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The mention of New Hampshire automatically brings to mind granite.

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Living in New Hampshire is incredibly exciting

Dubbed the Granite State, New Hampshire is home to extensive granite formations and quarries—a huge contribution to the state's natural resource base, and a significant driver of its economy.

Living in New Hampshire is incredibly exciting, and rewarding with a diverse range of things to experience and activities to engage in while there. Having been born in this amazing state, I have moved into every nook and cranny of all the places in it. And having visited a flurry of other states, I’d always choose New Hampshire as my state of choice for the many outdoor sites it harbors. Everything you have heard about it is real—from the white mountains to driving through the scenic Kancamagus byway to the granite hills. New Hampshire is just heavenly.

Situated in the New England region of the United States, New Hampshire borders Massachusetts to the South, Maine, and the Gulf of Maine to the East, and Vermont to the West. To the north, it borders Quebec, a Canadian Province.

Apart from granite, New Hampshire is home to many other rock types, gems, and minerals. But it is also known for other things. For instance, it is one of the smallest states—the fifth smallest by area—and the tenth least populous with appropriately 1.3 million residents.

Ranked the second safest in the country, New Hampshire boasts being among the states with the lowest crime rates with amazingly low levels of violent and property crimes. Add to this the fact that it is ranked number one in housing in the country, signifying how developed its property market is. Of its fast-growing real estate segments, New Hampshire modular homes are worth taking note of.

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Things to Do in New Hampshire

I know you are considering buying a modular home in New Hampshire. Smart move! But you are probably thinking what things are there to do; well, let's get to it.

  • Skiing: This has to be one of the most popular outdoor activities in New Hampshire. Skiing is so popular that there is a town purposefully known for that, North Conway. Skiing junkies would therefore find modular homes in Conway quite convenient.
  • You can take relaxing and fulfilling walks through the many natural gorges. You could visit the White Mountains, which provide magnificent scenery, or the Flume Gorge, which is among the state's top scenic destinations.
  • The beach! If your house hunting plan includes close proximity to water bodies in your list of considerations, you are in for a treat. New Hampshire has a coastal line of just above 18 miles, which is beautiful and engaging. Coastal round trips, ocean getaways, and aquatic recreations are some of the things you'd be sure of. Thus, you may have to include mobile waterfront homes for sale in New Hampshire in your search. You should be able to get a cheap offer, especially in resident-owned mobile home parks.

History of New Hampshire

History of New Hampshire

New Hampshire State Coat of Arms

Yes, you know how New Hampshire sounds like an English name. Named after Hampshire County in England by Captain John Mason, the state was first settled by Europeans at Odiorne's Point in Rye in 1623. These were a group of fishermen from England under the leadership of David Thompson. New Hampshire is among the 13 original U.S. colonies. It is also the first state to have its own constitution and the 9th to ratify the U.S. Constitution.

But in its definitive history, the evolutionary journey of New Hampshire modular homes cannot be forgotten. Over the years, the mobile home tradition has grown significantly, and many custom modular home builders in New Hampshire have mastered the art and are since revolutionizing the sector.

But credit where credit's due, the popularity of New Hampshire's modular home wave is undoubtedly due to the various support systems in place and the increasing demand.

As part of its efforts to solve the affordable housing crisis, the state, as early as 1984, resorted to programs that made it easier to own modular homes over other house types for their affordability (can be up to half the price of traditional homes). As evident in such initiatives as the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund (a housing loan program), it has never been easier anywhere in the country to acquire a home (mobile homes and the land beneath them, to be specific) as it is in New Hampshire. Such support programs have made it possible for "Resident Owned Communities" (ROCs) to sprout up. ROCs and the existing initiatives are such a beneficial resource in ensuring many low- and middle-income people can finally own homes and even access mortgages. In the long run, people who would otherwise find it hard if not impossible to own homes are presented with possibilities and aspirations to own secure and decent homes. It's a double gain, if you'd ask, as the problem of homelessness is solved while ramping up local economies by keeping money circulating, which otherwise would not be possible under the bricks and mortar home ownership schemes. New Hampshire modular home programs are indeed a game-changer.

New Hampshire State Coat of Arms

Modular Homes for sale in New Hampshire

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Notable Landmarks in New Hampshire

Notable Landmarks in New Hampshire

New Hampshire Climate Risk


Hurricane risk

High risk


Total weather risk

Medium risk


Earthquake risk

Low risk


Air pollution risk

Low risk


Tornado risk

Low risk


Hail risk

Low risk


Wind risk

Low risk

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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