rio rancho new mexico
rio rancho new mexico

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Condo Rio Rancho, NM

The city of Rio Rancho takes a different path of growth and development compared to many other cities in the United States. It's also among the youngest and the fastest growing cities with an impressive brief history. It was incorporated as a city in 1981.

Within this short period, the city has risen to rank among the country's fifty best cities to live in. This modern city is recognized for its outstanding public schools and low crime rates. With this optimistic outlook, it's easy to see why many people want to buy a condo (Rio Rancho, NM).

The city is very gladly moving with the tides. If you attend the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta that takes place in October, you’ll appreciate the city's adoption of modern characteristics. The event makes great use of hot air balloons to bring fun to locals and tourists. In every way, the city of Rio Rancho is absolutely ready for the future.

Here is a brief history of this young city.



new mexico history

Most of the land, which is now Rio Rancho, was part and parcel of the Town of Alameda Grant. This town was established by Spanish colonists in 1710. The United States acquired it in 1848 after winning against Mexico in the Mexican-American War. In the early 20th century, there was a massive subdivision and selling of the land to investment companies such as the San Mateo Land Company. The most notable land sale, however, came in 1960 when the American Real Estate and Petroleum Corporation (AMREP) purchased over 55,000 acres of land in 1961. This marked the beginning of the modern transformation of Rio Rancho. The construction of model homes began in 1962. The years that followed attracted accelerated growth of Rio Rancho, and in 1966, the 100th family settled in. The population continued to rise steadily, hitting about 5,000 people in 1977. With an additional 35,000 acres that AMREP had purchased in 1971, the city of Rio Rancho now had a wider geographical coverage than its neighbor, Albuquerque. By the time it was being incorporated in 1981, it had recorded a population of about 10,000. A major milestone occurred when Intel Corporation set up a plant at Rio Rancho. AMREP had sold the company 160 acres of prime industrial land at a considerably discounted price. Intel is the largest producer of chips, and its impact on the city of Rio Rancho has been incredible. Hewlett Packard (HP) set up operations here in 2009, boosting job sources in Rio Rancho. Encouraging technology companies to set up here has been among the deliberate steps taken by the city to uplift its status. The city made significant transformation in the 1990s as it gained more self-sufficiency. Rio Rancho acquired the Water and Wastewater Utility and set up its school district. More businesses came in as public/private partnerships were enhanced with incentives that included industrial revenue bonds.

new mexico history

Things to do in Rio Rancho

Things to do in Rio Rancho

new mexico things to do

The city of Rio Rancho might just be shaping its future, but it certainly has a lot to offer for your enjoyment at any given time.

Hot Air Balloon at A Park Above
A Park Above is one space that offers limitless choices for outdoor activities. Riding the hot air balloons should most certainly be on top of the list.

There are lots of things here, including water splash, slides for the kids, musical instruments, and even a basketball court. This is one place of leisure that has deeply captured the imagination of locals and tourists alike.

The Acequia Winery and Vineyards
The settlers who set foot in this region, including the French, Italian, and Spaniards, left a winery culture that continues to thrive. The public can witness some of this goodness by participating in tastings at the Acequia Winery and Vineyards on various days of the week.

J&R Vintage Autos
For automobile lovers, the J&R Vintage Autos will be totally impressive. Gab and Evonna Joiner started the museum in 1995 with their own collection of vintage cars. It has now grown into one of Rio Rancho's best places to visit.

new mexico things to do

Unreal condos in Rio Rancho, NM

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Map showing Rio Rancho


The city lies on approximately 105 square miles of land along with the Middle Rio Grande Valley. It borders Albuquerque to the south, San Ana Pueblo to the north, Corrales village to the east, while its western boundary has Rainbow Boulevard and the Calabacillas Arroyo. The city sits in the Albuquerque Basin within the Grande Rift. The city's elevation ranges between 50 to 1000 ft above the Rio Grande floodplain. The Grande Rift is generally a main physical feature originating from the Colorado border and passing through Las Cruces and New Mexico. The landscape of Rio Rancho is also defined by hills such as Loma Duran, Loma Machete, and Picuda Peak. The city has an arid climate and receives low rainfall of about 8.90 inches annually. Summers in Rio Rancho witness between 62°F to 91°F, while winter temperatures range between - 23°F to 49°F.

Rio Rancho demographics

Rio Rancho demographics

new mexico demographics

As a young city, Rio Rancho has attracted and elicited the nation's interest. It is the largest city in New Mexico, holding a population of about 102,766. The city is now growing at about 1.18%. This population has cumulatively grown by 17.42% since 2010

In this rapidly growing city, poverty levels have remained admirably low, retaining at 9.5%. Households record about $79,720 annual income, while the average rental cost per month is $1,167. Although the first people to settle in Rio Rancho in the 1960s were retirees, today, the population's median age here is 38.4 years.

This city is unique in many ways, and the population is part of what's driving its growth at a super speed. It's nicknamed the City of Vision, and every effort is being made to bring the vision to life. Rio Rancho, NM, has great potential with all factors remaining constant. It's undoubtedly among cities in the United States that will shape the next decade.

new mexico demographics

Arts in Rio Rancho

Arts in Rio Rancho

new mexico arts

Arts, history, and science are evolving with equal measure as the city expands in its infrastructure. If you visit this city, you will have incredible moments engaging in several fun and learning activities.

The city of Rio Rancho is at the heart of New Mexico, north of Albuquerque. This gives visitors and locals the opportunity to travel by any means they desire; bus, car, or plane. It's a welcoming place that's quickly becoming a model city to be emulated across the globe.

International Balloon Museum
You can start off with a visit to the International Balloon Museum. It's purely a unique experience as you get to learn the historical, artistic, and scientific aspects of this highly acclaimed adventure. If you thought hot air balloon development was too recent to fill a museum, you better visit the International Balloon Museum.

Painted Soul Pottery
One of the best artistic places in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, certainly got to be the Painted Soul Pottery. It's an art studio where you literally get a chance to paint your pottery. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to have fun and create a memory to outlive you. You choose a piece of ceramic, decide on a suitable decoration, then proceed to execute it.

Art galleries in Rio Rancho are plenty, spread all over the city. Title Mountain, Hamster Age Photography, and Bean Street Studio make just a handful of the many you can visit. The existence of such institutions has attracted locals and immigrants who are now buying condos in Rio Rancho for easy and comfortable living.

new mexico arts

Schools in Rio Rancho

Schools in Rio Rancho

The city is recognized for its modern and quality education. Schools such as Martin Luther King Jr., Elementary Enchanted Hills, Vista Grande, and Sandia Vista will help lay your child's foundation. The Independence High School, Rio Rancho High School, and Sue Cleveland are among many high schools to cater to students' desires. This emerging city has a few colleges to cater to those seeking to advance their education. However, the neighboring city of Albuquerque hosts more institutions of higher learning, making it an equally important option for people Rio Rancho residents. The National American University-Rio Rancho, San Juan College, and Central New Mexico Community College are of great service to the people of Rio Rancho.

new mexico schools

Why Rio Rancho?

Why Rio Rancho?

new mexico why

The city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is a good translation of a big vision into reality. From a small community in the 1960s to a thriving and rapidly growing population today, Rio Rancho is ready for whatever the future presents.

Established companies and startups have found their space in Rio Rancho and have contributed significantly to the city's growth. Technology companies such as HP, Intel, and T-Mobile have had a huge impact on the city's living standards. The service industry is held strongly by companies such as Bank of America, Starbucks, and Mcdonald's.

Affordable housing, strategic location within New Mexico, a low crime rate as well as a quality school system are some of the characteristics that continue to make Rio Rancho attractive. A young family looking for a condo - Rio Rancho, NM, will feel very comfortable here. A single professional settling down for life will be at home here, as will be a retiree.

new mexico why

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