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Have You Ever Thought Of Investing in a Prime Location For Tourism Activities and Manufacturing Companies? Well, Think No More. There Are Enough Reasons To Buy Land In Fayetteville, AR

Fayetteville is among the best places to invest in Arkansas. The city is a prime location for manufacturing and tech-based companies. The expanding economy and growing population present a potential for land appreciation in the long term. The city offers lots of activities you can do with your land investment to generate passive income. These include hunting leases, livestock and agricultural leases, mineral and water rights, and timber. Fayetteville is a city presenting the beauty of nature outside the windows of the cozy bungalow. The city is simply a fantastic tourist attraction. Make the best decision to buy land in Fayetteville, AR.


Fayetteville was initially named Washington Court House but later renamed Fayetteville in 1829. It received a city charter in 1859 and incorporated in 1836. In 1870, it was reincorporated as a town and established as a city in 1906. The city has evolved to become a major resort and agricultural area with food processing and farm-based industries. Besides, its industrial sector supplies the city with tools, clothing and aluminum products.

Things to do in Fayetteville

The list of the things you can do in Fayetteville is endless. Fayetteville has a lot to offer, from family-friendly activities to historic sites, exhilarating nightlife, and boutiques. It has an experience for different demographic groups. In fact, you may need to stay longer than planned to get a tip of the experience from the city culture and attractions.
You can get an amazing experience walking through the city's trails and parks. It has 70 parks with paved, natural trails of 40 miles and 3,000 acres of land for paradise lovers. For instance, you will have the best experience in Razorback Greenway if you are a cycling fanatic. It is a 36-mile paved mile, and you can easily access pubs, restaurants and cultural amenities while using the route.
You can also visit Lake Fayetteville, composed of 194 acres of water and 458 acres of land. The lake offers a plethora of recreational and fishing activities for outdoor enthusiasts. It also has various sections comprising the Veterans Memorial Park, North Shore Park, a Boat Dock and a disc golf course.
There are many places to dine when in the city. Bordinos, situated on Dickson Street, provides Italian dining, desserts, flights and wine. The customer services are impeccable, and the meals are of excellent quality and taste. You might want to eat from Mockingbird Kitchen, which will provide you with a seasonal menu developed from Ozark's fresh ingredients.
You can never miss something to do in the city at night. The hyper-energy heartbeat of the city, Dickson Street Entertainment District is filled with boutiques, galleries, comedy clubs, bistros, bars, restaurants, and Walton Arts Center. You can also have a night of fun at C4 Nightclub & Lounge, Sideways, Cork & Keg, Ryleigh's and 21st Amendment.

Unreal land in Fayetteville, AR

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Map showing Fayetteville


Fayetteville has a total area of 143 square kilometers. The city is centrally located in Washington County, Arkansas, along Interstate 49/US Route 71. It is the only wholly controlled access route via the area, replacing US 71B. Fayetteville's growth is thus attributable to its connection with Kansas City, Missouri, to the north and Fort Smith to the south. The city is situated in the Boston Mountains, a subsection of The Ozarks that run through Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Missouri and Northwest Arkansas. The Boston Mountains rocks were established when shales and sandstones were deposited on the Springfield Plateau top in the Pennsylvanian era. The southern part of the city is epitomized by the remnants of the deeply eroded Pennsylvanian sediments forming the steep Boston Mountains. The southern part of the city opens to the scenic country along the Boston Mountains Scenic Loop. The northern part is bordered by Johnson and Springdale. It is bordered by Farmington to the west and the undeveloped land in Washington County to the east. The city is also the namesake of the Fayetteville Shale. It is a geological formation that is now an epicenter of hydraulic fracturing. As a result, the city became a natural gas extraction center. Its strategic location makes it an ideal place for land investment.

Fayetteville demographics

Fayetteville has 86,622 residents from different ethnicities. Whites form the most significant proportion of the population at 79.73%, African Americans are 7.18%, Asians are 3.56%, Native Americans at 0.86%, and Pacific Islanders are 0.12%. Besides, 4.09% of the populace is epitomized by non-citizens, whereas the remaining proportion comprises residents born in the city. It implies that the city is expanding to accommodate residents from other regions. Hence, it is strategic to invest in a growing city to amass the first mover's benefits.
The average household income in the city is $67,191. The amount is sufficient to sustain people since the living costs are relatively low than the national average. Besides, the median rental expenses are $799 monthly, and the average house value is $207,600. It implies that houses are affordable in the city.
Investing in such a growing city with an increasing population is a lucrative deal. Here, you will relax and observe the appreciation of your land investments.

Arts in Fayetteville

The art and entertainment sectors are active and profitable to the city's economy since they attract tourists from different regions. The many entertainments and art options spread throughout the city offer endless hours of incredible cultural and delightful experiences. They vary from exhibitions, art galleries, sculptures and drawings. Besides, you will get entertained in the city's clubs, parks and theaters.
Public exhibitions and arts are evident throughout the city. You will catch an art glimpse in the Enjoy Local Wall, World Prayer Peace Fountain, and Harvesting the Winds of Change murals. Besides, Fenix Arts is also an excellent artistic place with organized pop-up shows and art exhibitions throughout the year. You can never get enough of the Terra Studios, which has an array of murals, sculpture gardens, fountains, fantasy creatures and sparkling glass. Be sure that Fayetteville is the hotbed of arts and entertainment.
Get entertainment in George's Majestic Lounge, which has been in operation since 1927. It is the ultimate venue for live music and hosts emerging local talents. Here, you will enjoy the sweet drinks and outstanding services and fantastic music from your favorite local artists. You can also not forget to visit the Six Twelve Coffeehouse & Bar. It is situated on Weddington and supports local arts, music and dance. You can never miss a joint to get entertained in the great Fayetteville.

Schools in Fayetteville

Education is a significant consideration when in the dilemma of where to invest. A city with good schools attracts investors from different regions. Besides, land in such areas appreciates at a higher rate than in remote places. Thus, considering a city with good amenities is great for your investment. Fayetteville is the real deal if you have been looking for a city with the best schools. The city has the finest institutions that you can enroll your children in and ensure they get the best grades in national exams. The schools range from elementary and high schools to universities. The elementary school in Fayetteville performs well. The best one is Willowbrook Elementary School, which has enrolled 857 students. The school has a 19:1 student-to-teacher ratio. Other well-performing elementary schools include Central Park at Morning Star and Bright Field Middle School. The high schools in the city are ranked based on their graduation rates, performance on state-required tests and students' preparation for college. Haas Hall Academy is among the best schools in the city. It has a graduation rate of more than 95%, with a college readiness of over 96. It is followed by Bentonville High School and Fayetteville High School East. If you are looking to further your education, you should consider Fayetteville State University. This is one of the few institutions that offer robust and innovative degree programs founded in the liberal arts. The Methodist University is also a notable private institution in the region.

Why Fayetteville?

The fact that Fayetteville's economy is growing makes it the best destination for land investments. The average household income is higher than the national average, implying that the people's living standards are high. Besides, the city is the hub of tourism activities attracting visitors from different regions. You will access the best schools and hospitals in the city at affordable rates. Surprisingly, the schools around have contributed significantly to the growth of the retail sector. The thriving business environment makes the city the prime location for land investments. Do not hesitate to invest in land in Fayetteville, AR.


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