Photo of Nashville skyline
Photo of Nashville skyline

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Tennessee the birthplace of rock n’ roll and blues is equally famous for its contributions to wars and the freedoms of Blacks from slavery

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This beautiful landlocked state is also home to one of the most popular National Parks in the country. 

Along with being a beautiful destination to live in, Tennessee is also a growing economy, with some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies headquartered in this very state. The majority of the state’s income comes from the skilled labor industry, primarily agriculture, and healthcare.

What’s surprising is despite being at the top of the most suitable places to live in, Tennessee real estate is still quite affordable. This also creates great opportunities for investors. 

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Things To Do in Tennessee

As an owner of real estate in Tennessee, you will be able to enjoy a myriad of options when it comes to recreational activities. Tennesseans are always up and about, trying out the next new adventure. Whether you’re into arts, music or culture, or an adrenaline junkie, you will surely find something to your liking.

Hiking and walking trails 

Being home to 13 national and state parks, Tennessee is a heaven for those who love hiking. Spread across a variety of geographical locations, these walking and hiking trails provide you with a unique perspective of the state’s charm that is hidden in these unexplored paths. Take in the natural and scenic views when you go for hikes or spend a lazy Sunday with family on a picnic. 

Cave tours 

Tennessee is also well-known among spelunking enthusiasts. Some of the popular caves here are the Bell Witch Cave, Cumberland Caverns, The Lost Sea, Appalachian Caverns, Bristol Caverns, and Ruby Falls. 

These caves are more than just the plain ol’ guided walks. Some of them have lakes hidden in the depths, pools, waterfalls, and hidden passageways, while some others are accessorized with tales of witches and hauntings.  While the majority of these cave tours are organized in the daytime, some also organize late-night tours and facilitate overnight stays. Families and children can also enjoy these activities. 

 History tours

Take a ride through Tennessee’s vibrant cultural, demographic, and political history as etched in the minds, memories, and museums of the state. You can visit the National Civil Rights Museums, Carter House, the Hermitage, Belle Meade Plantation, Tipton-Haynes House, and Andrew Johnson National Historic Site for a look into the Civil Rights Movement, American Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and slavery. 

Adventure sports 

Tennessee residents and tourists alike enjoy taking part in the numerous options for adventure sports that the state has to offer. Fishing, hiking, biking, camping, river and white water rafting, rock climbing, and zipline are some of the most popular activities here. Being home to 13 national parks, Tennessee is a paradise for thrill-seekers. 

History in Tennessee

History in Tennessee

History in Tennessee

Tennessee is well known as the “The Volunteer State,” and earned this nickname for its tremendous contribution of volunteers during the war of 1812, as well as the Mexican-American War when the war secretary requested 2,000+ troops and they delivered 30,000.

The state was once a part of North Carolina, then Southwest, and was joined to the Union as the 16th state on June 1, 1796. When the American Civil War broke out in 1861, Tennessee was the last state to secede from the Union, and it was the first to be readmitted when the war ended in 1862 when Union forces occupied Nashville.

Tennessee also played a big role in Civil Rights, especially in the passage of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. Tennessee is also the death place of Martin Luther King Jr, the leader of the civil rights movement. He was assassinated in Memphis in 1968. 

History in Tennessee

Demographical Data

Demographical Data

Demographical Data

According to the United States Census Bureau, the total population of the state of Tennessee is 6,975,218 as of July 2021 and the population per square mile is around 153.9. Tennessee’s diversity in population comes from the mix of races that reside here in harmony. Whites account for about 78.4%, Blacks and Asians contribute 17.1% and 2%, and Hispanics and Latinos cumulatively make up about 5.7% of the community, respectively.

The state has approximately 22.1% of its population under the age of 18, and 16.7% above the age of 65. Women make up about 51.2% of the total population. Nearly 30% (28.2%) of the population are individuals with at least a Bachelor’s degree (and higher). 

Religion is also a big part of the Tennessean lifestyle. Approximately, 81% of the population follow Christianity, 1% follow Islam and Judaism and 14% of the population do not follow any religion. 

Demographical Data




Like any other southeastern state in the United States, Tennessee largely experiences a fair share of warm and cool weather. Summers, in large parts of the state, are warm and humid, and winters are cool, but not too cold, except in a few regions which experience arctic air. 

Throughout the year, Tennessee experiences wide variations in temperatures. It changes as you move from lower plains to higher elevations. Cumberland Plateau and the Smoky Mountains have significantly lower temperatures than the Great Valley of East Tennessee. The average temperature during the summer ranges between 80 and 85°F and comes down to a minimum average between 22-33°F in the winters. 

Tennessee also receives a good amount of precipitation throughout the year. It is also prone to unpredictable and harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Thunderstorms, flooding, droughts, tornadoes, storms, and heatwaves or cold waves occur frequently across the region. 


Top 5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate In Tennessee

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate In Tennessee

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate In Tennessee

Tennessee is without a doubt one of the ideal places to buy real estate. It has a great history, friendly residents, is always ready to help, and of course, has undeniably beautiful scenic views. What’s more gratifying is the quick access to nature from nearly all kinds of real estate in Tennessee.

Lowest cost of living

Tennessee enjoys one of the lower costs of living in the country. This is one of the prime reasons why the state is a suitable place for young people just starting their careers and growing families as well as retirees. Any kind of real estate in Tennessee—whether it’s a mansion, flat or mobile home—comes with a price tag of affordability.

Ideal geographies and weather

Tennessee has a mix of geographies, along with climates. On one end you will enjoy winters going as low as 22°F to regions experiencing over 85°F in the summers. Because of the range of geographies, Tennessee's natural beauty, mountains, forest covers, waterfalls, rivers, and plains is unmatched. Those who enjoy a mix of weather and being surrounded by natural beauty will surely enjoy their stay in Tennessee. 

High employment rate

Tennessee has a strong local economy, which allows the residents access to many job opportunities. The unemployment rate is only 3.4%. Tennessee’s economy is still growing, with a major focus on encouraging more businesses. Some of the largest companies, like top Fortune 500 companies, also have their headquarters here.  

The dominant industries in the state are medical services, businesses, skilled labor, and entertainment and music. This is why it is a crucial time to buy a property in Tennessee.

Affordable properties

You’ll be surprised to know that in addition to the state having the lowest cost of living in the country, it also has the cheapest properties in the nation. From condos to mansions, Tennessee real estate is affordable and made for everyone.

Plenty of options for fun

Needless to mention, the state offers a lot of options for recreational activities. Because of the large forest covers, the residents can enjoy plenty of fresh air. National and state parks offer visitors the opportunity to learn about indegenous animals, birds and plants along with plenty of fun activities to plan with families and friends.


Clearly, Tennessee is a great state to settle in. On one hand, you have long stretches of forest lands, numerous parks, mountains, lakes and ponds, and on the other side are thriving towns like Nashville and Memphis, centers of entertainment and music and investment opportunities. What more could one need? Come and be a part of the Country Music capital of the world.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate In Tennessee

Real Estate in Tennessee

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Notable Landmarks In Tennessee

Notable Landmarks In Tennessee

Tennessee Climate Risk


Earthquake risk

High risk


Tornado risk

Medium risk


Hail risk

Medium risk


Wind risk

Medium risk


Air pollution risk

Medium risk


Total weather risk

Medium risk


Hurricane risk

Low risk

Tennessee FAQs
Tennessee FAQs

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