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Take Advantage of The Golden Opportunity of Investing in a Mobile Home in Manchester, NH

Manchester is New Hampshire's largest city and metropolitan area center, including Bedford, Goffstown, Hooksett, and Londonderry. Manchester is also rated 23rd in best of 100 cities to live in the US and has thrived from its early times as a historic mill town. Surprisingly, Manchester is the birthplace of various Americans, including Louis O. Coxe, Seth Meyers and Adam Sandler. Manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and tourism support the city's economy. Fortunately, the city economy is still expanding and attracting investors and job seekers from nearby cities. This has sparked an increase in the homeownership rates and created demand for affordable mobile homes. Perhaps, it is time you consider buying a mobile home in Manchester, NH.


People started settling in Manchester between 1722 to 1723. The town was first called Old Harry's Town, renamed Tyngstown after 1735 and integrated as Derryfield town in 1751. The city's economy started developing significantly after establishing the first textile mills in 1805 by Benjamin Prichard. Until the late 1930s, Manchester's economy relied on cotton-milling operations from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company. Amoskeag Falls on the Merrimack has been the waterpoint source driving Manchester's success. The falls initially fascinated Penacook Indians making fishing a significant economic activity. Samuel Blodget, however, saw the opportunities inherent in the falls and executed and planned the first canal's construction around the falls. After constructing several barge canals, Samuel Blodget renamed the town Manchester. The Middlesex canal in Massachusetts and the Manchester canal opened navigation to Boston, opening the city to trade activities. These were among the first strides that have transformed Manchester into the business and commerce hub it is today.

Things to do in Manchester

Manchester is home to unique attractions, Fisher Cats Minor League Baseball Team, great restaurants and museums. There are many things to do, ranging from romantic tours along the Massabesic Lake to touring the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Zimmerman house. Whether traveling with family, business partners, or friends, the city has plenty of amazing things to offer.
The See Science Center is an educational and fun thing to do with tweens and children. The center is filled with interactive exhibits exploring the science world. The most popular exhibits include magnetism and the electricity area, which have literally hair-raising demonstrations. The See Science Center also hosts NASA's Universe, Earth and Sun exhibit allowing visitors to explore other planets and NASA research and projects.
The Boards and Brews is a unique hangout offering visitors more than 1,700 games to play. Guests can get nostalgic with the classics, try out new games, and discover rare games. The establishment offers a light café with desserts, sandwiches, and appetizers. You will make incredible memories and experiences while here.
The Aviation Museum is housed in the Manchester Airport's former terminal, established in 1937. The museum features an exhibit illustrating the state's aviation history and New Hampshire-made aircraft, comprising the biplane "Doodle Bug" manufactured in Loudon and Brookline's home-built biplane. The visitors also explore an actual cockpit or enjoy the feel of flying using the multi-screen 3D flight simulator. The other exhibits in the museum include aviation artifacts and Tuskegee Airman model planes.
The many things to do in the city have attracted many visitors from different regions. Some opt to stay for a long or short period based on their budget and time. The visitors also prefer staying for long periods in places where they do not have to break their banks. Increasing the number of mobile homes can help the visitors spend more time in the city due to accommodation affordability.

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Map showing Manchester


The city lies in Hillsborough County in southern New Hampshire, US. Manchester lies along the Amoskeag Falls of the Merrimack River, supplying it with hydroelectric power. The city is located on the northern end of the Northeast megalopolis and straddles the Merrimack River banks. Its strategic location near Boston makes it a suitable location for business activities.

Manchester demographics

The population of Manchester is diverse and currently estimated at 113,216. The economy's growth has been a factor promoting the population increase in the city. The expanding businesses have constantly created plenty of jobs, attracting thousands of job seekers. This explains the reason the city residents have low poverty rates and a high average household income of $75,665. The high incomes also show that many residents enjoy high standards of living.
Buying a house in the city will cost you several dollars. The median house value is $227,600. Surprisingly, rental costs are cheap, $1,135 monthly. However, there are plenty of affordable housing options if you opt to live in Manchester. You can opt to buy or rent a mobile home that is less costly and fancy to live in.
The population is diverse, with different tastes in housing structures. The whites are 84.81%, African Americans 6.06%, Asians 5.05%, Native American 0.14% and Pacific Islanders 0.04%. The population will continue to diversify and become more even as the city economy expands.

Arts in Manchester

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Manchester has a vibrant arts and entertainment sector that attracts thousands of visitors from different regions. Rich in history, the bustling urban center has the greatest entertainment, arts and cultural mecca in New Hampshire. There is never a dull moment with Manchester's entertaining and artistic joints.
The variety of arts ranges from galleries, murals, and sculptures to paintings and drawings. The Currier Museum of Art is among the top artistic centers in the city. It was established by Moody Currier, former New Hampshire governor, to advance and benefit humanity. The collections feature art pieces from Monet, Picasso, Matisse, and countless other renowned artists.
The Palace Theater is another great entertaining joint in downtown Manchester situated closer to its amenities. The 865-seater theater is the hotbed of its own professional company and hosts various teen and youth programs. Developed in 1914, the class, ornate details and beauty of the building ferry guests through time. From various blues and jazz performances, there are plenty of shows for every visitor at The Palace Theater.
The New Hampshire Institute of Art is among the oldest institutions in Manchester. The school hosts various works to provoke and engage imagination and thought in the quest to complement educational programs. The well-curated exhibitions portray works of American, international and regional artists specializing in all areas, from art performances to illustration.
Millyard Museum is among the top artistic centers in Manchester. The museum is situated in one of the previous Amoskeag mill buildings on the east side of Merrimack River. The exhibits start with an exploration of the lives of native people who fished and lived at Amoskeag Falls over ten decades ago. The exhibits describe the growth of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company and early colonial life.
The museum also hosts various exhibits sponsored by a regional business. There are plenty of Gallery Games for kids visiting the museum and other kids' events and walking tours. Visitors can also explore the See Science Center, situated on the 4th floor of the same building.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Manchester

Manchester's education sector is well funded to bridge the performance gap between public and private institutions. The schools are top-ranked at nation and state levels and have continued to supply the economy with competent and skilled workers. This makes the city the best place to live, especially for families and students. The elementary schools in Manchester are the best in the state. They enroll students from different racial compositions and social classes. The students are taught the best life morals and skills to help them make sound decisions. The best elementary schools include Webster Elementary, McDonough Elementary, and Parker-Varney School. The city boasts of the best high schools in the state that prepare students for college success. The high schools help students perform well and help them transition from puberty to adulthood. The best ones to enroll students include The Derry field School, Mount Zion Christian School and Mill Falls Charter School. The universities in the city have been producing competent graduates to help fill the gap between skilled and unskilled workers. The schools expose students to technology and new research and promote independent and creative thought. The students in the city institutions are given the opportunity to experience life and travel overseas via study abroad programs. The world-renowned universities in the city include Manchester Community College and the University of New Hampshire at Manchester.

Why Manchester?

Manchester is a sleeping giant for mobile homes. The city's expanding economy, flourishing manufacturing and tourism sectors, plenty of entertaining things to do, well-performing schools, and availability of social amenities make it a prime destination for investments in mobile homes. Housing prices are increasing, making it hard for middle-income and low-income earners to own homes. Mobile homes are more affordable, unique, and convenient than rentals, which has significantly increased their demand. You can grab your dream home or start your homeownership journey by buying a mobile home in Manchester, NH, today.


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