months. 


Education in Michigan

Education in Michigan


Michigan boasts 93 colleges and universities, including doctoral/professional universities, master's universities,research universities, fourteen baccalaureate colleges, and 31 associate colleges. There are also eighteen special-focus institutions, eleven baccalaureate/associate's colleges, and two tribal colleges, all in one state. (Source)

Top universities in the state include the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Michigan Technological University, Wayne State University, and many more. These institutions push the frontiers in academics, athletics, arts, STEM, and philosophy. 


Parks and Public Places

Parks and Public Places


There are endless options for parks and land contract homes in Michigan, especially in the upper peninsula; The western region holds several state parks like the Baraga state park that's a favorite with fishers, swimmers, and kayakers. The Bewabic state park has beautiful hardwood forests and is the only state park in Michigan with its tennis courts. At the Fort Wilkins historic state park, roleplayers recreate the battles at this military outpost. There's camping available, as well as hiking and biking.

Hunters frequently visit the Craig Lake state park in the central region of the upper peninsula, where they shoot deer and moose. It's also home to black bears and beavers. This area has rough terrain requiring high ground clearance vehicles, but it's worth it. Craig Lake is the most remote of state parks in Michigan.


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Notable Landmarks in Michigan

Notable Landmarks in Michigan

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Tornado risk

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Hail risk

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Total weather risk

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Earthquake risk

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Hurricane risk

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Frequently Asked Questions

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