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Sometimes referred to as “KCMO” or just “KCit,” Kansas City is known by two official nicknames, the first being the “City of Fountains” and the second being the “Heart of America.” It is within just 250 miles of both the population and geographical centers of the United States.

Kansas City, Missouri is ranked as one of the top 50 best places to live in the USA. With plenty of great job opportunities in so many different industries, the city is also renowned for its excellent educational options, plus plenty of art, culture and some of the best sporting entertainment in the country.


The area between Kansas and Missouri, where the eponymous Kansas and Missouri rivers meet, was originally thought to be a good place for settlements. The first visitor from Europe to what would become the city of Kansas, was lower Missouri River explorer Étienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bourgmont. In 1763, the Spanish took over the region, and through the Treaty of Paris, allowed the French to pursue their fur trade under license. In 1834, John McCoy founded Westport Landing on a Missouri river bend as a landing point. He found it more convenient to have his goods offloaded at the Prudhomme landing than in Independence. In 1838, fourteen investors group-purchased the land, the investors first dividing it in 1849 and then later selling it in 1846. The Town of Kansas was incorporated on that land in 1850, and the scene was set for its future strategic importance with three major trails, Santa Fe, California, and Oregon passing right through the area. The City of Kansas was created on February 22, 1853. Because of its location, the city and its surroundings saw quite concentrated military action during the Civil War, after which the city prospered extremely quickly, seeing substantial growth. As the population began to grow dramatically, it officially became known as Kansas City in 1889, with Westport becoming part of it in 1897. Over the past 20 years, $6 billion has been spent improving and redeveloping downtown Kansas to bring in tourist and convention dollars, as well as new residents and office workers.

Things to do in Kansas City

Whether the sun is beating down or the rain decides to fall, the region’s largest all-year-round farmers market, with more than 140 stalls of everything freshly grown, made, baked, or preserved can be found every Saturday and Sunday at Overland Park. Or perhaps the Arabia Steamboat Museum or hands-on College Basketball Experience might take your fancy.

Country Club Plaza sits in 15 city blocks of Spanish-inspired architecture, interspersed with water fountains. Great shops, plenty of designer brands and wonderful restaurants all combine to make this Kansas City’s premier retail center.

Crown Center is not just a shopping center selling absolutely everything from kitchen accessories to food, clothing and furnishings to Kansas souvenirs. Here you’ll find the city’s first aquarium, there’s a great hands-on LEGO experience for children, and a Hallmark-run creativity section where children of all ages can let their imagination run riot making artwork miniatures.

The Kansas City Zoo, National WWI Museum and Memorial, and The National Museum of Toys and Miniatures also make a good day out. Do also keep a sharp eye out for events at the T-Mobile Center, which is one of the USA’s busiest arenas attracting amazing acts, both national and international.

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Map showing Kansas City


When the glaciers melted and drained, the Kansas and Missouri rivers cut wide valleys into the terrain. The city, shaped somewhat like a bowl, is bounded south and north by limestone and bedrock cliffs, and covers approximately 319 square miles. Kansas City Neighborhoods Waldo Waldo is a lovely community, not too far from the city center. If you plan to buy a condo in Kansas, this particular neighborhood is worth investigating. It’s recognized for suiting those wanting to downsize or looking for their first home. There are many locally-owned shops, with great boutiques, coffee shops and even spas and nightlife. There is lots to do, including biking and walking. Brookside Brookside, on the Missouri side of the city, is called “the small town in a big city.” It’s welcoming, suburban, and attractive, with some great shops and restaurants. It is famous for being the first ‘suburban’ shopping area in Kansas. Young professionals and families alike will find it a lovely neighborhood, close by, but not in, the city. Overland Park This quite large town is only around 20 minutes from downtown Kansas and is great for couples or young families wanting a quiet lifestyle in the suburbs but with plenty of local amenities to hand. It’s a wonderfully safe place to raise a family with plenty of fun things to do, trails to follow, parks to visit, restaurants to eat out in, and of course, superb local shopping facilities. River Market River Market is a downtown, close and friendly city neighborhood offering an urban lifestyle with a city atmosphere. While it may seem to attract the upwardly-mobile career minded 20- and 30-somethings, there are many families, as well as older residents, who have chosen this neighborhood for what it has to offer. It is known for some quite stylish condos in Kansas City. River Market hosts the region’s largest Farmer’s Market on weekends. Volker This is a somewhat diverse neighborhood with a decided accent on creatives and young professionals without children, although it is starting to attract all comers with its wonderful shopping, great food and many outdoor parks. Although a bustling center during the day, with an active nightlife district in the evenings, this midtown neighborhood is surprisingly laid-back in style.

Kansas City demographics

In 1900, Kansas City was the 22nd largest city in the country, with a population of 163,752 residents, one that has since grown to 505,272. It is currently the largest city in Missouri and the 38th largest in the United States. It spreads over 15 counties in Kansas and Missouri and has the second largest rail network in the USA. The average household income in Kansas City is $75,137 and the median age is 35.1 years, being 35.9 years for females and 34.4 years for males.

Kansas has the second largest Sudanese population in the United States with its Asian population, generally originating from Southeast Asia. The Hispanic and Latino community comes from Mexico and Central America. Kansas City also has a large Irish-American community with the famous Browne's Irish Market and numerous Irish-orientated bookstores and newspapers.

According to the most recent American Community Survey, the racial composition of Kansas City is White 60.90%, African American 28.21%, other race 4.00%, mixed races: 3.58%, Asian 2.74%, Native American 0.38% and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.18%.

Arts in Kansas City

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Kansas City is renowned for some of the best jazz in the USA. The main center of this, the Jazz District, can be found at 18th and Vine. It was the African-American community that very heavily influenced the somewhat unique, if not distinctive, KC-style blues and ragtime sound. Check out the American Jazz Museum and catch one of the live performances at one of the many jazz clubs in the city.

Crossroads Arts District is brimming with warehouses that were once vacant and neglected, but have now become wonderful galleries, shops and venues. Art is simply everywhere. Street art, over 70 shops and galleries, showrooms, in fact, you name it, it’s there, with wonderful restaurants, cafes and bespoke breweries to complement.

There’s the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, hosting theater, music and dance as well as live music at venues throughout the district.

There is also the Kansas City Power and Light District Theater together with the Alamo Drafthouse cinema, where you can enjoy food and drinks during movies, but be warned, no talking or mobile phone use during presentations. The P&L, as it is referred to by locals, has in excess of 50 bars, restaurants and shops. You will also find numerous displays and street events during the warmer months, and the covered courtyard sees over 130 free events staged there during the year.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Kansas City

There are 282 preschools, 186 elementary, 89 middle, 62 high, 119 public districts, 42 public charter schools and 263 private schools in Kansas City, further reasons for buying condos in Kansas City being a good choice. The top-scoring middle schools measured against national educational measures, with scores out of ten, are Ewing Marion Kauffman School (7) with 785 students, New Mark Middle School (7) with 833 students and University Academy-Middle (7) with 255 students. The top-scoring elementary schools are Bell Prairie Elementary School (8) with 695 students, Clardy Elementary School (8) with 480 and Shoal Creek Elementary School (8) with 913 students.

Why Kansas City?

Kansas City is one of top “50 Best Places to Live in the US,” as well as being superb for job opportunities in energy, engineering, finance, government, healthcare, and technology and it also offers top education, sporting, art and entertainment events, incredible culture and the best in barbecues. So, if you are looking for a condo in Missouri, why not consider Kansas City?


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