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Georgia is well known for its broiler chickens, peaches, pecans, and peanuts

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Discover the Place of Georgia

According to Georgia History, it was founded in 1732 but did not officially become a state until January 2, 1788. Georgia continues to be fast growing and its population is estimated for 2022 to be 10.85 million people. It is also known to be the eighth largest state in the United States. 

When it comes to music, Georgia’s song is well-known and written by Ray Charles, called Georgia On My Mind, because after all, he was born in Albany, Georgia. According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, Georgia is great for growing peanuts due to the sandy soil. A famous peanut farmer is former President Jimmy Carter. Georgia is well known for having either sandy soil or red clay. 

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Things To Do in Georgia

Land for sale in Georgia isn’t the only thing it boasts. Three of the highest ranking museums are the Martin Luther King Jr., the High Museum of Art, and the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, with plenty of others to visit. The Coca Cola Museum is an all time favorite for most people and would be a great one to visit. Not only do you learn about the history of the drink, you can sample Coke products from other countries. There are twelve national parks for exploration, including a portion of the Appalachian Trail.  

Do you like to fish? There are plenty of places to do that in the lakes of Georgia as well as on the coast. There are plenty of places to go boating as well. For an unusual experience, people are coming from all over the east coast and a few as far as CA for Georgia’s Mushroom Festival.

When it comes to food, you will find a variety of ones to tickle the palate but there are five types of food in in Georgia that you will want to sample:

  • Peanuts

  • Peaches

  • Pecans

  • Pimento cheese

  • Pried—we mean fried—chicken

History of Georgia

History of Georgia

History of Georgia

The Kingdom of Georgia flourished during the 10th to 12th centuries under King David IV the Builder and Queen Tamar the Great, and fell to the Mongol invasion by 1243, and after a brief reunion under George V the Brilliant to the Timurid Empire. By 1490, Georgia was fragmented into a number of petty kingdoms and principalities, which throughout the Early Modern period struggled to maintain their autonomy against Ottoman and Iranian (Safavid, Afsharid, and Qajar) domination until Georgia was finally annexed by the Russian Empire in the 19th century. After a brief bid for independence with the Democratic Republic of Georgia of 1918–1921, Georgia was part of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic from 1922 to 1936, and then formed the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic until the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The current republic of Georgia has been independent since 1991. The first president Zviad Gamsakhurdia stoked Georgian nationalism and vowed to assert Tbilisi's authority over Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Gamsakhurdia was deposed in a bloody coup d'état within the same year and the country became embroiled in a bitter civil war, which lasted until 1995. Supported by Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia achieved de facto independence from Georgia. The Rose Revolution forced Eduard Shevardnadze to resign in 2003. The new government under Mikheil Saakashvili prevented the secession of a third breakaway republic in the Adjara crisis of 2004, but the conflict with Abkhazia and South Ossetia led to the 2008 Russo–Georgian War and tensions with Russia remain unresolved.

History of Georgia

Georgia Demographics

Georgia Demographics

Large group of people forming shape of Georgia

You can buy land in Georgia because not only is it plentiful, but because it has an area of 59,423 square miles and ranks 18th place for density, with an estimated 9,687,653 people living in Georgia around 2010, according to the US Census. In addition, Georgia boasts of having a GDP of $626 billion as of 2019. Georgia has the second world’s busiest airport, the Hartsfield Jackson Airport. During the history of the state, the population was recorded as being healthy on the eastern side  of Georgia, but sparse on the western side. Of course, Savannah was just getting its start as a seaport, so there would be more people there. Now, there is a generalization that Georgia has an estimated 10 million people who call the state their home. 

Large group of people forming shape of Georgia

Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

Weather in Georgia

You will find that land for sale in Georgia is often used for hunting, farming, building a get-away home, and retirement. Most northern retirees head south to Florida, but a great many settle here. Georgia’s weather is mild year round but it can get pretty hot and humid in the summer.

Weather in Georgia

Top Three Reasons To Buy Land In Georgia

Top Three Reasons To Buy Land In Georgia

Land in Georgia
  • It is growing fast, and depending on where you want to go, there is land for sale in Georgia
  • Prices are reasonable in Georgia 

  • There is a lot of land variety—no matter what type of land you are looking for, Georgia has it

  • Georgia has a lot to offer you when it comes to the types of land you will find for sale, activities to keep everyone on your list occupied, high ranking education, diversity in nationalities, and great food for everyone. Be sure to look at land for sale in Georgia before all the good plots are scooped up!

Land in Georgia

Education in Georgia

Education in Georgia

Emory University Georgia

For Georgia, it’s the Bulldogs versus the Bees, with the rivalry between University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. Football is a very popular sport, whether you have played it, are playing it, or will play it and everyone has a team they root for, even if they don’t watch it! 

In 2014, Georgia was one of five states to have two of its colleges and universities (University of GA aka UGA and Georgia Tech) place high in rank out of 25 colleges and universities. There are over 61 private and public colleges and universities to choose from, should you want to attend school here. Among them, there are 4 research colleges. 

Currently, there are about 6,894 PK-12 schools in Georgia, both public and private. Here is a list of the top five high schools in Georgia: 

  • Savannah Arts Academy

  • Lassiter High School 

  • Chattahoochee High School

  • North Gwinnett High School

  • Houston County High School 

Here is a list of the top five middle schools in Georgia:

  • Robert A. Cross Middle Magnet

  • Rising Starr Middle School

  • Webb Bridge Middle School

  • Taylor Road Middle School

  • Davidson Magnet School

Here is a list of the top five elementary schools in Georgia:

  • Sweet Apple Elementary School

  • Fort Daniel Elementary School

  • Dyer Elementary School

  • Malcom Bridge Elementary School

  • River Ridge Elementary School 

  • As a bonus, there are homes for sale and potentially land for sale in each of the districts.  

Emory University Georgia

Land for sale in Georgia

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Notable Landmarks in Georgia

Notable Landmarks in Georgia

Georgia Climate Risk


Hail risk

High risk


Hurricane risk

High risk


Total weather risk

Medium risk


Tornado risk

Medium risk


Air pollution risk

Medium risk


Wind risk

Low risk


Earthquake risk

Low risk

Georgia Frequently Asked Questions
Georgia Frequently Asked Questions

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