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Photo of Huntsville Alabama Skyline


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Why As A Land Buyer You Should Consider Montgomery As Your Investment Destination Of Choice

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It is almost inconceivable to visualize how what used to be a slavery stricken state would flourish and grow into an investment hub. Thinking that there was a time the institution of slavery in Alabama was its primary economic engine makes it hard to believe the state would at one time become a thriving polite society tolerant of diverse views and welcoming to people from all walks of life. Its capital, Montgomery, what used to be a major slave transitional point  is now a bustling city that continues to set the pace for racial integration, with a thriving property market. 

Land in Montgomery is in particular an area worthy looking at especially for investors. This is because it may not be possible to argue this day that any aspects in the state's history have been more contentious and critical to the people than those relating to the rights to use and own land. 

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Things to do in Alabama

Montgomery's history is steep, especially in regards to its role in civil activism. Thus, as would be expected, it is wrought with all manners of footprints that pay homage to the early civil rights movements and notable figures. Places where you'd enjoy such experiences include the Civil Rights Memorial Center and the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. Here you'll experience firsthand the exhibits of the lives of early martyrs whose quest for a freer America is the reason we enjoy the current fundamental freedoms and rights. 

Suppose you don't have much interest in history. In that case, you'd consider recreational engagements such as relaxing by the cold breeze at Riverfront Park, where you'd enjoy a peaceful time at the waterfront to reflect and recharge. 

You May also want to visit the Alabama Shakespeare Festival at the Carolyn Blount Theater to experience classical productions and amazing works of art. But if you don't feel like visiting the amphitheater and are craving a nature walk, you'd savor the green growth in the huge expanse of frondescence, taking your time going around, walking on trails, enjoying the lawns and the scenic ponds. 

In essence, when you buy land in Montgomery, to build a home or set up a commercial enterprise, you'd be sure that your days in this amazing county will always be fun-packed.

History in Alabama

History in Alabama

History in Alabama

In 1776, a bill was introduced in the state assembly to form Montgomery County. This was to be cut from the eastern part of Frederick County and was named after Richard Montgomery, an American Soldier who had died at the battle in Quebec. Situated in the south-central part of the state, Montgomery is Alabama's seat, with the city of Montgomery being the state's capital. Often referred to as the" cradle of the confederacy," the city is known to have served briefly as the first capital of the confederate states of America in 1861.

Having been incorporated in 1819 by merging two towns along the Alabama River (the New Philadelphia and East Alabama), Montgomery, Alabama's third-largest city and a strategic business hub, bustles with modern infrastructure, generating insanely high economic activity, making its land valuable like crazy. Owing to the demand, buying land in Montgomery County is a lucrative business, with investors always speculating increased prices over short times.

Without a doubt, the current Montgomery is different from what it used to be in the 90s. Going down the history lane, the county's prominent role in slavery is evident. In 1820, for instance, Alabama was home to some 41,879 slaves. In 1860, this number went up to 435,000, becoming the largest population of enslaved blacks in the Americas. In the same year, Montgomery had more slave trade joints than it did basic amenities like churches and eateries, thanks to the easy transport via the Alabama River and railroads. But currently, it is hard to believe that the county has evolved into a hypermodern metropolis enmeshed in fundamental freedoms and liberty. 

In the 80s through 90s, Montgomery's economy was greatly reliant on cotton production. Therefore, as an agrarian region from early times, Montgomery stressed the primacy of farming as its major source of livelihood and economy. As a result, property ownership was of great importance, with land being such a critical resource.

Agreeably, the ownership and use of land tended to be subversive in nature and within the constraints of draconian slavery ideals. Therefore, many minority groups never had equal freedoms compared to their white counterparts in terms of property ownership. But presently, Montgomery's land tenure systems are different and have evolved a great deal. With the reforms that have been initiated it has never been easier to acquire property not just in the county but across the state of Alabama.

According to the Montgomery land watch, currently, there are listings of hundreds of ranches, rural property, and hunting land for sale in Montgomery. The county ranks third in the state's 67 counties for the total land area available for disposal with more than $99 million worth of ranches and land up for grabs. The average listing price is $450,220. With so much value, Montgomery land for sale is something you'd bet your bottom dollar on. More interesting is Alabama ranks first in land-use freedom. This, coupled with exemplary land labor policies and fairly developed zoning regulations, make Montgomery land a worthy investment area. Perhaps this could be the reason real estate speculators are moving to the yellowhammer state in droves.

History in Alabama

Demographical data

Demographical data

Demographical data

With an overall freedom ranking of 28 (encompassing many things such as personal freedoms, economic freedoms, and land use freedoms), it is hard to imagine that there was a time back in history when blacks did not have freedom in Alabama. These people could not own property or vote and constantly worked in hostile work environments. Today, interestingly, some places in Alabama, such as Montgomery, which used to be the hub of such kind of subjugation, are quite free, with a majority of the residents being minority groups.

With a population of 228,954 people, Montgomery is Alabama's 5th most populated county. Blacks form the largest racial category at 59.3%, whites follow at 35.5, and Hispanics come third at 3.7%. Thus, when you buy land in Montgomery you’d expect the majority of the communities to be inter-racial but black-dominated. 

Demographical data




Montgomery is generally warm and humid due to its mid-latitude location and closeness to the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, it is common for the county to experience turbulent weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes at times. Otherwise, Montgomery is categorized as humid subtropical with long hot summers and short cold winters. The temperature varies from 35.8°F to 93°F throughout the year. The rainfall is sufficient (51 inches on average) compared to the national average of 38 inches per year.

With favorable weather and rich deep soils, Montgomery flaunts its prowess and strength in farming. If anything, it makes its mark by staying a few steps ahead of the state in terms of its commitment to crop and animal production. For instance, it boasts a whopping 405 acres in average farm size, which is twice Alabama's (about  206 acres). Farmland for sale in Montgomery is thus a booming business owing to the value that agriculture as a primary economic activity is accorded. 

A segment that has since remained so lucrative has been tree farming. Alabama continues to be a significant producer of forest products in the nation, which is why you are likely to come across the adage that "in Alabama, money does grow on trees." The nation's largest commercial wood supplying region in the south, with Alabama featuring prominently among the states that lead in timber production and logging. It takes the 5th position in the list of the most forested states, with the southeastern parts of the state (including Montgomery) harboring the most forest densities (70% or 6.4 million acres). 

Commercial timber production is thus a viable area of investment in Montgomery. 





Education is among the things that Montgomery County prioritizes, as evident in the enormous investment done in the sector. In early 2022 alone, the county allocated a colossal $519 million to be spent on infrastructure and operations in learning to ensure its 81 public schools (27 preschools, 32 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 10 high schools) are adequately resourced.  

Also in the county's schooling system are institutions of higher learning which have earned a position among the top in the nation, including Ambridge University, Alabama State University,  South University, and Faulkner University.


Top Three Reasons to buy land in Montgomery County

Top Three Reasons to buy land in Montgomery County

Top Three Reasons to buy land in Montgomery County

Land in Montgomery costs next to nothing, but because it is cheap it does not really mean it is low value. You are buying land in a megalopolis and the county's seat. You'd be perched right inside the hotbed of urban influence within proximity to all the fantastic amenities and facilities a super modern city would have.

As a socially conservative state with a dark past marred with pro-slavery ideals, Montgomery's freedom rankings have improved dramatically over the years, especially regarding property ownership and usage. The zoning policies are less restrictive and land tenure systems friendly making it one of the best places to buy property.

Montgomery presents as an affordable place to live in, thanks to the Alabama’s low tax rates. In 2020 for instance, taxation amounted to 8.2% of adjusted personal incomes (excluding severance and motor fuel tax). It would be as much as 12% and more in some states. 


If you are looking to buy land and are seeking a place where real property has high value, consider Montgomery in Alabama. The weather is fantastic, the soil fertile and deep, which makes its farmland value amazingly high. What is more, Montgomery has undergone an amazing transformation from what used to be a slave hub to a bustling investment powerhouse with a thriving property market, not to mention the peaceful and tolerant communities. Make that wise move today.

Top Three Reasons to buy land in Montgomery County

Land in Alabama

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Notable Landmarks In Alabama

Notable Landmarks In Alabama

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Alabama FAQs
Alabama FAQs

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