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Discovered years ago but yet to be explored, Alaska is America's “last frontier”

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The Nature of Alaska

From whale watching in Juneau to hiking through Denali National Park, or dog sledding with huskies, exploring ice caves, and cruising the Seward Highway, Alaska is a place with endless feasts to live. 

Far away from the maddening crowds and the nerve-racking bustling of the congested cities, Alaska is an escape to serenity and inner peace. The luxurious blend of nature, culture and adventure is a jackpot you hit when buying condos for sale in Alaska. 

And all of this is just a starter.

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Things to Do in Alaska

Whether it is hiking or backpacking in Wrangell-St. Elias or mountain biking in Alyeska Bike Park, Alaskans agree there's always plenty to see and experience here, regardless of the season or time. 

If you’re into fishing, trying salmon fishing on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula between May and September or exploring the Halibut fishing charter on the Cook Inlet is inevitable. 

You’ll get to witness the world-famous two-week-long Alaska State Fair held periodically during late summer if you’re staying in the Palmer Alaska condos. The fair includes nocturnal musicales, festival lifts, games, and many unique and appetizing Alaskan food. 

Furthermore, taking a tour to popular destinations of Anchorage, Fairbanks, Girdwood, Seward, Spencer Glacier, and many other places in the iconic Alaska Railway will let you experience authentic Alaskan hospitality and incredible scenery around the state.

There is measureless out-of-door conditioning in Alaska, so make sure to take advantage of these openings. In addition, you can check out the Ketchikan Alaska Waterfront luxury condos for sale and rejoice in the open surroundings. 

Alaska’s endless scope for vacationing includes so much that one life is not enough to experience everything. Whether you wish to go on the water in summers through glacier tours, day cruises, snorkel, and canoeing tours, or explore the winter better with ice skating, cross country skiing, and winter dog mushing, there’s literally no end to adventure when you’re in Alaska.

Be it visiting the highest peaklargest national park, or longest coastline on Earth, it would probably take days to make a complete list of all the things you can do here. 

History of Alaska

History of Alaska

Divided into boroughs, Alaska is located on the northwestern edge of the United States. The name “Alaska” descends from the Aleut word “Alaxsxaq”, meaning "mainland". Its literal meaning is ‘an object towards which the action of the sea is directed’. 

It is a land with a rich, interesting, and long history tracing back to around 14,000 BC. The hunter-gatherers in the Upper Paleolithic period entered western Alaska through the Bering land bridge, deeming the state to be the “entry-point” for the establishment of North America today. Densely populated with various indigenous groups like Yupiks, Aleuts, Eskimos, Interior, and Southeast Coastal Indians, Alaska became home to such native groups for thousands of years before European colonization in the 1700s. 

The Russians were the first Europeans to take over Alaska and establish their presence in the first half of the eighteenth century. However, rarely did they actually “settle” here. The possibilities of being unable to defend this stately and distant territory were clearer than ever and often reflected in the challenges they faced while maintaining their possession. All the then circumstances pointed in only one direction and finally, in 1867, led to the sale of Alaska to the United States.

Thousands of miners and settlers migrated to Alaska to benefit from the gold fever that swept over Alaska and the nearby Yukon Territory in the 1890s. Gradually, Alaska gained “territorial” status in 1912 by the United States of America. 

However, the Japanese occupation during World War II densified the population in some Alaskan cities. The Empire of Japan had taken control over three Aleutian Islands- Attu, Agattu, and Kiska. As a result, the United States built significant bases for their Army, Navy, and Airforce in Adak and Unalaska to counterattack. This development of the military bases started pulling in population, thus multiplying the growth of the Alaskan cities.

On January 3, 1959, Alaska was officially granted U.S. statehood. The oil boom of the 1960s and 1970s in Alaska further paved the way for the state’s rapid economic growth. With such glorious potential for development, the increasing demand for luxury condos for sale in Anchorage, Alaska, is no wonder. 

History of Alaska


Large group of people forming the shape of Alaska

Largest state by area in the U.S. (663,268 square miles), around 740,000 people call Alaska their home. Anchorage is the most populated city, with approximately 40% of the population residing here, followed by Juneau and Fairbanks. Juneau, the capital city of Alaska, is the second-largest city by area in the U.S., with booming Juneau Alaska condos for sale. The former capital city Sitka remains the largest in size.

As per the claims of the Alaskan Native Language Center of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, there exist 20 Alaskan native languages. However, as per the American Community Survey of 2011, around 83.4% of people over the age of five were fluent in English and considered it their first language.

Alaska has not been officially divided into different territories. However, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, Interior, North Slope, and the Aleutian Islands are the six widely-recognized borders.

The oil and gas industry dominates Alaska’s economy, shaping the growth rate of 5.4% (2021), thereby putting the Alaska condos for sale under the spotlight.

Large group of people forming the shape of Alaska

Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

The climate in Alaska is prone to variation and is non-linear, given the ruling dynamics of the ocean currents that govern the weather there. The average temperature varies between 13°F and 68°F. However, the highest temperature ever reached in Alaska was 100 °F (37.8 °C) in 1915 whereas the lowest was −80 °F (−62.2 °C) in 1971, both in the Interior.

Various areas of Alaska receive different levels of precipitation annually. While Juneau receives 50 inches (130 cm), Ketchikan averages over 150 inches (380 cm) in a year. However, in the Interior, precipitation is sparse. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place with plenty of annual rainfall, condos for sale in Ketchikan Alaska make a great choice.

Thunderstorms are a rare phenomenon for Alaskans, but the residents of the Interior may witness it during summers. Among all the U.S. states, Alaska is the least tornado-prone region, making condos for sale in Alaska abundant and worthy deals.

Alaskan residents enjoy the ultimate 24/7 sun in the summer. Summers offer vastly long, sun-filled days while the winters are freezing, snowy, and partly cloudy. As a result, Alaska's sky is light nearly all night long from late May to late June.  What’s more magical is the enigmatic sunup Aurora Borealis in the clear skies of Alaska between September and late April. Condos in Girdwood Alaska offer a spectacular view of the northern lights.

Climate and Weather



With around 58,251 students enrolled in high schools, Alaska’s education hosts quality and interactive learning complemented with a balanced mix of co-curricular activities and healthy competitions. 

Petersburg High School ranks no. 1 among the 247 high schools in the state. With a system of public universities created in 1917, three separately accredited universities serve nearly 30,000 full and part-time students on 19 campuses in Alaska. Partial four-year scholarships are offered to the top 10% of high school graduates in Alaska to encourage more enrollments in Universities.

From offering education in various fields of medicine to construction courses in the giant campus of the University of Alaska, Anchorage, to the study of liberal arts in Alaska Pacific University, there are countless options for pursuing quality education here. 


Top 3 Reasons to Buy Luxury Condos in Alaska

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Luxury Condos in Alaska

  • You can buy condos in Anchorage Alaska, at low-interest rates and affordable prices, definitely cheaper than comparable houses.

  • Enjoy the hustle-free quality lifestyle in the lap of nature and be closer to the community.

  • Buying condos in Alaska eliminates the need for maintaining the immediate outdoors or infrastructure of the complex since that’s covered under the dues you pay. 

Wisdom from Alaskans

“From the magnificent snow-covered mountain peaks of Denali National Park to the admiration-inspiring Aleutian Islets which house dozens of tinderboxes, the natural beauty of Alaska is both humbling and joyful at the same time. 

Living here has always felt timeless, like living each moment and preserving it forever in your memories. A weekend getaway is all it takes to detoxify in this land of Forget-Me-Nots, and I am thankful to have witnessed the world’s most beautiful wildlife, natural sensations, and geographies regularly here.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy Luxury Condos in Alaska

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Alaska Frequently Asked Questions
Alaska Frequently Asked Questions

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