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Are You Looking to Buy a Condo in Huntsville, Alabama?

Huntsville has established “The BIG Picture” – a three-strand planning initiative aiming to intensify the identity of the Huntsville community on both a local and regional level. The BIG Picture continually looks forward in terms of land usage, transportation and the local economy to ensure the continual development and growth of the city.


Located within Mississippi Territory, Huntsville was first founded in 1805, becoming an officially recognized town in 1811. Indigenous people lived here for thousands of years, and it was Muskogee-speaking tribes who first came across the early explorers and traders from Europe. Around 1300, the Chickasaw came east and settled in the area with the Choctaw settling to the west. Further east, the Iroquoian-speaking Cherokee, came from the Great Lakes. However, European settlers and traders brought new infectious and fatal diseases the tribes had no immunity against. The city continued to grow on the hills north of the Tennessee River, with textile mills established in the late nineteenth century. Much of the city’s growth occurred after World War II. Following the war, research was carried out on rockets for space exploration at the Redstone Arsenal (now the center for R&D, testing and engineering, and procurement for Army aviation and missile defense). This brought in NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, the United States Army Aviation, and Missile Command to Redstone, followed by the operational support headquarters for the FBI. Huntsville was designated as "America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2010” by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which has to be a big plus for those buying condos in Huntsville.

Things to do in Huntsville

Alabama's top paid tourist attraction, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and the world's largest space museum, is located in Huntsville. This is a place that is the absolute epitome of what STEM is all about.

Huntsville also offers plenty of opportunities to explore culture and history, including the U.S. Veteran's Memorial Museum, the hands-on Earlyworks Museum Complex aimed at the younger generation, the North Alabama Railroad Museum, and the Weeden House Museum and Garden.

There is also nature on show in the Huntsville Botanical Garden, described as “a true nature oasis” located in the heart of the city. As well as displays and trails in the abundant gardens, you’ll find annual botanical displays and seasonal festivals, as well as educational programs for everyone. The bird trail, garden railway, vegetable, and Four Seasons gardens are all very popular with residents and tourists alike.

This center houses the Nation’s largest open-air butterfly house, and you’ll find many waterfalls and ponds with incredible vegetation and wildlife to see.

For those who like to shop, Huntsville offers everything from locally-owned boutiques and specialty stores to national brands with everything in between, not forgetting one-of-a-kind makers markets. You'll also find several shopping centers and antique emporiums throughout the city. Perfect for the Huntsville condo owner.

You’ll also find that there is a terrific social scene in Huntsville, with a great variety of big facilities in an otherwise seemingly small community environment. Enjoy live music at Stovehouse, multiple entertainment options at MidCity, and thriving, yet otherwise very picturesque Downtown Huntsville square, with all it has to offer. Huntsville provides quiet lounges and bars, as well as energetic dance clubs. There has also been a craft beer revolution, with numerous breweries and brewpubs emerging, many featuring live music, and of course, high-quality drinks that reflect this beverage revolution.

Harmony Park Safari is a nature preserve, home to endangered and exotic animals, making it a unique experience with its beautiful waterfalls and antique buildings. You can tour in your own vehicle, keeping an eye out for alligators, buffalo, camels, rams, and zebras all that live there.

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Map showing Huntsville


Situated in the Tennessee River valley, with a total area of 220.9 square miles, Huntsville is partly surrounded by numerous large hills and plateaus, referred to by the locals as “their mountains." The Monte Sano ("Mountain of Health") Mountain to the east of the city is the most prominent with Chapman, Green Huntsville, and Round Top (Burritt) being the other majors. Huntsville Neighborhoods Athens Athens is to the west of Huntsville has a population of 25,922. It presents quite a light suburban feel and has numerous parks and very good local facilities. It attracts young, conservative professionals and the public schools here are highly rated. Harvest Harvest is a suburb to the northwest with a population of 5,819. Quite rural in aspect, it attracts families and young professionals. The public schools in Harvest are highly rated. Priceville Priceville is to the southwest of the city with a population of 3,475. Very much like Harvest, it’s fairly rural and similarly attracts families and young professionals with above-average schools. Moores Mill This neighborhood is located to the northeast of Huntsville with a population of 6,882 and offers residents a distinctly rural feel. The public schools here are highly rated. Meridianville Meridianville is a northern suburb of Huntsville with a population of 7,087 with plenty of green spaces and good local facilities. Madison Madison is a suburb to the west of Huntsville with a population of 49,327. It is surprisingly sparsely suburban and presents plenty of parks and open spaces for families and children. There are numerous facilities available for residents. Younger families and young professionals live here.

Huntsville demographics

The climate in Huntsville is described as humid subtropical, with hot, humid summers reaching 90 °F and quite mild winters as low as 49 °F.

The population of Huntsville is around 219,350, and it is the largest city in Alabama, ranking 114th in the United States. The average household income is $80,877, and the median population age is 36.9 years, 35.6 years for males, and 38.4 years for females.

According to the most recent American Community Survey, the racial composition of Huntsville is White 61.34%, African American 30.74%, mixed races 2.80%, Asian 2.60%, other race 2.02%, Native American 0.39%, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.10%.

Arts in Huntsville

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Arts and the sciences meet harmoniously in Huntsville, presenting plenty of creativity for residents. Not only the audiences but also the locals love the way Huntsville shows off local talent, while at the same time, attracting national exhibits and performances to the area. This proves that the technically orientated innovators don’t necessarily rule the roost.

Creatives from across the city are always welcome at Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment which is the largest, privately-owned center for the arts in the South. A superb mix and match of artists across the city from painters and designers to musicians and dancers, filmmakers and photographers, to dancers and actors are all welcome. The Broadway Theater League, Arts Huntsville, and the Huntsville Museum of Art (surrounded by the Big Spring Internal Park and with a permanent collection of over 3,000 items in seven galleries) also bring some of the art world’s biggest attractions to the city for all to enjoy. The Museum of Art also features art classes for all, young and old together with shopping and dining.

Across the city, you’ll find an artistic potpourri, from independent local productions to Broadway spectaculars, the 50-years-young Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, and North Alabama’s first professional ballet company, the Huntsville Ballet. You’ll also find plenty of outdoor art presented across the city in the “Spaces Sculpture Trail.”

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Huntsville

There are 120 preschools, 82 elementary schools, 41 middle schools, 29 high schools, 48 public district schools and 111 private schools in Huntsville. The top-scoring middle schools measured against national educational measures, with scores out of ten, are Mountain Gap (8) with 848 students, Challenger Middle School (8) with 501 students, Central School (8) with 764 students, Academy for Science and Foreign Language (7) with 556 students and Monrovia Middle School (7) with 991 students. Elementary schools include Mt Carmel Elementary School (10) with 548 students and Riverton Elementary School (9) with 466 students.

Why Huntsville?

The city has been named as one of the best for IT and high-tech jobs, and one of the most educated cities in the US. Schooling is first class, with city amenities that are second to none. Its suburbs, by and large, are open, green, and welcoming with facilities to match for residents of all ages. All combined, this makes Huntsville a great choice of city to consider buying a condo in.


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