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Buying a Mobile Home in Juneau, AK is a Good Option for the Wandering Soul in America's North

Juneau is one of the best cities to live in up North. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, Juneau offers you an opportunity to be King in the North. With its Viking-like culture, the city has a great vibe for those who like a mixture of tradition and modernity. The thriving economic base is an attraction to many. This has made the demand for mobile homes, either adventure-loving or wandering souls find a home in Juneau. This city is a fantastic place to raise your family, given its excellent education system and rich social life. Read on to discover why a mobile home in Juneau, AK should be among your choices at homeownership.


Juneau started its journey of becoming a city in 1880 when Joe Juneau and Richard Harris discovered gold in the area. The initial inhabitants of the Juneau area site were the Tlingit Indians. The Tlingit Indians survived on fish from the waters of the channel. Large-scale mining would soon overlap fishing as the city turned fishers into miners (fishers of gold). Without any delay, the city's pioneers developed various architectural plans and masterpieces for the city layout. Thus, in 1900 the city broke ground to build the city. In the next six years, Juneau would become the region's administrative capital. The first half of the 20th Century in Juneau would be fueled by gold exploration. However, in 1944 the Juneau-Alaska gold exploration came to an end. This was part of the gradual closure of the major gold mines. In 1917, gold mining in Douglas Island had come to an end. The closure was due to the increase in the number of cave-ins and large-scale flooding that covered the Treadwell mine. Juneau experienced essential changes in the following years, including a merger with Douglas in 1970. In effect, Juneau became the largest city by landmass. Towards the close of the 20th Century, Juneau would experience a boom due to oil discovery and boom in the oil industry.

Things to do in Juneau

If you are a history and art lover, the Downtown Museums are some of the most beautiful museums. Tour, the Juneau-Douglas City Museum, to have a view of the beautiful artifacts in the city. The most fantastic thing about Downtown Museums is the layers of history on the museum's shelves and galleries. In the same spirit of adventure, visit the Last Chance Mining Museum, which pays homage to the pioneering years known for the gold rush.
For a weekend of expedition and water activities, tour the Tracy Arm Fjord, a lake located 45 miles south of the city. Some of the fun activities to indulge in include rowing around the mountains, fishing and cruising.
To have an intimate encounter with nature, visit the Mendenhall Glacier and Visitor Centre. From the visitor's center, you can see the majestic shift of the glaciers. Watch the Mendenhall Glacier as it shifts from this site. If you are interested in the history and changes in the glacier, watch a 15 minutes film in the center.
For more scenic places, take part in the Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure. The Glacier Gardens Rainforest is one of the beautiful nature trails with well-manicured gardens. Come with your friends for a picnic or a team-building activity to the Glacier Gardens Rainforest. The quiet and scenic environment is likely to stir peace and teamwork.
For a night of fun, visit the Lucky Lady Pub. It is best known for its music, drinks and dance. The Viking Lounge Pull Tabs & Billiards and the Marlintini's Lounge are also significant considerations for club-hopping lovers.

Unreal mobile homes in Juneau, AK

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Map showing Juneau


Juneau is located in the Inside Passage on the Alaska Marine Highway. It is found in the Southeastern zone of Alaska. Alaska has a hilly topography surrounded by Mount Roberts and surrounded by several miles. The city is 75 miles from the Pacific Ocean, and in between Juneau and the sea lies several islands. Regarding proximity to other cities, Juneau is closer to more Canadian cities than to US cities. It is 597 miles to Anchorage, AK, 746 miles to Vancouver, Canada, and 752 miles to Burnaby, Canada. On the US side, it is 860 miles to Seattle, WA, 981 miles to Portland, OR and 1211 miles to Boise, ID. Juneau has two major seasons, the cold and the hot season. The warm season lasts for 3.5 months, from May 21 to September 6, with an average daily high temperature above 58°F. The hottest month at Juneau International Airport is July, with an average high of 64°F and a low of 51°F.

Juneau demographics

Juneau has a small population and is arguably the most sparsely populated city in the US. The city's racial composition is as follows: Whites form the majority at 66.8%, Native Indians are the largest among minorities at 10.1%, Asians are 6.8%, Pacific Islanders are 1.2%, and African Americans are 0.9%. 13.4% are people of other races. The city attracts immigrants as 8.4% of the population is foreign-born.
Juneau has an affluent population with high standards of living. The average household income is $88,077, and the poverty level is below 6.9%. At least 66% of the people of working age are employed. The city cost of homeownership is $355,100, slightly lower than the national average but still significantly high. 64.4.% of households live in their own homes. The cost of rent in Juneau is $1,262. Juneau certainly has excellent prospects for the mobile home market from this data. This is mainly based on the people's earning power, which shows the ability to buy mobile homes, and the high cost of homeownership, which creates room for alternative housing.

Arts in Juneau

The rich and less-known culture of Alaska is nestled in the Alaska State Museum. The museum exhibits several fine arts, including exhibits of mining history. People tour the museum to learn about the Russian-American Cold War and World War 2. Experts from around the world visit the museum to learn about Alaskan forestry, fishing and glacial periods. Anthropologists and ordinary citizens alike find intrigue in the secrets that the archives and libraries hold.
The city also presents several water activities and sports. River rafting sports occasionally occur in the vast lakes and rivers. This is one of the tourist attractions in Juneau.
Nature has been gracious in offering water sports to the people of Juneau. Some of the sports that people engage in include fishing and boat racing expeditions. The Nugget Falls is scenic and intrigues many viewers with its falls.
People enjoy whale and dolphin watching in summer. Nature geographers make beautiful documentaries from the unique scenes that only Juneau can offer.
The city offers adrenaline-inducing activities that you shouldn’t miss. Among these is the Zipline Adventures.
The city's nightlife is sustained by its many clubs and lounges. The Red Dog Saloon, Triangle Club Bar, and Let's Roam Juneau are some of the best considerations.

Schools in Juneau

You are guaranteed a sound education system when you buy a mobile home in Juneau with plans to raise your family here. The Juneau Borough School District, AK, is responsible for the immaculate execution of the education system curriculum in Juneau. The central Auke Bay Elementary School, Juneau Community Charter School, Holy Rosary Academy, Riverbend Elementary School, Montessori Borealis Elementary School, Harborview Elementary School, and Mendenhall River Community School. Your child is assured of a smooth transition to high school. There are several good elementary schools in Juneau. The Thunder Mountain High School, Juneau-Douglas High School, Homebridge, Johnson Youth Center, and Yaakoosge Daakahidi Alternative High School are among the best. The high schools are known for their high college preparedness and graduation rates. When you settle in Juneau, you are assured of pursuing your higher education dreams. Juneau is home to some of the best universities in Alaska. Among the top ones include the University of Alaska—Anchorage, Alaska Pacific University, University of Alaska—Fairbanks, and the University of Alaska—Southeast. These universities secure your child's future educational goals.

Why Juneau?

Having explored the beauty and diverse opportunities Juneau presents, you have an easy choice. Buy a mobile home as your home ownership plan to have flexibility in settling in different parts of Juneau. A mobile home gives you the flexibility to move from one place to another, and you can constantly adjust your location depending on where the sun is facing. Given Juneau's small population, bring your game to this city and experience a spiral upward career growth by purchasing a mobile home. All the best in your homeownership journey.


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