Glacier National park in Montana
Glacier National park in Montana


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Beautiful landscapes, surrounded by mountains and greenery add to the beauty of this state, Yes, I’m talking about Montana

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The Beautiful Landscapes of Montana

The 4th largest state of the country, Montana, is a heaven for those who love nature and enjoy solitude. Despite its massive size, the state is sparsely populated. With miles and miles of agricultural land and forest cover, there is lots of open space, fresh air, and activities to do. If you’re planning to buy a Montana mobile home, then there is no better time than now. The state has low property taxes and has a growing economy with plenty of job openings. 

It is also constantly ranked as one of the healthiest states, with high healthcare and quality of life. If you are planning to move here, you will surely find plenty of mobile homes for sale in Montana.

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Things to Do in Montana

Whether you are an admirer of natural beauty or enjoy an adventurous day out, Montana has something for you. From stargazing, camping, and climbing to rafting, skiing and sledding, being a resident you will get the chance to enjoy the amalgamation of different worlds.

Go on a hike (or multiple)
If you're someone who loves spending time surrounded by nature, you will find that in plenty in Montana. Be it in the Glacier National Park, Flathead National Forest, Big Sky Resort, or the Beartooth Mountains, there are numerous hiking trails and trek routes that you can venture into. Glacier National Park alone has over 700 miles of hiking trails!

Montana is home to the biggest skiing resort in America. The Big Sky resort is spread over more than 5000 acres of snow-clad ground, enough to host thousands of skiers at one time. Other than skiing, enthusiasts can join in the fun of guided dogsledding, sleighing, and adventure zipline. You may even get to indulge in snowboarding or jump into the hot springs in other regions. For those planning an overnight or weekend stay, there are lodges and resorts available. 

Big Sky’s chairlifts are also quite famous around the country for their technologically-advanced chairlifts which come with seat heaters and weather domes. Snowshoeing, ice climbing, snowboarding, dog sledding, and mountain biking are also done here.

Some other places you can consider for some snow-filled fun are the Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana Snowbowl, Bridger Bowl, and Discovery Ski Area. 

Fishing and boating 
Montana is home to a huge number of lakes. One of them is Lake McDonald, situated inside the Glacier National Park. 

Flathead Lake is another popular lake visited frequently. Spread over 200 square miles of area, the crystal clear water overlooking the Flathead mountain range provides a serene view to visitors. Those wishing to stay overnight or for the weekend can find accommodation in the nearby lodgings, which provide a direct view of the Mission Mountains. The lake also has marinas and restaurants in the vicinity.  

Some of the other, and famous, lakes are Earthquake Lake, Whitefish Lake, St Mary Lake, Seeley Lake, Fort Peck, and Holland Lake. There’s ample scope for fishing, swimming, and boating in most of these lakes. 

Cave Tours
Tourists as well as the residents of Montana enjoy spending time spelunking (or caving, the hobby of exploring caves). The Bighorn Cavern is one of the most popular caves, visited by thousands every year. It is situated inside the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area. Even though a permit is required to explore the caves, it is definitely worth visiting. Make sure you have an experienced guide with you as the tour is not for beginners.

Some of the other caves in Montana include Lick Creek Cave, Big Ice Cave, Devil’s Chute Cave, Tears of the Turtle, Indian Cave, and the Lookout Cave.

Enjoy outdoor activities
If you love adventure sports or plain old outdoor activities, then Montana is the right place to be. Locals here can be seen enjoying boating, fishing or fly fishing, swimming, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, camping (especially in the hills and mountains that surround the state), stargazing, hiking, biking, mountain biking, and more. No matter what kind of an enthusiast you are, or what unique interests you have, we guarantee that you will find Montana residents already doing that here. 

History of Montana

History of Montana

History of Montana

Montana was discovered and explored by Euro-Americans in the early 1800. Before that, the state was sparsely populated by Native American tribes.

The Crow community who spoke the Siouan language were the first to arrive in Montana.

Most indigenous people were nomadic, following the buffalo herds and thriving on seasonal cycles. 

The discovery of silver and gold mines in Montana led to an increase in the movement of people to this place. Helena, its capital city, was founded by gold miners. This large inflow of white Euro-Americans led to conflict with the local Native Americans. After a lot of bloodshed, disputes were resolved by creating separate reservations for the Natives. In 1972, to preserve the Native American community and its culture, the state passed a constitution that mandated educating the tribal history of Montana.

History of Montana

Montana Demographics

Montana Demographics

Large group of people forming shape of Montana

Montana is a sparsely populated state, which has been consistently ranked in the least populated states of the country. According to the US Census, Montana’s population is 1,104,271 people, and the population per square mile is 6.8 with 49.7% of them being women. People with at least a bachelor’s degree make up 32% of the total population. Despite ranking 48th in population density, there are more cattle in Montana than humans.

The largest parts of Montana's economy are influenced by agriculture, mining, healthcare, energy production, and transport and logistics industries. While nearly 19% of the population is employed by the government, healthcare, leisure, and trade account for 45% of the workforce.

Large group of people forming shape of Montana

Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather


Montana comes from the Spanish word “Montana” or “mountain.” This place is home to 100 mountain ranges concentrated towards the western part of the state.

With short, warm, and clear summers, Montana has winters that last from October to April, and it snows from September to May. Montana, belonging to the Northern and Western Hemisphere, receives all the four seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter. The state gets an average rainfall of 15 inches per year. The temperature varies from 12 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. The number of snowfalls changes from year to year and the tallest mountains receive the most snow.

Global warming and climatic changes are impacting the world and Montana is not spared. The state is prone to droughts, water scarcity, and extreme weather conditions.

Montana primarily derives its renewable energy from solar and wind resources. However, solar energy projects run at household, local and municipal levels. The state offers enormous incentives to encourage renewable solar energy projects and the energy industry remains one of the top industries in the state.


Education in Montana

Education in Montana

Education in Montana

Monata has 16 universities and colleges, including multiple international repute. Because the state’s most dominant industry is agriculture, there are many courses offered at these universities that focus mainly on agricultural development.

The University of Montana and Montana State University are two universities ranked highly in the country and specialize in agriculture studies. Other universities and colleges are Montana Technological University, the University of Montana Western, and Carroll College. 

In addition, Montana has 367 high schools, 217 middle schools, and 453 elementary schools. The best districts for education are Bozeman, Billings, Missoula, Dillon, and Livingston.

Education in Montana

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Montana Mobile Homes

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Montana Mobile Homes

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Montana Mobile Homes

Despite the state’s scarce population, nearly 13% of the people live in mobile homes in Montana. People here are generally friendly, helpful, and outgoing. Here are some of the reasons why you must consider buying modular homes in Montana.

Low Cost
Whether you’re looking for newly constructed mobile homes in Montana or pre-owned manufactured homes, you’re in for a treat. The cost of mobile homes in Montana is extremely cheap and pocket-friendly. So, even if you have a large budget, you will most likely be saving a huge sum by buying a mobile home in Montana. 

Scenic beauty and nature
Montana’s natural beauty is unmatched. Adorned by mountain ranges, lakes, national parks, and forests, Montana could easily compete for the post of heaven on earth. Buying a mobile home in Montana could give you the access to live this life first-hand. Getting yourself a manufactured home in Montana means you will be only steps away from the beauty that brings people from around the world to this beautiful state.

Lots of open spaces
For those who enjoy open spaces, Montana is their heavenly abode. Despite being one of the largest states in the country, Montana is surprisingly scarcely populated. Cities like Billings and Missoula may be crowded, but as you go towards other cities, you will find more open areas and lush greenery. Homes here are not very closely attached, so residents enjoy their privacy and space.

A highly ranked healthy state
Montana is constantly ranked among the top few states in the country for its health, overall wellbeing, and quality of healthcare services. State of Obesity ranked the state in one of the lowest ranking states when it comes to adult obesity. Clearly, the open spaces, great food, close proximity, and abundance of nature are doing the residents plenty of good. 

Plenty of things to do
Residents of Montana have the option to take part in numerous outdoor physical activities, starting from simple nature walks, to thrilling and adventure sports and activities like whitewater rafting.

Buying a Montana mobile home means quick access to all terrains and activities around the state. It’s not an exaggeration when people say adventure is right outside your door when you’re living in Montana.

Whether you’re looking to buy a Montana mobile home in the suburbs, a condo, or an apartment in the city, Montana is sure to make a happy home for you and your family. With numerous adventures waiting just outside your door, we are certain you will love your new abode. The magic of Montana awaits you.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Montana Mobile Homes

Mobile Homes for sale in Montana

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Notable Landmarks in Montana

Notable Landmarks in Montana

Montana Climate Risk


Wind risk

High risk


Hail risk

Medium risk


Earthquake risk

Medium risk


Air pollution risk

Low risk


Total weather risk

Low risk


Tornado risk

Low risk

Montana Frequently Asked Questions
Montana Frequently Asked Questions

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