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Don't Let Go of Your Investment Opportunity. Savannah, GA Real Estate is the Ultimate Choice

Real estate is one of the pride of American investors, and you can become part of that group if you come to Savannah City, Georgia. Savannah will offer you some of the best opportunities to invest in real estate. Building capital is one of the best decisions you can make, especially if you want to offset the risk of high-risk investments such as the stock market. Your ultimate goal should be investing in Savannah, GA real estate, and your economic value will continue to increase.
Savannah, GA real estate opportunities are increasing, and you do not want to miss the chance to build capital. The city is historic, robust, and refined, with friendly people that will welcome you regardless of who you are. Its unique architecture, rich history, and global sophistication have received investors from all over the state and nationwide.
It is time for you to come to Savannah and become part of the growing pool of investors in real estate. Savannah GA, real estate is an investment opportunity you will not come to regret.


Savannah City is renowned in the state of Georgia and the United States because of its rich history. Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, and it is also known as "The Hottest City of the South." The state established Savannah City in 1773 when General James Oglethorpe and 120 other passengers landed on the bluff along the Savannah River. Oglethorpe named this newly found region Savannah. Historians consider Savannah City America's first planned city because Oglethorpe decided to lay out the town in grids, which allowed for wide streets and public squares. Initially, the city had 24 squares, and 22 still exist today. Savannah City was also a strategic location as a port city, and it was crucial to the American Revolution and the American Civil War. For instance, the British took Savannah City and held it from 1778 to 1782 because of its strategic importance. However, a land-sea force of American and French troops reclaimed Savannah's independence. Savannah City experienced flourishing agriculture, although it faced two fires in 1796 and 1820, leaving half of the city in ashes. The city's economy crumbled during the Civil War, but its beauty prevented Union General William Sherman from setting it on fire. Later on, the city played a vital role during the prohibition era, and Savannah has the only surviving prohibition museum in the United States. Savannah City has become a historical and cultural center, attracting thousands of tourists.

Things to do in Savannah

Did you know that Savannah City was a Christmas gift to President Lincoln during the Civil War? Union General Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground. However, Savannah's beauty made him change his mind, and he offered it to the president as a gift. Savannah is still a beautiful city, and there are thousands of things to do. Start by visiting more than eight historical sites, such as the Bonaventure Cemetery, Juliette Gordon Low's birthplace, and the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum. These historical places will keep you engaged for a long time because of their beauty and significance.
Attend and participate in arts and cultural events throughout the year in Savannah. Start with the two most prominent music festivals, the Savannah Stopover, and Savannah Music Festival, between March and May. More than 100 bands and artists come to perform and play concerts across Historic District locations and the city. Other festivals include the Savannah Film Festival, Black Heritage Festival, and Savannah Book Festival. These festivals attract thousands of people yearly from across the state and nationwide.
Savannah City has excellent recreational activities for individuals, kids, and families. You can go to parks and shopping centers or go on Savannah riverboat cruises. Visit some of the most beautiful coastal landscapes with well-preserved architecture and vibrant history. You can experience great cuisines in the city because the foods are mouth-watering.

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Map showing Savannah


Savannah City is 108.7 square miles, of which 5.6 is water. The city lies on the Savannah River, and it is approximately 20 miles upriver from the Atlantic Ocean. Its location is east of Georgia along the Atlantic Ocean, bordering South Carolina in the north. The Little Ogeechee River outlines the city's southern border, but the Savannah River delineates the northern border. The Ogeechee River in Georgia flows towards the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 16 miles south of downtown Savannah. Savannah City is also the primary port on the Savannah River and the largest port in Georgia, United States. The city's location is also near the United States Intercoastal Waterway, making it a significant place to live.

Savannah demographics

Savannah City has a population of approximately 147,000, with a median age of 32.6 years. The veteran population is around 9,316 individuals, and only six percent of the residents were born outside the city. There are 1,321 individuals per square mile, and the population continues to increase.
Savannah City is a multicultural community, and it is home to more than five ethnic communities. African Americans make up the largest population, and it is the ethnic group making up 54 percent. Whites of non-Hispanic origin make up 35 percent of the people, while Hispanics account for 5.8 percent. Other minorities in the city include Asians, white Hispanics, and a few American Indians.
The median household income in the city is $46,149, which is below the national average. According to the national poverty classification, approximately 20 percent of the residents in the city are poor. Such income levels have significantly reduced homeownership because only 44 percent of housing units are owner-occupied. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is $162,300, making it a perfect location for real estate investment.

Arts in Savannah

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Savannah City is one of the best locations for arts and entertainment in the southern United States. Thousands of visitors come from all over the nation to experience its beauty. There are five art museums in the city, displaying a variety of artworks by local, national, and international artists. Museums such as the SCAD Museum of Art focus on modern and contemporary works. In contrast, Beach Institute and Savannah African Art Museum focus on arts from the African continent and works by African Americans.
Art galleries are abundant in the city, and Savannah has become the most important center for emerging and established artists in the southeast. Most of the art galleries are located within the downtown Historic District, mainly in the areas around Bull Street and City Market. Theater and performing arts are also distinctive features of Savannah City, including the Lucas Theater for the Arts, a significant historic theater. Arthur Lucas built the theater in 1921, and it is one of the most impressive entertainment venues in Savannah.
Entertainment in Savannah City features music, movies, celebrations, and events throughout the year. In addition to viewing exhibits and art galleries, the Downtown Design District offers excellent entertainment options where music enthusiasts can enjoy live jazz, original alt-rock compositions, and classical music. The choice of entertainment will depend on your preferences and interests.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Savannah

Savannah City has some of the best schools in Georgia, starting with elementary schools, junior high schools, and senior high schools. The Savannah-Chatham County Public schools serve the city, and there are 13 high schools in the school district. Some of the best public schools include Beach high School, Groves High School, and Jenkins High School. The city is home to private schools such as Calvary Day School and Saint Andrew's School. Savannah City also hosts four colleges and universities that offer bachelor's, master's, and doctoral or professional degree programs. Institutions such as Savannah State University, Georgia Tech Savannah, and Georgia Southern University-Armstrong Campus offer great education opportunities to residents and visitors. The city is also home to the satellite campus of Mercer University, which offers a four-year doctor of medicine program. The Savannah Law School opened in 2012, although it closed in 2021. These schools, colleges, and universities offer students an excellent opportunity to excel in education, including arts.

Why Savannah?

We all need a place where we can have great experiences, and Savannah has more to offer than any other location in Georgia, United States. Savannah City has an excellent climate that attracts thousands of people from around the nation, and its rich history has continued to make the region a unique destination.
The Old World inspired the creation of the city, and the adoption of Enlightenment principles has attracted visitors for generations. You will have plenty of things to do, and you will always be entertained. In addition to the great history and landscape, Savannah City has been experiencing excellent economic growth over the past few years.
If you are considering real estate investment, Savannah City is one of the best locations in Georgia. You will build capital by investing in Savannah, GA real estate opportunities.


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