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Money Magazine has named Nashua among the Top 100 Places to Live not once but twice, which indicates that this city is an excellent place to purchase real estate and find your dream home. Numerous factors contribute to the city's appeal as a great place to live, work, play, raise a family, and own several properties.

The city's flourishing downtown, great neighbors, welcoming small businesses, green city parks, a fine selection of micro & nano breweries, the Nashua Farmers Market, and a wide variety of family-friendly venues make it the choice location for families of all sizes, professionals, students, and retirees alike.


Nashua, located on the Merrimack and Nashua rivers, is the seat city of Hillsborough County. It was settled as a fur trading town around 1656 and was chartered as Dunstable in 1673. The city was a part of Massachusetts until 1741, when a boundary settlement transferred it to New Hampshire. In 1803, the village of Indian Head, located across the Nashua River, adopted the name Nashua, which was allegedly derived from a local Indian tribe (Nashaway people). In 1837, the two towns merged to form Nashua. The northern section, known as Nashville, withdrew in 1842 due to a disagreement over the location of the town hall. In 1853, they were reunited by a city charter. Nashua has developed a diverse industrial base since the closure of its textile mills following World War II. Computer products, electronic components, chemicals, office equipment, heavy machinery, and plastics are among its products. Today. Amherst Street Commercial District, Downtown, Nashua, East Hollis Street Gateway, The Millyard, and the Nashua Airport District are great places to buy a home as it keeps you in the center of business.

Things to do in Nashua

Besides the convenience of being within 1-2 hours of the seacoast, mountains, and lake region, there are a lot of great local things to see and do. Some of these include:

Trying Out Some New Outdoor Activities At Greeley Park
This park is a popular spot for outdoor recreation. You can spend a relaxing day in this oasis with your loved one to switch up the monotony of your daily routine. It has lovely green lawns, sports fields, tennis courts, manicured gardens, a wading pool, picnic areas, nature trails, a playground, and a boat ramp with access to the Merrimack River. Throughout the year, the park's grounds host various events such as art shows, Halloween parties, concerts, festivals, high school proms, and more.

Indoor Skydiving at Skyventure
This is a well-known indoor skydiving facility that attracts both tourists and locals. You will find floating in the air to be an exhilarating experience. However, attendants must be at least three years old. Also, they will provide you with all the necessary equipment and training. They also offer indoor surfing, indoor rock climbing, a rotating barrel ride, and other activities in addition to indoor skydiving.

Appreciate Nature's Beauty At The Nashua River Rail Trail
This scenic trail parallels the Nashua River and an abandoned railroad. The trail, which runs from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, is over 12 miles long and offers numerous opportunities to explore nature. Also, lush forests surround the river, and it is home to wetlands, swamps, ponds, and wildlife. Hike along this trail and take in the breathtaking views of the wilderness. Cycling, roller skating, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding are but some of the popular activities you’ll find here. Additionally, you can fish in several ponds or along the enthralling river.
Visit The Mine Falls Park For Riverside Hiking
Mine Falls Park is a popular tourist destination in Nashua, with lush foliage, a charming waterfall, a tranquil pond, sports fields, a hypnotic river, wetlands, diverse wildlife, riverside nature trails, and others. Hiking, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, fishing, soccer, and other outdoor activities are some of fun times awaiting you here.

The picturesque Nashua River meanders through the park's northern section. In the south, there is a pond and a canal system. In the 18th century, this historical site was used for lead mining. The canals and dam were built in the 1800s to generate hydroelectricity to power the cotton mills of the Nashua Manufacturing Company. This company went out of business in the mid-twentieth century. But this doesn’t stop you from exploring and admiring the park's enthralling natural beauty.

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Map showing Nashua


You can find Nashua in southeastern Hillsborough County. However, it has a total area of 31.7 square miles, of which 30.8 square miles are land, and 0.89 square miles are water, accounting for 2.84 % of the city's total area. The Merrimack River forms Nashua's eastern boundary, Middlesex County borders it to the south, and the city is drained by the Nashua River and Salmon Brook, both Merrimack tributaries. Also, the Nashua River cuts the city in half whiles Pennichuck Brook forms the northern boundary of the town. At 426 feet above sea level, Gilboa Hill is its highest point in the city's south.

Nashua demographics

In 2020, Nashua, NH had 91k people with a median age of 39.6 and a median household income of $73,785. White people account for 81.7% of the population, Hispanics 12.5%, Asians 7.6%, and Black or African American 3.5%. Meanwhile, the median property value was $279,800, with a homeownership rate of 54.7%.

Nashua has ten unique business districts; each has its own distinct personality and advantages for various industries. Some Nashua neighborhoods are densely populated, making them ideal for corporate and retail clusters.

Furthermore, several business parks enable companies to benefit from advanced infrastructure and the synergy that results from similar industries located close to one another. In Nashua, you will find the best corporate or retail environment for your company.

Arts in Nashua

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Nashua has a diverse range of cultural and recreational opportunities. In fact, the region has it all, from historical attractions to theaters, music, festivals, and sports venues. It has an incredible art and culture scene, including a wealth of public art, countless opportunities to take in theater, symphony, music & arts festivals throughout the year, the Nashua Street Pianos, and a vibrant live music scene.

Nashua's distinct art scene combines the backdrop of a progressive urban lifestyle with the unique familiarity of a New England hometown. It is the only city in the U.S. that hosts an international sculpture symposium annually. The artistic and performance venues here are intimate, diverse, and historically significant, and they play an essential role in the city's social advancement and success.

Furthermore, the Nashua Historical Society works tirelessly to "preserve the past for future generations." It has two museums that house extensive collections related to Nashua's rich history. The historical society also offers research services, lectures, and workshops throughout the year. Here, you can find many landmarks throughout the city that tell the story of its mill town and those who helped it grow and flourish over centuries.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Nashua

Another great reason to buy a house in Nashua is the quality of schools in the area. The city’s residents and businesses benefit from its excellent public and private school systems. In addition, it provides a detailed network to help ensure that the people are educated and ready to enter the workforce, with many educational and professional training opportunities available. From preschool through post-graduate degrees, residents have access to high-quality educational programs. Moreover, families and students seeking education, training, or career preparation can choose from many public and private institutions. Nashua has several high-quality private school options for elementary, middle, and high school students. For instance, the Academy for Science and Design in New Hampshire's first charter school focused on science, math, and engineering. Furthermore, Gate City Charter School for the Arts provides an arts-integrated curriculum to students. So you can see Nashua means business when it comes to higher education. Engineers, artists, business executives, lawyers, technological innovators, and other professionals are produced by the highly efficient universities based here. Nashua Community College, Rivier University, and Southern New Hampshire University are among some of the best universities in town.

Why Nashua?

Aside from all of the great local things to see and do, owning a home here means you have the convenience of being within 1-2 hours of the seacoast, mountains, lake region, and Boston (the nearby business city is an added advantage). Imagine living in the comfort of a small, connected community while being close enough to enjoy everything that the iconic city offers.

You should simply visit this city, and you won't want to live anywhere else. In other words, Nashua, NH, is the ideal place to buy your dream home.


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