Park in Birmingham Alabama
Park in Birmingham Alabama


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Alabama is truly breathtaking. Between its rich history, mouth watering food, and beautiful scenery, you'd definitely fall in love with the urge to be part of the authentic Alabamian experience.

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Moving to Alabama

If you are thinking of moving to this wonderful state, by every means do. The economy is booming, and the cost of living is quite low. Truth be told, investing in the Peanut State wouldn't be a bad idea, and if you have plans for venturing into some form of long-term investment, Alabama land is the way to go.

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Things to Do in Alabama

At any time of the year, Alabama will always have a festival or an event to lighten up your moods. You can always engage in plenty of activities, so if you are planning on buying land in Alabama and are worried about your social fun life, worry no more. There is just so much to do, including but not limited to:

Nature trips, historical tours, especially in historical sites. Cultural, walking, and hiking tours.

History of Alabama

History of Alabama

Alabama History Mount Rushmore Dedication

The Spanish originally inhabited the Yellowhammer state during the 16th century. Before this, there were diverse indigenous people —the Chickasaw who settled in the Northwest areas and Cherokee in the Northeastern uplands. Choctaw were mainly found in the Southwest, and the Muskogee occupied the central and Southeastern regions of the state. Alabama was established as a separate territory in 1817; then later, in 1819, it was declared a state.

Before the Civil War, Alabama politics was majorly based on land policy, removal of the indigenous people, banking system, and slavery. Since the olden times Land in Alabama was a hotly contested issue with the value it was accorded making it one of the hard assets on high demand. During the 1840s and 1850s, industrial growth fired off, and this escalated investment in agriculture, with cotton production and processing taking center stage. And after attaining statehood in 1819, land became the crux of social, economic, and political discourse in Alabama, a trend that has since been carried over many years to this day. Needless to say, as an agrarian state from inception, Alabama accords a special value to land as a critical resource of production. To ensure its protection, the state has placed forth extensive policies and elaborate Alabama land laws covering financing, use, acquisition and sale of property. These have, in return, streamlined issues around land in Alabama.

Nonetheless, Alabama continues to rewrite its history and should be considered at a point of transition and growth in its economic, social, and political spaces.

Alabama History Mount Rushmore Dedication

Land for sale in Alabama

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Notable Landmarks in Alabama

Notable Landmarks in Alabama

Alabama Climate Risk


Tornado risk

High risk


Total weather risk

High risk


Hurricane risk

High risk


Air pollution risk

High risk


Hail risk

High risk


Wind risk

Medium risk


Earthquake risk

Low risk

Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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