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Before we talk about condos for sale, Connecticut is a fascinating topic all its own. What do you imagine when someone mentions Connecticut?

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Things To Consider When Looking For Connecticut Condos

 Do you think of the autumn leaves ablaze with color? Do you think of quaint downtowns with buildings that date from the 1800s, or even earlier? Do you think of all the benefits of big city, East Coast living without the staggering cost of living in cities like Boston or New York? 

You’ll find all of that in Connecticut, and more. But that’s only half of what is driving the surge in interest in condos for sale in Connecticut that we’re seeing these days. The most important factor is probably the amazing quality of life Connecticut residents report. After all, if a Connecticut condo didn’t represent a better way of life for you and perhaps your family, why would you be looking at condos in Connecticut at all?

Let’s look into all of these factors in a bit more detail, and try to get a sense of what living in Connecticut would be like.  

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Things to Do in Connecticut

Tourism is a big deal in Connecticut, and has been for more than a century. One of the things driving the demand for condos for sale Connecticut is their potential as holiday homes and Airbnb-style moneymakers. There is plenty to do here, and many condos for sale in Connecticut within easy reach of amazing activities.  

Connecticut Condo Insurance

Condos for sale in Connecticut aren’t hard to find, so there are plenty of specialist condo insurance providers as well. Like anywhere, competition keeps prices down and salesmen honest. That means a condo in Connecticut will probably end up being insured at a lower cost than in many other areas.

History of Connecticut

History of Connecticut

Connecticut is a part of the region we know as New England. It was settled with the first few waves of English colonists, and its location at the extreme south of the region gives it better weather than most of the other New England states. That is probably one reason “condos for sale Connecticut” is trending as much in NYC as it is in Kansas City or Green Bay. 

The story of Connecticut begins with its name, derived from a phrase which means “upon the long tidal river” in the language of the local Mohegan-Pequot people. However, the region had been settled for millennia by the time the Mohegan-Pequot named it. Archeologists say that people have been living in the region we now call Connecticut for 10,000 years, and probably longer.

The Dutch first arrived in what would become Connecticut in 1614. Of course, there were no condos for sale in Connecticut at the time. The Dutch traded for furs with the native peoples, a pursuit which took them all along the Connecticut River. In time, they built a permanent trading fort in what we now know as Hartford. 

The first colonists arrived from England in 1633. They landed and began building at Windsor. Massachusetts sent colonists south, setting up in 1635, and a large body of Puritans from England settled what would become the Connecticut Colony at Hartford in 1636. By 1644, another group of English colonists had arrived at what would become Haven.

Though “Puritans” have long been associated with the state, they were hardly the first colonists, nor the last. In modern times, Connecticut has become committed to a much more modern way of life. The state is heavily invested in the development of culture and the arts, and it strived to be a model for inclusivity and progressive tolerance. 

For instance, Connecticut was among the very first states in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. It is making great strides to better integrate the LGBTQ+ community, and as well as other historically excluded groups. This is no doubt contributing to the spike in interest in Connecticut condos as well.

History of Connecticut

How Crowded is Connecticut?

How Crowded is Connecticut?

Connecticut is not one of the “huge” states – it is only 4,849 square miles, not counting lakes and rivers. However, all of that land is well-managed, and plenty of forest and open space allows its residents to “spread out” a bit. Even in the heart of a city, you’re never all that far from a nature trail or a park. That is probably another reason why condos for sale Connecticut tops search terms – everyone wants to feel like they can get out into nature to blow off steam. 

In the end, the land and water that compose Connecticut have produced a state with all the convenience of East Coast living, but without the crowding or staggering costs you’ll find farther north. Even in the most built-up areas, condos for sale in Connecticut might cost half what they would in New York City. Depending on just where you settle down, the total cost of living in Connecticut is between 14% and 48% lower than it is in, say, Boston. No wonder condos in Connecticut are selling like hotcakes.

How Crowded is Connecticut?

Nearby Colleges 

Nearby Colleges 

The state of Connecticut is famed for its educational system. It got its first university while New England was still a colony of Old England, and there is plenty of “Ivy League” energy in its high schools and colleges as well. Condos for sale in Connecticut often go to people interested in raising a family here to take advantage of that, as in-state tuition to a state school is massively lower than out-of-state tuition. Condos in Connecticut are also popular for students living alone or young couples, for the same reason. So, let’s look at a few of the state’s best colleges and universities. 

 The University of Connecticut is one of the top state schools in the nation. It enrolls around 19,000 undergraduate students every year, and because it is a state school, residents get a big tuition break. The University of Connecticut is considered the 63rd best US university, out of a field of many thousand schools. 

 Quinnipiac University is located in picturesque Hamden. As a smaller, private university, Quinnipiac enrolls just under 7,000 undergrad students each year. It takes 148th place among all US universities and colleges, and offers a wonderful university experience by all accounts. With lots of nearby condos for sale, Quinnipiac University is a great choice for young, eager students (or their parents).

 Yale University has headed the list of top colleges in the region since it was the only college in the region, back in the 1700s. Though a globally famous research institution, Yale enrolls less than 5,000 undergraduates a year. This lets them provide what they call a “small college experience” as well as a truly first-class education. 

Nearby Colleges 

Top Reasons to Buy Connecticut Condos

Top Reasons to Buy Connecticut Condos

While there might be thousands of condos for sale in Connecticut in any given year, that isn’t a good enough reason to attract people the way this state does. The way of life here is really indescribable, and you should try to experience a little of it before actually shopping for condos in Connecticut. For example, hare the top 5 reasons people tell us they moved to Connecticut:

·     The vibrant local culture may be the top reason. There is just so much to do in Connecticut. State parks, state forests, boating, water sports, fishing, camping, hiking or just picnics in the local park, you’ll never be stuck with nothing exciting to do. 

·     Real estate investors love the state as well. While relatively low-cost land or condos in Connecticut are common, it is also a great place to find the kind of multi-million dollar properties that increase in value year after year.

·     Connecticut’s rich history is another thing that brings people in from all over the country and all over the world. So much of the state’s last 400 years of history is so beautifully preserved, too. 

·     Connecticut also has some of the country’s best schools, and the sheer quality of the elementary, high school, and university education you can get here brings students and people eager to raise families.  

·     Finally, Connecticut is beautiful all year around. People tell us that one of the things that “closed the deal” for them was the fact that summers are warm, autumns are absolutely spectacular, the winter is picturesque and perfect for mountain sports, and the spring is cool and exciting.

Top Reasons to Buy Connecticut Condos

Where Can I Find New Condos in Connecticut?

Where Can I Find New Condos in Connecticut?

Virtually every location in Connecticut is experiencing growth at the moment, and the number of Connecticut condos for sale is soaring. Connecticut condos are being fitted into existing buildings in the center of town, and purpose-built Connecticut condo buildings are springing up wherever land is available. 

Even a quick skim of the listings will turn up condos for sale in Southington Connecticut, condos for sale in Bridgeport Connecticut, condos for sale in Norwalk Connecticut, condos for sale in Stamford Connecticut, condos for sale in Newhaven Connecticut, and just about everywhere else in the state you might want to live. Indeed, if you are looking for condos for sale, Connecticut is a great place to start.

Where Can I Find New Condos in Connecticut?

Condos in Connecticut

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Notable Landmarks In Connecticut

Connecticut Frequently Asked Questions
Connecticut Frequently Asked Questions

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