St. Louis County Missouri
St. Louis County Missouri


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The State of Missouri is located in the Midwestern United States

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The Heart of America

It was admitted to the Union on August 10, 1821. Missouri borders Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Arkansas. It was popularly known as "The Show-Me State" because people always tell you that you have to see it for yourself. Today, Missouri's motto is "The Heart of America."

Missouri is the 36th state in the United States and when it was admitted to the Union as an independent state by Congress under the "Missouri Territory." The state is also home to four major rivers that flow into the Mississippi River, which leads to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Things to Do in Missouri

With streets buzzing with life and activity, waterfalls, lakes, and forests framed by majestic mountains, Missouri is a state that lacks a few wonders. Visitors, tourists and natives can enjoy restaurants and resorts in the big cities, or you can explore the beauty of faraway galaxies by camping under the starry skies in the wilderness. 

When it comes to things to do in Missouri, the options are endless; from breathtaking natural resources to roadside attractions of all kinds, here are some remarkable ways to appreciate the "Show Me State."

1. Lake of The Ozarks
Found in central Missouri on the Northern side of the Ozark Mountains is The Lake of Ozark, a massive reservoir produced by the Osage River and its tributaries. Visitors can rent mobile homes for sale in Missouri in these parts or buy premium properties in the area

2. Bogart's Smokehouse
Eating at the Bogart's Smokehouse is one of Missouri's best things to do for foodies who love barbecue. They specialize in delicacies like pulled pork sandwiches, sauce-slathered ribs, and more. Rumor has it some current residents of St. Louis decide to move in after tasting the barbecue. 

3. Adrenaline Zone
Whether raining or shining, there's always a place in Missouri to keep you engaged, and that's the Adrenaline Zone. Visitors can find heart-pumping activities of all kinds in this indoor facility. Examples include laser tag, pool, skeeball, demolition ball, etc. 

4. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company
You've tasted chocolate; it's time to enjoy chocolate chocolate chocolate. The latter is found nowhere else, but in the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company found in St. Louis, Missouri. Notable treats to look forward to are bites, bars, drops, caramels, truffles, and crunches. 

5. Hollywood Wax Museum
For movie fans, very few things can compare to the thrill of snapping a selfie with a Hollywood celebrity. This is the delight that awaits visitors at the Hollywood Wax Museum, where you don't have to worry about your favorite stars denying your request for any poses.

6. Activity And Recreation Center 
With all that barbecue, there should be a way to burn it off. There is no better place in Missouri than the Activity and Recreation Center (ARC) of Colombia. The facility extends over 73,000 square feet, from indoor tracks to gyms, swimming pools, and game courts. 

Apart from these other exciting activities to look forward to including:

  • Exploring sea life in the Kansas City Aquarium

  • Hermann Wine Trail

  • Katy Trail

  • Retrace the steps of Mark Twain in Hannibal

  • Nightlife in Branson

History of Missouri

History of Missouri

History of Missouri

The State of Missouri is one of the most peculiar states in the entire country, having a rich history and culture, also home to several famous people and events. It became part of the United States on August 10, 1821, as a result of the Missouri Compromise, which made it the 24th state of the country. Situated on the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, the state was essential as a commerce and transportation hub in early America. 

But Missouri, like many other states, was first inhabited by Native Americans more than 10,000 years ago. However, the first European to set eyes on it was Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto in 1541. French explorers later colonized it in 1673. The state became a territory for France in 1763 and then became part of Spain in 1779 until it was ceded to the United States in 1803. During this period, many battles between Native Americans and Europeans led to significant losses. The French lost their settlements to British forces during the Seven Years' War (1756-1763). 

Since the initial settlements, Missouri continued to expand due to its fertile soil and natural resources, making it one of America's most populated states. It has also been involved with many important historical events, such as the Lewis and Clark expedition, which led to the discovery of many new territories and resources for America. 

History of Missouri

Missouri Demographics

Missouri Demographics

Large group of people forming the shape of Missouri

The landlocked state of Missouri has an estimated population of 6,168,187, according to figures from the 2021 Census, making it the 18th most populous state in the country. The census determined that the population of the state grew by 7% from the records of the 2010 Census. But according to estimations, the 2030 population will be about 6.8 million people.  

Compared with other states, the state is sparsely populated but not as much as leading states like California. It has a total landmass of 69,704 square miles, and each square mile of land accommodates an average of 87.1 inhabitants. In terms of population density, this puts Missouri at the 28th position even though it took 18th place in terms of population and 21st when looking at the land area. 

Missouri boasts four largest states, namely, St. Louis (315,685), Kansas City (475,378), Springfield (166,810), and Columbia (119,108), while Jefferson City is the capital. The majority of the counties in the state have a population density that ranges between 1 to 100 people for each square mile. Meanwhile, the population density of urban areas can exceed 5,000 individuals per square mile. But with about one of every three Missourians dwelling in a rural area, the state has a much higher rural population. 

Furthermore, 38.3 years is the median age in Missouri, while the proportion of females to males is approximately 50.9% and 49.1%, respectively.

Large group of people forming the shape of Missouri

Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

Parks in Missouri

The state has a humid continental climate in its northern sector and a humid subtropical climate in the southern areas. It has long, hot summers, whereas the winters are snowy and cold. You’ll want to keep that in mind if you wish to buy mobile homes in Missouri or modular homes. Missouri's lack of topographic barriers like mountains means residents experience dry-cold air masses in winter. Also, Missouri goes through frequent temperature changes due to its inland location, with summer temperature rising to 90° F while winter temperature can fall below 32° F. 

Parks in Missouri

Education in Missouri

Education in Missouri

The University of Missouri-St. Louis

According to Education Week, the rank for Missouri's education sector depends on three factors, namely chance of success, K-12 achievement, and finance. In 2019, Missouri finished in 34th place out of the 50 states with a final grade of C and an overall score of 72.6 out of 100 points. 

Overall, about 38.2% of Missourians are literate, with a median income of $30,899. The state has a well-developed public school system governed at the district level through locally chosen school boards and superintendents. As of 2013, the number of students enrolled in 2,406 Missouri schools and 567 school districts was 917,900. 

With a graduation rate of 85.7%, the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education implements the Common Core across all its schools. At the tertiary level, the Missouri Department of Higher Education oversees public colleges and universities across the state. 

There are 13 universities offering four-year programs and 20 colleges with two-year programs. However, the leading and most prominent university in Missouri is the University of Missouri in Columbia. Other high-performing universities in the state include:

  • The University of Missouri-St. Louis

  • University of Missouri-Kansas City

  • Missouri University of Science and Technology

The University of Missouri-St. Louis

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Mobile Homes For Sale in Missouri

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Mobile Homes For Sale in Missouri

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Mobile Homes For Sale in Missouri

When it comes to choosing a residence, there are some logistics involved. So naturally, buyers want the best deals, and sellers are out for the best return on their investment on the used mobile homes for sale in Missouri. But as a buyer, you'll need to buy mobile homes that are so well built, high-end, and so well-maintained that it's not easy to make out whether it's a mobile home. 

With this goal in mind, here are the main reasons you would like to buy modular homes in Missouri or used mobile homes for sale in Missouri.

1. Usually More Affordable
Whether you buy mobile homes or modular homes, Missouri offers lower prices, provided you decide to invest in a house in this state. The price differences are even more pronounced when you compare them with traditional homes. 

2. Offer More Versatility
The thing about mobile homes is they're excellent as starter homes since you can easily expand them later. So expanding these homes to meet the needs of a growing family are less expensive and less complicated.

3. Efficient And Low-risk Construction
With a streamlined construction process, buying a mobile home in Missouri ensures quick installation prone to fewer delays, mistakes, damages, and even theft. 

4. Acoustics
Noise pollution between the various rooms of a mobile home is reduced significantly due to the separate insulations of the different parts. Thus, chances are you'll get a quieter home if you buy from a mobile homes dealer in Missouri. 

5. Energy-efficient And Eco-friendly
These homes are more energy-efficient owing to the extensive insulation of the walls and under the building. As such, mobile homes Missouri and Missouri mobile homes for sale are eco-friendly options for buyers. 

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Mobile Homes For Sale in Missouri

Mobile Homes for sale in Missouri

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Notable Landmarks in Missouri

Notable Landmarks in Missouri

Missouri Climate Risk


Hail risk

High risk


Wind risk

High risk


Tornado risk

High risk


Air pollution risk

High risk


Total weather risk

Medium risk


Earthquake risk

Medium risk


Hurricane risk

Low risk

Missouri Frequently Asked Questions
Missouri Frequently Asked Questions

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