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The State of Iowa is honestly one of the most underrated.

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Between 2 Rivers

And you know what, no pushing, considering its beautiful location between the two great rivers—Missouri and the Mississippi; and the fact that it is among the states where property is cheapest;land for sale in Iowa would be a good thing to consider whether you have investment motives in mind, are in need of agricultural land or are just seeking to set up a residential development.

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Things to Do in Iowa

Some people do not care much about things to do when looking for land to buy in a new state. This, however, is one of the most important considerations. I mean, you cannot always be locked in the house; as humans, we need extra and external activities to make us feel alive and enjoy life. Luckily, despite being a small silent state, Iowa has lots of opportunities for a range of outdoor activities to engage in.

Firstly, being surrounded by two big rivers, Iowa is where to live if you love fishing. And if seeking other aquatic expeditions and recreational activities, including boating, surfing, and more, you'd find water masses such as those Prairie Pothole Lakes in the northwest quite useful. Therefore, holiday junkies and beach lovers should consider northwest Iowa land for sale to get a taste of the scenic beach fronts. Likewise, investors in the hospitality sector would make a kill by putting up holiday homes such as water lodges and log cabins among other lakeside recreational spots and getaways. The good thing is there are support programs to help finance property acquisition such as recreational land loans Iowa.

Iowa is one of the country's top destinations for hunting big white-tailed deer. Iowa deer hunting land for sale would thus be a good investment for hunting enthusiasts.

But perhaps, now that the state is renowned farmland, maybe you'd want to be part of the revolutionary legacy it has since created as the country's leading producer of hog and corn. So if you are seeking to try your hands in agriculture, Iowa is the place. In a few rounds of scouting in the upcountry checking on land prices, you should come across offerings for Iowa farmsteads to rent or buy. And they are cheap, by the way. You may also qualify for the free land giveaways which is a program put up by the state to woo investors.

History of Iowa

History of Iowa

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A swift glance at the history of Iowa reveals a rather interesting past. "Iowa" itself comes from the ericaceous Indian tribe identified with the same name. Having been declared a state on December 28, 1846, Iowa became the 29th official state of the US.

Notably, its first inhabitants were Paleo-Indians, who are considered the earliest ancestors of all Native Americans. In retrospect, it seems like the entire US started in Iowa. While the Paleo Indians and other inhabitants of the state are generally the state's original inhabitants, the supposed "discovery" in 1673 by French explorers Louis Jolliet and Jacques Marquette, gives them credit as among the first Europeans to reach it and with their arrival came civilization that consumed the Natives Americans’ ways, paving way for a new social order.

French Europeans later became the new owners of the land, leading to a somewhat jumbled up cultural space consisting of both the French and Native American traditions that have come together in a sophisticated interplay in what can be seen in present day artifacts, traditions and the general way of the life of Iowans.

Over the years, the state of Iowa has continuously evolved and grown into what it presently is, and as such, its history continues to be written. With a rather ethnically composite past, Iowa is indeed diverse though whites are the majority. Therefore, people seeking to buy land in Iowa should expect a white-dominated society, but as implied, the communities are ethnically mixed up.

Some of the most diverse cities in Iowa include Storm Lake, Denison, and Marshalltown, thus Iowa land in communities around such places would be racially mixed up but land in places like Manchester, Vinton and Winterset would predominantly be white inhabited.

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Land for sale in Iowa

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Notable Landmarks in Iowa

Notable Landmarks in Iowa

Iowa Climate Risk


Hail risk

High risk


Wind risk

High risk


Tornado risk

High risk


Air pollution risk

Medium risk


Total weather risk

Low risk


Earthquake risk

Low risk


Hurricane risk

Low risk

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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