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Houses In Fairbanks, Alaska

Known as the “Golden Heart City,” Fairbanks is the home rule city as well as the borough seat of Fairbanks North Star in the state of Alaska. Home rule means that Fairbanks has the authority to exercise powers of governance delegated to it by the Alaska government. The city is a good place to live because of its thriving economy, tourism, rich history and culture, good health care system, and affordable housing. If you want to move to Alaska, check out some of the houses for sale in Fairbanks, Alaska. Read on to learn more about the Golden Heart City.


The Athabascan people were the first to occupy the area that is now present-day Fairbanks but not as permanent residents. There is no known Alaska Native settlement in the area, and archeologists have concluded that the native people used the area as a seasonal hunting and fishing area. European settlers moved to the area after Captain E.T. Barnette founded Fairbanks in 1901. He was heading to Tanacross and intended to set up a trading post in the area. The Tanana Valley stood out as a crucial agricultural center for Alaska until the Matanuska Valley Colonization project and the town of Palmer was established in 1935. Fairbanks's economy began to thrive in the 1930s after the construction of the Ladd Army Airfield began in 1939. In the 1940s, the Canol Pipeline was extended north from Whitehorse for several years. The city has been affected by floods for several decades, caused by ice jams during spring breakup and heavy rainfall. In 1967, the town was flooded after the Chena River broke its banks. This flooding disaster led to the creation of the Chena River Lakes Flood Control Project. The project has successfully prevented floods in the city because there have never been floods in the city after the 1967 flood.

Things to do in Fairbanks

One of the things you can do after buying a house in Fairbanks is watching the Northern Lights. Fairbanks is one of the best destinations for seeing the Northern Lights, and many tourists love to visit this city. If you own a home in this city, you get to see the Northern Lights any time they appear. You can go to the Aurora Pionte Activity Center a few miles outside the city and enjoy a campfire, hot drinks, and the Northern Lights. You can also join a formal aurora viewing tours, which offers information, and photography tips, and they also provide the best locations where you get the best view of the Northern Lights without interference from the city lights.
Fairbanks is the coldest city in the interior region of Alaska, and the winter is very long and cold. There are some outdoor winter activities you can do to stay active, such as taking winter tours across the city. Dog sleds have been a big part of Fairbanks, and you can use dog sleds with tour guides to explore the trails in the city. If dog sledding is not your thing, you can hire or buy a snowmachine and dash through the snow. If you are good at skiing, you can explore the woods by joining the cross-country skiing that most Fairbanks residents participate in during the winter.
Another thing you can do while living in Fairbanks is visit the museums. You can learn about the city's history by visiting some of the museums in the city. You can start with the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, which has more than 80 cars from 1898 to 1936 on display. The next museum you should visit is the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, where you can find any information about the city. You can learn about the history of pioneers and the gold rush in the city by visiting Pioneer Park. At the University of Alaska Museum of the North, you will find different cultural galleries from five distinct regions of Alaska.

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Fairbanks is located in the central Tanana Valley along the Chena River, near the river’s confluence with the Tanana River. One of the reasons you should buy a house in Fairbanks is the beautiful scenery. To the north of the city, you can see a chain of hills connected to the White Mountains and the Yukon River. The Alaska Range is also visible from the city on clear days. The city experiences long cold winters and short warm summers; therefore, if you decide to live here, you will have to get used to cold weather for most of the year. To access the city, you can travel by road, using several highways. You can also use the Fairbanks International Airport if you want to travel by air or use rail transport.

Fairbanks demographics

Fairbanks had a population of 32,515 people after the 2020 census, and the majority race in the city is White at 65%. Native Americans and Alaska Natives make up 10.1% of the population. The city has a median house value of $241,900; therefore, you can find affordable housing in some neighborhoods in Fairbanks. The city also has a home appreciation of 2.1%, meaning that the value of your house is very likely to go up after several years. Therefore, you can earn a profit if you decide to sell the house and buy another one. You should note that Fairbanks has a high cost of living (8.6%) higher than the United States average of 6%.
Fairbanks has a growing economy that is dependent on various industries such as transportation, agriculture, military, mining, and tourism. The military has been a significant contributor to the city’s economy since the 1930s. There are more than 17,000 active-duty personnel living in Fairbanks North Star Borough. Agriculture, mining, and tourism also contribute a significant percentage of resources to the city’s economy. To encourage more companies to move to the city, there are several incentive programs that make it easy to carry out business in the city. Therefore, if you do not wish to seek employment, you can start your own business and use some of the incentives to grow your business.

Arts in Fairbanks

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Alaska has a vibrant art culture inspired by the city and Native American traditions. There are several venues dedicated to different types of art, such as classic and contemporary art. These venues include the Bear Gallery, Two Street Gallery LLC, Ya Ya’s Gallery, AC&C Gallery, and Marble & Brass. The city also hosts the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival, a two-week study and performance festival featuring different art and entertainment types. Fairbanks has several museums that have exhibits on different subjects, like the history of Fairbanks. These museums include Fairbanks Community Museum, Tanana Valley Railroad Museum, Fairbanks Ice Museum, Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, and Pioneer Air Museum.
In Fairbanks, you can find different venues that offer various forms of entertainment. If you love the nightlife, you can find several clubs in the city, such as Club SinRock, The Big, Club Soda, and Club Alaskan, among many others. If you like to have some fun and test your knowledge, you can go to the Escape Room AK and try to escape some of their escape rooms. You can also take your kids to the Arctic Sun VR at 1800 Airport Way and enjoy the best VR experience in the city. If you want to have a nice stroll, several parks in the city have quiet environments, such as Snedden Memorial Park, Pioneer Park, and Graehl Park.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Fairbanks

When searching for Fairbanks houses for sale, you have to consider if the schools in the neighborhoods are good if you have school-going children or intend to have children in the future. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District operates the public schools in the city and serves over 14,000 students. Some of the best schools in Fairbanks include West Valley High School, Lathrop High School, Tanana Middle School, Barnette Magnet School (K-8), and Woodriver Elementary School, among others. There are also some private schools in Fairbanks that your kids can attend if you do not want them to attend public school. For higher education, your children can attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Why Fairbanks?

Fairbanks is a good place to live in the state of Alaska, and most people keep moving to the city. The city offers new career opportunities and has an unemployment rate of 5%. Even though the city is cold most of the year, there is no shortage of things to do in Fairbanks. Before purchasing a house in Fairbanks, Alaska, ensure that you have prepared a checklist of things you need and that the house checks most of them. After finding the house that you like, you can enlist the services of an excellent real estate agent to finalize the deal.


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