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Before we talk about Vermont condos for sale, let’s examine the state itself. What does Vermont mean to you?

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Vermont Condos For Sale

What images does it summon to your mind? Picturesque small towns? Unspoiled wilderness? A prospering small business culture? Craft beers?

You’ll find all of that in Vermont, of course. But a few vague ideas of New England splendor are not enough cause to go buy a Vermont condo. You should get to know the place first, explore the culture and befriend the people. At least take a vacation there. Then you can start looking for condos for sale in Vermont in earnest. This guide might give you an idea where to start. 

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Things to do in Vermont

So…it’s time for you to grab a Vermont condo for sale...

Vermont has a strong economy, a high standard of living and offers all the glories of nature. As such, condos for sale in Vermont tend to be snatched up quickly. However, the state is by no means crowded, and plenty of new construction means there are Vermont condos available at a range of price points. Take your time, get to know the state and its people, and then decide if a condo for sale in Vermont is in your future

History in Vermont

History in Vermont

Vermont is what you might call “iconically New England.”  Set between Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, and Quebec in Canada, it is right at the heart of the former English colonies – and believe me, plenty of Vermont condos have been sold based solely on that location. 

Interestingly, Vermont is the only New England state which does not border the ocean. It has been inhabited for around 12,000 years. Most of that pre-history has been lost, but archeologists and cultural historians have been able to uncover a few hints. By the time of European contact, the region was the territory of the Mohawk people (part of a state called the Iroquois Confederacy) and the Abenaki tribe, an Algonquian-speaking people. 

In the 1600s, Vermont was part of the territory claimed as “New France”. Conflict with the English colonies farther south began almost immediately. The Seven Years’ War ended with the French defeat in 1763, and the land became part of “New England.” However, the fighting did not end there. Competing settlers from New Hampshire and New York fought for control of the region, ending only when The Vermont Republic formed as part of the Revolutionary War. 

That same Vermont republic was the first “state” of the soon-to-be-US to abolish slavery. It was a major force in the abolitionist movement, and sent a disproportionately large contingent of soldiers to the Civil War as a result. 

Vermont passed women’s suffrage long before it was mandated by the Constitution, as well. Women first voted in Vermont in December of 1880. In 2000, Vermont became the first US state to allow Civil Unions, and in 2009 it was the first to legalize full same-sex marriage. In 2018, it became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use. 

It is fair to say that the state’s reputation for cultural liberalism has sold a few Vermont condos as well. However, there remain plenty of Vermont condos for sale.

History in Vermont

Is Vermont Crowded?

Large group of people forming the shape of Vermont

Far from it. If it was, Vermont condos for sale would not be so inexpensive. But that seems strange, if you think about it. Vermont is not large. In fact, only 5 US states are smaller. It claims just under 10,000 square miles of territory, of which only 9,250 square miles are actually land. 

Mainly, Vermont is sparsely settled, and always has been. Its biggest city is Burlington, which (as of the 2020 census) claimed less than 45,000 residents. Next is South Burlington (yes, it’s a different city), at just under 21,000 people. Essex accounts for another 22,000 or so, and no other city or town in the state claims more than 20,000 residents. The state as a whole has a population of just 643,500 as of the last census. 

What does this mean in terms of Vermont condos for sale? A lack of crowding generally means property prices are low, compared to more densely-packed areas. Vermont condos aren’t “dirt cheap”… after all, the per capita income in Vermont is pretty high, and it is a very desirable place to live. Still, with an abundance of condos for sale in Vermont, competition will keep prices quite reasonable.

Large group of people forming the shape of Vermont

Nearby Colleges 

 The University of Vermont in Burlington

Vermont has been praised for its educational system for years. One of the reasons Vermont condos for sale are so sought-after is that living in the state for a few months before applying can drastically reduce the cost of attending some of the best state schools in the nation. A short list of the best might include:

 The University of Vermont in Burlington. Built in 1791, U Vermont is called a “Public Ivy League” school because even though it isn’t a private institution, it delivers Ivy League class educational opportunities. This is important, because residents can attend for a fraction of what a truly Ivy league school would charge. 

 Middlebury College. Middlebury is the number 9 Liberal Arts college in the nation, with degrees in Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Political Science and more. With lots of nearby Vermont condos for sale, Middlebury brings a great many short and long-term residents to the state. 

 Castleton University. Castleton was founded in 1787, and remains a very small school for its reputation. It has fewer than 2,000 undergraduate students in a typical year, but ranks 26th among regional colleges. In-state tuition is extremely affordable, and even out of state tuition is within the budget of many young people. 

 The University of Vermont in Burlington

Top Reasons to Buy Vermont Condos

Top Reasons to Buy Vermont Condos

While there are plenty of condos for sale in Vermont, people don’t move to a state just because there is room for them. People move because they can really imagine themselves living there, and enjoying a new kind of life. Everyone will find something different that they really enjoy about a state like Vermont, and about a particular Vermont condo. If you are considering condos for sale in Vermont, though, consider these ‘top 5 reasons’ to move to Vermont.

  • The Vermont economy is one of the best (and most resilient) in the nation right now. Ben & Jerry’s, Keurig Green Mountain and all operate out of Vermont, as well as thousands of others. Their unemployment rate was only 3.7% at last measure, and the median household income was over $55,000. When the median gross rent in the state is only $895, that’s pretty good.

  • Vermont is ranked 15 out of 50 for the quality of its educational system. 46% of Vermont residents (who are old enough) have graduated college, and just under 92% are high school educated. It is a great place to raise a family, or to move in order to qualify for in-state tuition. 

  • Plenty of space. Vermont is the 2nd least populated state, placing it just on top of Wyoming for population. Granted, Wyoming is much bigger, but who wants to buy a condo in Wyoming? You’ll get plenty of room to stretch your legs in Vermont, with all the benefits of living in New England. 

  • Vermont is the safest place to live in America. As of 2016, Vermont’s crime rate was a mere 99.3 per 100,000 people. Its police and emergency teams are well-trained and well-equipped, and even its drivers are above average. 

  • There is so much access to the great outdoors. All year around, you can get out into the fields, the mountains, the forests, or any other terrain you like… except beaches. There aren’t many of those, being land-locked.

Top Reasons to Buy Vermont Condos

Where Can I Find New Condos in Vermont?

Where Can I Find New Condos in Vermont?

There are condos for sale in Vermont just about everywhere you care to look. 

Vermont has never been what you’d call densely packed, and it easily accommodates the growth that interest in Vermont condos is fueling. Condos for sale in Vermont are popping up in existing buildings in the center of towns and cities, as well as in newly-built structures all over the state. You won’t find any high-rise condominiums, though. There are no buildings in Vermont higher than 124 feet. 

If you’re looking for condos Vermont’s listings are packed. There are plenty of Burlington Vermont condos for sale, condos for sale in Chittenden County Vermont, Killington Vermont condos for sale, and Stowe Vermont condos everywhere you look. “Condos Manchester Vermont” and “Condos Middlebury Vermont” are trending on many social media platforms, and the results for Pinnacle condos Vermont alone could fill a dozen pages.

Where Can I Find New Condos in Vermont?

Vermont Tourism

Vermont Tourism

Vermont gets its fair share of tourists every year, and they all need places to stay. Hotels can be in short supply in peak season, so many condos for sale in Vermont get converted to Airbnb listings, at least temporarily. This is actually a great way to make a Vermont condo put money back in your pocket, especially if you are traveling elsewhere at the time. Beware, though. A few Vermont condos for sale come with covenants banning that kind of use.

Vermont Tourism

Condos in Vermont

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Notable Landmarks In Vermont

Vermont Frequently Asked Questions
Vermont Frequently Asked Questions

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