Boardwalk to a Florida beach
Boardwalk to a Florida beach


Land For Sale In Florida

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There are numerous places to buy land in the country, but there is no place like Florida

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The Wonderful Beaches in Florida

 With its scenic beaches, sunny climate, hardy pine forests, and picturesque wetlands,Florida land is among the nations most sought after making Land for sale in Florida an ideal investment. 

Florida is located in the southeastern part of the USA with its capital at Tallahassee in Leon county. It borders the Atlantic ocean and the Bahamas to the east, the Gulf of Mexico to the West, Alabama to the northeast, and Georgia to the north. It is characterized by a climate that varies from tropical in the south to subtropical in the North, and a ray of year-round sunshine that has earned it the nickname “the Sunshine State.” The state harbors hundreds of miles of coastal beaches, several theme parks, and attractions that simply make it an irresistible and desirable place to live in. 

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Things to do in Florida

Most people tend to wonder whether buying land in Florida is a good investment. If it were not, land buyers wouldn't be flooding in this amazing state seeking to invest in the state's lucrative real estate industry. While investors tend to have varying reasons to purchase or sell property, commercial land for sale in Florida tends to be common with  recreational, commercial property a preferred area for many. And true to expectations, Florida has never disappointed. The state boasts a plethora of attractive recreational destinations you'd find worth your while. Moreover, it homes over 1,300 golf courses and would probably also be a high preference for golf enthusiasts living or looking for business land. In such cases, property owners would ultimately gain from both worlds, like investing in the future while also having fun at the moment. 

New buyers of Florida land will experience the unique value associated with the conch culture that is simply an intimate familiarity with the local waters and the sea. Therefore, when you buy land in Florida and have a permanent residence, you get an opportunity to constantly indulge in beach recreation activities  such as conch diving, sponge diving, fishing, lobstering, crabbing, and other forms of fishing and aquatic pass time activities they can think of. 

Even though land prices are relatively higher in Florida compared to other states, buying a parcel in the area is worth it. But you'd also get a good bargain as there are plenty of more affordable places than you’d expect. For instance, if you searched for land for sale in Florida under $5,000, you shouldn't miss some good offers listed. There is always something for everyone.

History of Florida

History of Florida

History of Florida

About half of Florida land has always been known for commercial, military reservations, state and federal parks, beaches and lakes, national and state forests. Two-fifths of the state is mainly farmland, and much of this is either timber or pasture, with only a small portion being used for harvested crops. The state was named in tribute to 

called “Pascua Florida,” also the feast of flowers. Before the invasion of the Europeans, native Americans inhabited the land. In 1845, Florida was admitted to the union as the 27th state. Its major economic sectors have been tourism and agriculture, a trend which has been maintained to this day. Spain’s Easter celebration

History of Florida

Demographical Data

Demographical Data

Large group of people forming the shape of Florida

Florida's real estate continues to skyrocket due to substantial interest that investors have shown in property over the past decades. This has been mostly because of the burgeoning demand perhaps due to the increasing population. The U.S Census Bureau reveals that the state’s population stands at 21.5 million as of 2020. The population grew by 14.6% compared to the previous decade. In this case, yesterday’s free land is giving way to today’s land sales for more housing, farming practices, or other land uses. In fact, reports indicate that the number of buyers paying for single-family homes in cash has increased by almost half while others are paying double the price.

The gender difference stands at 48.9% for men and 51.1% for females, with a median age of 41.6. The population also consists of various beliefs, including Christianity, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witness, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sikhism. New owners of Florida land will certainly be able to find a system they are comfortable with

Large group of people forming the shape of Florida



Elevated and lighted boardwalk meandering through a Mangrove swamp near Tampa, Florida

If you like tropical weather, you are poised to fall in love with Florida. The state experiences varying climates from tropical in the south to subtropical in the North, giving it a significant uniqueness. During summer, Florida’s high temperatures hardly exceed 100 ºF. A number of record cold maximums have ranged from 30ºF-39 ºF while record lows have been between 10 ºF and 19.4 ºF. in most cases, the temperatures would extend to only a few days at a time in the central and northern parts of Florida. But South Florida hardly experiences below-freezing temperatures. In fact, the state enjoys year-round sunshine earning it its special name. Thus, owners of Florida land would expect a rather mixed-up weather situation. Though precipitation is even and reliable throughout the year which makes Florida farmland valuable.  

Elevated and lighted boardwalk meandering through a Mangrove swamp near Tampa, Florida

Education in Florida

Education in Florida

School bus in Florida

There is access to school facilities, including top universities in Florida. 

has the highest state graduation rate of 94%, with its average SAT score being at a high of 1230. Areas such as Osceola county boast good access to learning institutions with top schools such as and to name a few. If you are thinking of buying land in Florida to build a residential home, you could be worried about all other things but education for your kids. With more than enough learning institutions conveniently located near residential areas, Florida ensures its learners have an access to high quality education. The St. Johns County School DistrictUniversity of FloridaEvergladesRollins College

School bus in Florida

Top Reasons to buy land in Florida

Top Reasons to buy land in Florida

Scenic south Florida, natural rural landscape

Most Florida property  buyers seem to be seeking low tax perks but there are some financial incentives other than tax exemptions for land buyers. A good corporate environment, with booming industries all come with economic benefits worth considering.

Among the booming industries are agriculture and tourism both which contribute in driving the value of property up. Top reasons to buy, therefore, include: 

  • Access to credit: When you buy land in Florida and feel you may need financial assistance you may turn to credit institutions or small banks for land loans. Lenders will gladly walk clients through the process of loan approval while recommending the type of insurance to buy as well as explaining property tax discounts that clients may be eligible for. But the best part of being a landowner in Florida is the various tax exemptions one is poised to enjoy, such as homestead, agricultural, wildlife, or timber tax exemptions which could reduce the yearly property tax by thousands of dollars. A good number of buyers planning to place the Florida land on agricultural use take advantage of Florida’s agricultural classification. Such exemptions will certainly provide the landowner with large savings.

  • Intrinsic value: Another major reason why residents o Florida find it critical to invest in vacant land is land is a hard asset with inherent value. The benefit of such an asset is that the value  can hardly plummet all the way to zero like some other investment alternatives. Even though land can fluctuate in value, picking the right investment property can prove exceedingly profitable for buyers. That said, residents of Florida have had various options for their land use, including farming, developing it for commercial motives, or leasing, thus generating income. To invest in Florida land is a superb long term investment. Land administration services are wonderful, zoning policies friendly, and the general investment climate promising.

  • Vast availability of land options: Florida land for sale prices vary based on several factors, including property features, land location, special amenities, natural resources, and level of development around. Places like South Florida have scarcity of land  which means higher prices, while the rest of the state has an abundance of land which means lower prices in both homes and land. It is not uncommon to find land for sale in Florida under $5,000 as implied earlier, especially in areas such as Hernando, Marion, and Brevard counties. While there may not necessarily be free land like you'd find in other states,you should find really cheap listings. For instance, you'd find land for sale under $10,000 in Citrus, Osceola, Walton, Polk County, and Lake Counties. For a state that ranks 8th (in terms of  the built-up urban spaces) which means more hypermodern infrastructure and facilities, isn't getting land offers for less than $10,000 the best value you could ever bump into? This is especially true when you'd part with up to  $5 million in some states like New York for an acre of land in urban centers. 

Furthermore, closing guidelines are simple and pretty much straightforward. The average closing time when buying Florida land may vary though depending on different scenarios. For instance, buyers using the cash sale purchase will close the deal within 30 days or less. But others may take up to 60 days. Nonetheless, with more than enough dealers and agencies within your reach, you should always find whatever assistance you may need in processing your property.

Scenic south Florida, natural rural landscape

Land in Florida

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Notable Landmarks In Florida

Notable Landmarks In Florida

Florida Frequently Asked Questions
Florida Frequently Asked Questions

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