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Why The Sudden Interest In Mobile Homes in Davenport, Iowa?

Why are people so excited about buying a mobile home in Davenport? Sheer livability. Davenport has the kind of classically midwestern vibe that larger cities which they could simulate, but enough actual size to support a decent economy as well as a thriving arts and cultural scene. Better still, the cost of lining in Davenport is still extremely low.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes this city so special, from its climate to its geography and from its unusual demographics to the best things to do on a Saturday night. In the end you’ll not only understand what all the fuss is about, you might be able to pick just where you might want to live if you do take the plunge.


The region around what would become Davenport, Iowa was traditionally the territory of the Ho-Chunk, Meskwaki and Sauk peoples. By the 18th century, though, it appeared on maps as part of “New France.” A few settlers came in from Quebec, but Europeans were very scarce there until well into the 19th century, when the land was turned over to the US. After the Black hawk War of 1832, much of eastern Iowa was purchased for around 11 cents an acre from the defeated Sauk, Meskwaki and Kickapoo. Davenport was founded in 1836, and incorporated in 1839. The railroad linked Davenport to the other side of the Mississippi River in 1856, making it a nexus to places like Chicago, Rock Island and Iowa City. This made the early town a significant hub of commercial railroad shipping in the region. The depression of the 1930s hit the town hard, but industry was booming during and after WWII. The economic woes of the 1970s were another bad time, but the city had improved its outlook again by the 1990s, and by the turn of the 21st century much development and redevelopment had already occurred.

Things to do in Davenport

While scouting out mobile homes in Davenport, IA, why not make a day of it, or better yet a week’s holiday? There will be plenty of ways to spend your time well, including taking the kids to the Science Center at the Putnam Museum, shopping at the farmer’s Market in the old Freight House, the nightlife at the Rhythm City Casino Resort, or a picnic at West Lake Park. Centennial Park offers great views of the Rock island Centennial Bridge, and Credit island Park takes up an entire island in the mighty Mississippi River.

Unreal mobile homes in Davenport, IA

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Map showing Davenport


Davenport was built on the shore of the Mississippi River, around 170 miles west of Chicago and 170 miles east of the state capital of Des Moines. It is the largest city on that river with no permanent flood defenses, and minor flooding of waterside areas is common. If you are on the lookout for Davenport mobile homes, make sure you pick one located above the “100 year flood level.” This location gives Davenport a humid continental climate, with cold, snowy winters and warm to hot summers. Before you commit to buying land in Iowa, though, what kind of neighborhood would you most like to live in? Who would be the ideal neighbors? Is a fast commute into work the most important factor, or is living near the best schools more important? Every neighborhood has something different to offer, after all. Davenport Neighborhoods North Side Davenport North Side is a great place to buy a mobile home in Davenport. It is nice but still affordable, with median home prices running just above $185,000. This is only slightly above average for Iowa, but ranks in the bottom 1/3 of all US neighborhoods for price. In addition to mobile homes. The North Side has plenty of single-family homes and small apartment buildings, most built between WWII and 1970. The vacancy rate is high – nearly 17% - so you should have your pick as well. Wisconsin Avenue This neighborhood, which is indeed between Wisconsin Avenue and Shawnee drive, has plenty of Davenport mobile homes for sale as well. The home prices tend to be moderate for Iowa here – around $202,000 – but that puts it in the bottom 30% of US neighborhoods. You’ll see a mix of small apartment complexes, single homes and bug high-rises here, mostly built between the 1970s and the turn of the century. The vacancy rate is slightly below average at 7.3%. West 46th and Marquette If you are buying a mobile home in Davenport, IA, don’t overlook this wedge-shaped neighborhood to the northeast of the intersection it is named for. Homes there can be pricey for Davenport at a median cost of $214,000, but still well below the national average. Though you’ll find a few historic buildings dating from just after WWII, most of the structures were put up after the 1970s. The vacancy rate is high at just over 13%, so you’ll be able to be choosy as well. West 76th and Brady This is a large swath of Davenport land north of Downtown. Home prices are high for Davenport at $253,500, and approaching the national average. Much of the neighborhood was developed in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but it isn’t hard to find 21st century buildings either. This is a popular neighborhood, though, with vacancy rates of just 5%. North Side East North side east offers easy commutes using I74, and offers a median home value of more than $333,000 – just slightly over the national average, but in the top 10% for the state. Most of the structures are medium and large single-family homes, and you might struggle to buy a mobile home in Davenport there. In fact, you might struggle to find anything at all. Vacancy rates are a paper-thin 3.8%, so if you see something you like, snatch it up quickly.

Davenport demographics

Davenport’s population as of the 2020 census was 101,724. That is up, but not much, from the 2010 population of 99,685. While you shouldn’t struggle to find mobile homes in Davenport, IA, you might have an easier time looking around the city, in the “Quad Cities” metro area.

Just under 92% of Davenport residents over the age of 25 have high school diplomas, but less than 27% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The median household income was $53,140 in 2020, and the median value of owner-occupied properties in the same period was just $135,200. The overall cost of living is quite low in Davenport. In fact, Forbes Magazine called it the metro area with the lowest cost of living in 2010, and the 2nd lowest in 2009.

Arts in Davenport

One of the things advocating for buying a mobile home in Davenport, IA is the low cost of moving there, to be sure, but perhaps a more important reason is the thriving local culture that you would become a part of. No visit to the city would be complete without an afternoon spent at the Figge Art museum or the Putnam Museum, for example. The Davenport Skybridge is worth seeing, as are the shows at the River Music Experience and the Adler Theatre at RiverCenter. The Quad City Symphony Orchestra is based out of Davenport, and you can find the German American heritage Center there too.

Other local cultural institutions include Vander Veer Botanical Park and the Stampe Lilac Garden in Duck Creek Park. You can see a baseball game at the Quad City River Bandits’ home stadium at Modern Woodmen Park, or explore the National Center for Midwest Art and Design as well.

Schools in Davenport

Davenport has spared no expense with its schools, and is dedicated to investing in its residents’ education. Examples of some of the best include the West, North and Central high Schools, the Wood, Williams, Walcott, Sudlow and Smart Middle Schools, and elementary schools like Monroe, McKinley, Madison, Jefferson, Jackson, Hayes, Harrison, Garfield, Fillmore, Eisenhower and Buffalo. Colleges and universities in and around Davenport include the Chiropractic School at Palmer College, Hamilton Technical College, Kaplan University and Saint Ambrose University – which was founded in 1882.

Why Davenport?

There are plenty of nice Davenport, IA mobile homes for sale, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be happy there. Davenport is doing well for itself, and clearly seems to be on the way up. Property prices seem to be on the rise throughout the Quad City metro area, so at least it would probably be a good investment. The key is whether you and your family like the city, though.


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