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Where Can I Buy A Mobile Home in Bridgeport, CT?

Located in southwestern Connecticut, Bridgeport is a seaport city on the north shore of Long Island South and at the mouth of the Pequannock River. The city has a population of around 149,000, according to the 2020 census, and is the seat of Fairfield County. It is the most populated city in Connecticut and the fifth most populated city in the whole of New England.

Bridgeport, and numerous other settlements in Fairfield County, create the Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk-Danbury metropolitan statistical area. This is the second-largest metropolitan area in Connecticut. The Bridgeport-Stamford-Norwalk-Danbury metropolis creates part of the New York megacity, which is also known as the Tri-State city area.


Long before anyone thought about buying a mobile home in Bridgeport, the advantageously positioned harbor city was used by the early settlers as a hub for farming, fishing, whaling and shipbuilding. Since the region was first a settlement in 1659, it has been known under a variety of different names. Until 1695 it was called Pequannock, when it changed to Fairfield Village and then later Stratfield due to its proximity to the neighboring towns of the same name. In the 19th century, during the American Revolution, the area was a center of privateering and in 1800 the borough of Bridgeport was officially chartered. It was then that “Bridgeport” was called such to honor the first drawbridge that was erected over the river in 1800. Bridgeport was later incorporated as a town in 1821, but it wasn’t until 1836 that the city was chartered. Following the opening of a railroad in 1840, the industrial center of the city grew as carriages, brass and cast iron fittings, sewing machines, tools, saddlery and ammunition were made. By the 1930s, the community had established close to 500 manufacturing firms and, to this day, Bridgeport maintains its manufacturing center which produces electrics, transportation equipment, plastics and machine tools. In 1881, the area was built upon by a showman, resident and town mayor of the city named P T Barnum. He built four houses where his traveling circus was housed and he continued his improvements to the city by establishing the Bridgeport Hospital. The city’s Barnum Museum is open to the public and still exhibits collections of colorful circus memorabilia in his honor. Bridgeport’s city flag was created in 1936 for a centennial commemoration event. It is similar to many other city flags with its dark blue field and Old English lettering above and below the central seal. The top reads the “City of Bridgeport” with “Connecticut” spelt out below. The seal portrays a view of the city’s economic and civic life. It was designed in 1873 and each aspect of the design bears meaning to the city of Bridgeport. The anvil, cogwheel and hammer represent the city’s industry. The bridge symbolizes the first drawbridge over the Pequannock River. The Cornucopia signifies wealth, and lastly, the sailing ship highlights the area’s maritime commerce. Those looking to invest in a mobile home in Bridgetown should consider the various neighborhoods and parks available depending on their priorities and lifestyle. There are options for both budget and luxury accommodation, over 55’s, coastal and inland mobile homes.

Things to do in Bridgeport

Before you decide on whether to buy a mobile home in Bridgeport, consider the amenities that will be nearby in the city and in the surrounding countryside. Known as the Park City, it makes sense that outside spaces would be top of the list of things to do.

Seaside Park combines the two most notable aspects of Bridgeport and provides visitors with a green space by the water. With plenty of parking, sandy areas to spread out and grills for the public to use, it’s a favorite with families and other groups too.

Other city center parks include Ellsworth, West End and Riverfront and they all offer well-maintained grounds and facilities to increase the enjoyment of city life for both residents and visitors.

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Map showing Bridgeport


Anyone interested in buying a mobile home in Connecticut should be aware of Bridgeport’s advantageous geographic location. The seaport city is situated in Fairfield County, at the mouth of the Pequannock River, on the Long Island Sound. Only 60 miles from Manhattan and 40 miles from The Bronx, Bridgetown is a central city in Southwestern Connecticut. The coastal city has an attractive seafront advantage, with an impressive harbor and port.

Bridgeport demographics

Bridgeport is Connecticut’s largest city, with a population that increased by 3.1% in the decade between the 2010 and 2020 census. From a total of 144,229 that increased to 148,654 people, this is a significant growth in population which displays the popularity of the picturesque and historic coastal community.

Bridgeport is very close to the US average for all cities in regard to residents achieving college educations. Approximately 22% of the city’s inhabitants over the age of 25 have achieved a qualification at college, with nearly 19% possessing a bachelor’s or advanced degree.

In 2018, the average income per capita in Bridgeport was just over $24,000. This sits in the lower middle in comparison to the rest of the US and this is due to the diversity of the city and its residents.

Arts in Bridgeport

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

There are plenty of arts and entertainment options in and around Bridgeport, CT so it is not surprising there is so much interest in mobile homes in the area. Anyone spending time in the city should make sure they have time set aside to explore the cultural anchors located in Downtown Bridgeport.

The newly renovated Bijou Theater, the Downtown Cabaret Theater, the Barnum Museum, the City Lights Gallery and the Housatonic Museum of Art are all worthy of a visit. McLevy Green is also the site of a variety of cultural events such as the Bridgeport Arts Fest, Downtown Thursdays and the Holiday Tree and Menorah Lighting.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Bridgeport

Before you buy a mobile home in Bridgeport, Connecticut have a think about what the schools in the various neighborhoods are like. The Superintendent of Schools has commented on Bridgeport’s public school system, which happens to be the largest in Connecticut, and how much impact the recent improvements have had on the appeal of living in the city. The city’s public school system is varied and offers 30 elementary schools, three comprehensive and two alternative programs. Bridgeport also has a selection of higher education facilities. These include The University of Bridgeport, Fairfield University, St Vincent’s College and the Housatonic Community College. Depending on the student’s requirements, a variety of different education options are on offer. Bridgeport has a variety of distinctive neighborhoods which are divided into five different geographic areas. The city offers potential buyers plenty of choice when looking to buy mobile homes in Bridgeport, CT. Downtown Benefitting from recent upgrades, Downtown Bridgeport offers new residents an inviting and exciting area to call home. The neighborhood is also the location of the majority of the city’s arts and entertainment. East Side Across the Pequannock River from Downtown Bridgeport is the east Side neighborhood of the city. This area is made very easily accessible as it’s dissected by the I-95 and the Amtrak/Metro-North railway line. This area is also home to the Pembroke City Historic District which is included on the National Register of Historic Places. North End North End is lucky enough to boast many areas of parkland which would make it an ideal neighborhood for a family to consider living. St Vincent’s Medical Center is also in this district which is great for both employment and amenities. South End Between Cedar Creek and Long Island Sound is the south End neighborhood of Bridgeport. The area is lucky enough to be located on a peninsula of land with views of both Pleasure Beach and the Port of Bridgetown in the east End. West Side The West Side of Bridgeport is split between both residential and industrial uses yet is still blessed enough to offer views of Seaside Park. Bordering the Town of Fairfield and the Black Rock neighborhood, the I-95 also bisects this area of Bridgeport.

Why Bridgeport?

There are plenty of good reasons to buy or rent a mobile home in Bridgeport. The relaxed and laid back coastal culture means a lot to the people who end up living there, and the strong economy is a big draw for people from all over the country. However, only you can decide if you would enjoy living in a mobile home in Bridgeport.


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