Rock Formations of Spire Cove in the Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward, Alaska
Rock Formations of Spire Cove in the Kenai Fjords National Park in Seward, Alaska


Land in Alaska

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When Alaska comes to mind, so does the thought of ice, snow, the cold, wind, and barren land.

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Timeless Land for Sale In Alaska

But there is so much more to Alaska than ice, isolation, and cold. There is much land for sale in Alaska, which attracts those with an adventurous spirit who want a quieter way of life beyond the rat race of cities in the states south of this seemingly barren landscape.

And anyone wanting to explore a different way of life at a slower pace will find that Alaska land for sale allows them to go back in time. But while enjoying a unique way of life, you now also find modern amenities situated alongside a part of history that goes way back in time to a world that culminates in a place where people long to purchase land for sale. Alaska fortunately still offers you what you want, so join us on our journey of discovery into this state that many forget is an option as an investment, vacation home, business, or to live.

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Things To Do In Alaska

Alaskans are mainly about the great outdoors because there is just so much to explore. Locals and visitors love the natural surroundings of the Denali National Park in the north, where backcountry camping is a favorite pastime.

Kayaking in the Kenai Fjords National Park brings you closer to otters, orcas, and the danger of ice breaking away from glacial mountains that dwarf you in a small vessel on icy sea waters. You may feel exposed, build up a snowman-like frost on your face, but everyone who participates in this pastime confirms that it is exhilarating.

Because there is plenty of remote Alaska land for sale, you have easier access to the wild outdoors of Alaska. Visitors take advantage of the opportunity to watch bears hunting salmon at the height of summer along the Tongass National Forest shorelines. If you aren’t afraid of going off the grid and being without phone reception or modern amenities, drawing closer to nature is both a spiritual and visceral experience not to be missed.

If you’re after gold in the Yukon, then a trip to Skagway will transport you back in time. Museums that capture the brothels of old, dusty boardwalks, and a train trip that winds through mountains and valleys, allow you to see a part of this great state like nothing else. Then, book a train trip that takes you to Bennett, where ghosts of the past gold rush still haunt the town for an alternate type of thrill.

History of Alaska

History of Alaska

History of Alaska

The land in Alaska is much like many other states across the U.S. Its history reflects its evolution in the quest for power, with the Russians having staked their claim to most of the land in the 1700s up to 1867.

When William Steward, the U.S. Secretary of State, purchased the land at about two cents an acre in 1867, Alaska became an official part of the U.S. It then became known as "Steward's Folly,” but it was only much later in 1959 that the largest state in this country became a part of the Union, proving that Steward's "folly" was anything but as you can still find cheap land in Alaska.

Going back to before "Steward's Folly," Alaska was a prime source of furs for the Russians and Chinese, who unfortunately indentured the local Inuit people to harvest animal pelts.

Alaska’s history paints a vivid picture of the entrepreneurial spirit of humankind, with its gold rush in Chicken (because the prospectors couldn’t spell Ptarmigan) forming a major attraction during the early 1890s. Now, you can still pan for gold in this quaint village, home to 23 people in the warmer months and only seven in the colder months, with the locals claiming that "everyone else is snowed out."

In 1899, the Klondike or Yukon Gold Rush took place in Nome in the west of Alaska, enriching many in the process. Today, modern intrepid gold diggers continue this tradition and are still discovering gold in the isolated wilderness of this state.

Another commercial discovery that took years to reap profits was the discovery of oil in Alaska. But it was only in Prudhoe Bay in 1967 that oil drilling and natural gas discoveries finally became viable, with fishing and sport fishing still being a way of life.

History of Alaska

Land for sale in Alaska

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Notable Landmarks in Alaska

Notable Landmarks in Alaska

Alaska Climate Risk


Earthquake risk

High risk


Wind risk

High risk


Air pollution risk

High risk


Total weather risk

Low risk


Hail risk

Low risk


Tornado risk

Low risk

Alaska Frequently Asked Questions
Alaska Frequently Asked Questions

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