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Real Estate In Charleston, West Virginia

Charleston is a city in the state of West Virginia and the state capital. With a population of 51,400 according to the 2010 census, Charleston is the most populated city in West Virginia. The Charleston metropolitan area had a population of 208,089 according to a 2019 estimate, making it the largest in the region. The rapid development in the area and nearby towns has increased the demand for real estate in Charleston, West Virginia.


Charleston's history dates back to the 18th century. Its development was aided by its strategic location along the migration route to the Ohio River valley. The trading activities saw it become a transshipment point and attracted several prominent personalities. For instance, Simon Kenton, Daniel Boone, and Ann Bailey both settled here in the early years. Charleston's early development is also attributed to the local brine wells in operation in the 1790s. The town was an important center of salt production in the 1820s, making it a regional hub with lots of trading activities. The salt production business peaked in 1825 when the first steamboat was invented. Charleston also played an essential role in the American Civil War. Joseph A.J. Lightburn, a Union general, was forced back into the city from Fayetteville on September 10, 1862. During this time, the city was experiencing a spike in infrastructure and was being considered a state capital. It was nominated as the state capital in the 1870s, but it took seven years to become a reality. The move was permanent, as state operations and government offices were moved to Charleston. The city lies in an ideal area rich in petroleum, salt, coal, and natural gas. These mineral resources were in great demand in the Kanawha River Valley, where a large chemical manufacturing industry operated. The Charleston area was prominent for producing consumer plastics such as lucite and nylon needed in the region. Even though the city's economy is more diversified today, the chemicals production industry still plays an important role. In fact, it is one of the major industries in the city.

Things to do in Charleston

Charleston is a beautiful city that offers many exciting things to see and do. It gives you the opportunity to watch a live performance at the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, learn about the city's history at the State Museum, or enjoy a good meal at one of the city's restaurants. You will never have a dull day in Charleston, with numerous amenities within a short distance.
One of the best places to visit is the East End. It is a diverse and eclectic community within the city and has a rich history. Bordered by the Great Kanawha River on the south and Washington Street on the north, the East End neighborhood has a charming mix of old mansions and new businesses. The neighborhood is also home to the Clay Center for Arts and Sciences. This is a great area to invest in real estate for sale in Charleston, West Virginia, given Its rapid growth and development.
Another great attraction is West Virginia's State Capitol. It is the seat of the state's government, making it one of the most important buildings in West Virginia. The building is located at the State Capitol Complex in downtown Charleston. Found on Kanawha Boulevard East, State Capitol is one of the most popular attractions in West Virginia.
If you like visual arts and performance arts, the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences is a great place to be. This is of its kind facility because it can hold three different events at once, with performing arts and exhibitions commonly held here. Covering a massive 240,000 square feet, this facility was opened in early 2003 and is home to several organizations, including the Avampato Discovery Museum and West Virginia Symphony.
The West Virginia State Museum is another top attraction in Charleston. Found along Kanawha Boulevard East at the Culture Center, this museum is dedicated to showcasing and preserving the culture and art of West Virginia. The collection of artifacts in this museum began in the 1890s. In addition, the museum hosts a wide range of events such as the Sting Band Festival, First Lady's Festival of Songs, the West Virginia Invitational Marching Band, and the Vandalia Gathering.

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The city of Charleston is located in central Kanawha County. It is one of the largest cities in West Virginia, sitting on 84.58 square kilometers. Of this area, 81.65 square kilometers are land, and 2.98 square kilometers are water. It is strategically located at the intersection of Interstates 64,77,79 and the meeting point of the Elk and Kanawha rivers. The city is about 188 km south of Chillicothe, Ohio. Its location significantly influences its climate, with the city having a four-season humid subtropical climate. Charleston's weather also has a few elements of continental climate.

Charleston demographics

According to the 2010 United States Census, the city of Charleston had a population of 51,405 people. There were also 23,453 households with around 12,588 families living in the city. The city's population density was 1631.4 inhabitants per square mile. The high population density increases the demand for real estate for sale in Charleston, West Virginia. The city had 26,208 housing units with an average density of 321.5 per square kilometer. Charleston had a racial makeup of 78.5% White, 15.5% Black or African American, 2.3% Asian, 0.23% Native American, and 3.5% from other races. People of Latino or Hispanic origin made up 1.5% of the population.
Out of the 23,453 households in Charleston, 24.6% had children aged under 18 years living there, 35.7% were married couples living together, and 14.2% had female householders with no husbands present. About 4.0% of the households had male householders with no wives present. 46.4% of this population were non-families, and individuals made up 39.5% of the households. The average size of a household in Charleston was 2.12, with the average family size being 2.85.
The households in the city had a median income of $34,006, and families had a median income of $47,980. Females had a median income of $26,670, with males having a higher median income of $38,258. About 16.78% of the population and 12.6% of the families were below poverty. Out of those below the poverty line, 11.4% were aged over 65 years, while 24.6% were under 18 years.
Charleston has a rapidly developing local economy contributing to a sharp rise in real estate for sale in Charleston, West Virginia. Several companies with operations in this city employ thousands of people. Some of these companies include Appalachian Power, owned by the American Electric Power of Columbus. Charleston Newspapers Inc is another top organization within the city, employing hundreds of people.

Arts in Charleston

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Charleston has a lot to offer in the field of arts and entertainment. The city is known for its unique events and festivals that attract thousands of participants. Some numerous annual fairs and events take place across the city. While here, you will have numerous alternatives for arts and recreational facilities. One of the popular events in the city is the West Virginia Dance Festival, which is held every April 25 — 30. This festival features dance students from different parts of the state participating in jazz, ballet, and modern dance competitions. On the final day, students perform in the West Virginia State Theater, which is within the city. This event is free to the public!
Another great festival is Symphony Sunday. This captivating event is usually held on the first weekend of June and attracts thousands of participants. It involves a full day of food, music, and outdoor fun activities culminating in a live performance by the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra. There is also a spectacular fireworks display that lasts for several minutes. If you enjoy art performances and exhibitions, this is a great event for you to attend. This is because the local performing community music and dance present a series of performances. There is also an exhibition of great artistic pieces from West Virginia and beyond. These great festivals have greatly improved real estate in Charleston, West Virginia, as more people flock to the city to attend them.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Charleston

The city of Charleston has several institutions of higher learning. It has a branch campus of the West Virginia University that serves as the institution's dental and medical schools. Charleston is home to the University of Charleston, a private institution with over 1000 students. Formerly known as the Morris Harvey College, this institution attracts thousands of students from across the country. It is located on MacCorkle Avenue and directly across from the State Capitol. There are about 16 high schools and 36 elementary schools in the city.

Why Charleston?

Charleston is a good place to live in West Virginia. It is advisable to invest in real estate in Charleston, West Virginia, due to the potential for high returns. Undoubtedly, the Charleston real estate market is on the rise due to the demanding population. There is a lot you can do in Charleston, from touring great attractions to having an excellent time at performance venues. Those looking for employment will have several employment opportunities on offer from the many companies within the city.


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