Photo of North Carolina Real Estate
Photo of North Carolina Real Estate

North Carolina Real Estate

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North Carolina Real Estate Options Abound Across the State

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Buying North Carolina real estate opens the door to everything this intriguing state offers. From the mountains to the sea, North Carolina is chock full of interesting places to visit and activities to enjoy. Regardless of the climate and geographical features you prefer, you’ll find many cities, towns, and rural areas offering appealing North Carolina real estate options.

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Things To Do in North Carolina

From the coast to the mountains, North Carolina offers a veritable feast of things to do. A wide range of outdoor activities is available throughout the state.

In coastal areas, fishing and boating are popular pastimes. Further inland, numerous lakes also beckon avid fishermen and fun-loving pontoon boaters.

North Carolina’s numerous camping facilities cater to everyone from rustic tent campers to well-equipped motorhomes. Everyone can enjoy their own slice of North Carolina real estate.

Outdoor enthusiasts are almost guaranteed to enjoy the North Carolina mountains. Trail hikers and mountain bikers will gravitate to the state’s numerous forests. The renowned Appalachian Trail passes through North Carolina’s portion of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

History of North Carolina

History of North Carolina

History of North Carolina

North Carolina’s long and colorful history officially began in 1584, when Englishman Sir Walter Raleigh received a grant to claim North American land. Following several years of rocky colonization attempts, this North Carolina real estate essentially remained in native hands for several decades.

In the 1650s, Virginia traders and farmers moved into the resource-rich Albemarle Sound region. However, the territory’s growth was stalled by inefficient government plus religious and economic disputes. Coastal piracy was also a concern.

Finally, in 1729, North Carolina was placed under royal rule. This stimulated the territory’s growth into a thriving agricultural economy. However, conflict with the government spurred many North Carolinians to join the American Revolution.

During the Civil War, North Carolina dragged its feet on joining the Confederate Army, although many men eventually joined the Confederate cause. After the Civil War’s end, there was considerable political turmoil during Reconstruction.  

Finally, the North Carolina economy’s manufacturing sector began to grow in the late 19th century. However, the 20th century brought a checkerboard of economic cycles. During World War II, North Carolina saw a resurgence as several large military bases and manufacturers settled there.

After World War II’s end, North Carolina’s cities experienced rapid growth. The state’s service sector also expanded, with thousands of new residents looking for their own chunk of North Carolina real estate. In the 21st century, North Carolina continues its efforts to provide educational and economic opportunities to every citizen.

History of North Carolina

Demographical Data

Demographical Data

Demographical Data

According to the United States Census Bureau, North Carolina’s population continues to gradually trend higher. The April 2020 Census showed a statewide population of 10,439,388. This figure indicated an increase of almost 1 million people compared to the 2010 Census. North Carolina’s 2020 Census also revealed growth in every age bracket.

Naturally, the state’s growing population means a corresponding need for housing. The statewide North Carolina real estate market includes single-family homes, condos, duplexes, apartments, and mobile homes.

Demographical Data




North Carolina is a wide-ranging state that measures about 500 miles across and almost 190 miles north to south. Within these boundaries, you’ll find several different climates and sets of weather conditions.

North Carolina’s southeastern corner offers a warmer subtropical climate. With steamy hot summers, pop-up thunderstorms are common, although severe storms are relatively uncommon. During the June 1-November 30 hurricane season, owners of coastal North Carolina real estate should always keep an eye on developing tropical systems.

In contrast, North Carolina’s mountains have a medium continental climate with notably cooler summers. The state’s central region lands in the middle of the temperature range. These inland areas should be alert for tornado activity during most months.


Education in North Carolina

Education in North Carolina

Education in North Carolina

North Carolina boasts several nationally recognized colleges and universities. Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina attract students from across the United States.  

North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University offers targeted programs for students ready to delve deeper into those fields. Finally, Appalachian State University draws thousands of students from across North Carolina’s western region.

Each of North Carolina’s 100 counties offers one or more high schools that prepare the county’s students to attend college or embark on a trades career. Local elementary and middle schools serve students in the surrounding community

Education in North Carolina

Top 5 Reasons to Buy North Carolina Real Estate

Top 5 Reasons to Buy North Carolina Real Estate

Top 5 Reasons to Buy North Carolina Real Estate

If you’re looking for a state that offers an excellent quality of life, North Carolina is worth serious consideration. With several different climates and types of geographic settings, there’s truly something for everybody.

 The state’s highly diverse job opportunities can accommodate workers with many skill sets. To prepare students for those jobs, North Carolina offers numerous respected colleges and universities.

Once you settle down, there are plenty of outdoor activities to keep you and your family busy. Finally, North Carolina’s rich cultural offerings are second to none.  

If you’re intrigued by the Tar Heel State’s offerings, start delving into the North Carolina real estate market. If there’s a particular region you like, focus your search there. You could soon become one of the state’s newest residents.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy North Carolina Real Estate

Real Estate in North Carolina

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Notable Landmarks In North Carolina

Notable Landmarks In North Carolina

North Carolina Climate Risk


Hurricane risk

High risk


Total weather risk

High risk


Hail risk

Medium risk


Tornado risk

Medium risk


Air pollution risk

Medium risk


Wind risk

Low risk


Earthquake risk

Low risk

North Carolina FAQs
North Carolina FAQs

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