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Thinking of Moving to one of the Twin cities? Why not move to the state's Capital, St. Paul? St. Paul is the more laid back and less expensive half of the famous twin cities. The city has enjoyed a massive increase in its population in recent years due to a thriving economy and top-rated schools.


The history of St. Paul can be traced to the 17th century, when the Mdewakanton Dakota first inhabited its territory. The Dakota named the territory Inniza-Ska (meaning "white cliffs") due to the white sandstone cliffs on the eastern side of the river. Upon the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, Zebulon Pike, a United States Army Lieutenant, negotiated approximately 100,000 acres of land from the Dakota to build a fort in 1805. A military reservation was planned for the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers on both sides of the Mississippi. Lieutenant Pike also intended for a second military reservation to be built at the confluence of the Mississippi and the St. Croix rivers. Fort Snelling was built at the Mississippi and Minnesota confluence in 1819, while the 1837 Treaty ceded all tribal lands east of the Mississippi to the United States government. The presence of Fort Snelling made the area a popular abode for explorers, fur traders, and settlers who were looking to take advantage of the city's security. The flourishing of whiskey trading among the settlers led to the fort's commander evicting them from the fort's reservation. However, they didn't leave, creating a community close to the fort named Pig's Eye. Minnesota Territory was established in 1849, with St. Paul chosen as the capital. By 1858, St. Paul had become the capital gateway for settlers to the Dakota Territory or Minnesota frontier, with over 1,000 steamboats servicing the city. However, the city's rapid growth was brought to a halt by severe tornadoes and thunderstorms, which damaged hundreds of downtown buildings and destroyed other properties worth millions of dollars.

Things to do in St. Paul

Make the Best of Winter

While residents of many other cities would stay indoors or try to keep warm during winter, St. Paul's residents aren't deterred from outdoor activities. Many residents go snowboarding or downhill skiing at Como Park Ski Center, otherwise known as Mounty Como. They offer snowboard and ski rentals, so it's not a must you own one before you can join the fun. Don't miss the 130-year-old Winter Carnival, which attracts about 300,000 visitors annually and features activities such as two parades and a Securian Financial Winter Run. The Securian Financial Winter Run entails events like a dogsled race, treasure hunt, and a kids' day. While at the festival, you should also check out the Winter Carnival Global Market. It is an international themed marketplace where you can buy food and crafts from all over the world.
Visit Parks

St. Paul is home to excellent parks, just like its twin city neighbor Minneapolis. Explore the bike paths, hop on a riverboat cruise, or enjoy an excellent view of the twin cities skyline at Harriet Island. You can also ride your bike, go fishing, or visit the zoo and conservatory, at the spacious Como Park. Go on a walk along the riverbank at Raspberry Island Regional Park. Another popular park in the city is the Mississippi National River and Recreational Area, which offers excellent sports in St. Paul for bicycling, canoeing, boating, hiking, and fishing.
Watch a Match

St. Paul is an excellent city for sports lovers as it is home to three professional sports teams. It's no surprise that the Minnesota Wild, which competes in the National Hockey League, is the residents' favorite team as hockey is almost a way of living in St. Paul. They play their home matches at the Xcel Energy Center between October and May. Make sure you enjoy pre-match dinner and drinks at Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Club on game nights. Minnesota United competes in the Major League Soccer and plays their home games at Allianz Field, while the female hockey team Minnesota Whitecaps plays at the Tria Rink. The city’s baseball team, St. Paul Saints, plays at the CHS Field.
Checkout CHS Field

The CHS Field at Broadway Street doesn't need a home game from the Saints before it comes alive. The stadium hosts plenty of events that attract thousands of visitors annually. You can participate in an over 6000 persons pillow fight and the world's largest food fight at the field. About 8,000 fans took part in a food throwing tribute on its 40th anniversary. If you love beer, do not miss the Beer Dabbler event, where you can sample over 450 beers. You can also attend Cat Video Festival, concerts, or movie nights on the field.

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Map showing St. Paul


St. Paul is situated in east-central Minnesota. The city is bordered by Minneapolis to the west, together forming the twin cities. The twin cities' metropolitan area is the largest conurbation in Minnesota and the United States. The city's largest lake is the Pig's Eye Lake.

St. Paul demographics

Saint Paul, popularly abbreviated as St. Paul, is the capital of Minnesota and the county seat of Ramsey County. It has a population of 311,527, making it the second most populous city in Minnesota and the 63rd most populated in the United States. It is also the 11th most populous in the Midwest. St. Paul is home to 110,782 households and has a population density of 5,993 people per square mile. The city has a diverse population, with Whites being the dominant race, making up 48.8% of the population. Asians, Blacks or African Americans, and Hispanics or Latinos make up 19.2%, 16.5%, and 9.7%, respectively.

St. Paul has excellent housing value and a great standard of living, making it the more affordable half of the twin cities. St. Paul's cost of living is lower than Minneapolis's and the state average. St. Paul's median home value is $178,400, which is lower than that of Minneapolis at 212,800 and less than the national average.

Arts in St. Paul

St. Paul's vibrant art and entertainment scene ensures you will never run out of places to explore. Make your way to the city's oldest theater, the Fitzgerald Theater on East Exchange Street. Watch live musicals from the likes of The Magnetic Fields and Aimee Mann at the city's oldest theater. See Broadway productions like Waitress, Rent, or Beauty and the Beast at Ordway Center for Performing Arts. Experience the roller derby and many other concerts at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium on West Kellogg Boulevard.

Interested in music shows from local artists? Head to Studio Z on East Fourth Street. Prefer shows in smaller and community atmospheres? Check out the Grand Oak Opry, which offers summer events in their backyard while winter events occur in several other local venues.

Thought that was all? Not nearly. St. Paul is also home to numerous top-rated museums you need to check out. See unique fossils and ancient artifacts or watch a movie in the Omni-theater at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Laugh at goofy instruments and novelties invented by scientists at the Museum of Questionable Devices. Explore preserved local railroad, streetcar, and bus history at the Minnesota Transportation Museum. Go to the Minnesota Museum of American Art to see over 5,000 pieces of art, including the works of Kyle Fokken, Sherin Guirguis, Lionel Murphy, and many more. Visiting with your family? Head to a family-friendly museum-like Minnesota Children's Museum, which features exhibits like Earth World and Habitot, and World Works. Its biggest attraction is the Rooftop ArtPark, where children can produce art in an outdoor gallery.

Schools in St. Paul

Buying land with the intention of grabbing a degree? St. Paul is home to numerous higher institutions, including Concordia University, ranked among the top colleges for adult learners. It offers online and in-learning courses. Looking for a bigger school? Check out the University of St. Thomas, a private school with a student body of 10,000. It is ranked as the best in terms of law school externships and second-best for Midwest art history programs. Bethel University is liberal art higher institution that offers over 100 undergraduate and graduate degrees, and several study abroad programs. There is also the University of Minnesota which is shared with neighboring Minneapolis. The University of Minnesota is among the country's top 20 universities and top 10 public research universities.

Why St. Paul?

What Are You Waiting For?

While less flashy compared to the other half of the twin cities, St. Paul is a beautiful and affordable city that will give you access to almost everything its neighboring Minneapolis offers but at a much lower cost. The city's many things to do and entertainment options will ensure you never get bored in the city.


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