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A Mobile Home in Salem, OR, is a Choice Home Among Many in the City of Peace

Named Salem to refer to being a carrier of peace, Salem lives up to its founding dreams. The city thrives in peace, order and stability. This is why Salem has become the most significant city in Oregon. Immigrants and locals alike find the blessings of Salem to be in the rich social life, and the stable institutions. The government of Salem is the biggest employer and has set a standard for good wages and salaries. The city has become an economic destination for private and public companies. Therefore, if you are interested in buying a mobile home in Salem, Oregon, you are lucky. Buy a mobile home today to enjoy the riches and opportunities in the city of peace.


Salem is arguably one of the oldest cities in Oregon. The city's first or original name was Chemeketa. Chemeketa means "meeting or resting place." It is one of the tribal names given by the Kalapuya Tribe to the place. With the entry of explorers in the 19th Century, the area in which the city was to be established was taken over by European missionaries. Jason Lee led one such mission group and became known as Jason Lee Mission. This mission group set their camp in 1840 on the upper part of the Willamette River – Mill Creek. The missionaries would play a key role in opening the area, with the first mission institute, the Oregon Institute, being set up in 1842. The mission's work was short-lived, as in 1844, barely four years after they established the mission at Mill Creek that it was dissolved. The end of the mission would be the beginning of another mission (pun intended). The area around Oregon Institute would consequently be marked for city development. At this time, the city would be named Salem as David Leslie from Salem, Massachusetts, was involved in the city planning and development. Even though the city's name has been disputed on its origin, it is derived from the Hebrew word Shalom, which means peace. The city would develop as an educational center. The city's success is attributed to the rich agricultural productivity of the Willamette Valley. The city's incorporation was marred with controversy, with political disputes between interested cities disrupting the incorporation of Salem as Oregon's capital. Nevertheless, after fifteen years of tussle, Salem became the capital of Oregon State.

Things to do in Salem

Do you want to feel young all again? Goofy and enchanted by the simple things? Well, go for a ride at the Salem Carousel, which hosts handmade horses and combines musical charm. It is an excellent place to unwind for a fun day with family.
Sample the wide variety of Asian dishes at the BibiM Bap House. The restaurants serve spicy delicacies. Come here ready to enjoy chili peppered foods. You are likely to get that Chinatown feel when you visit Bibim Bap House. Make sure you sample the Korean Bibimbap dish.
Go shopping at the picturesque Reed Opera House. With its old brick architectural design, the Reed Opera House is alluring to the eye. In its chambers are boutiques and stores. Your shopping experience will be worth the time and paper.
Visit the Historic Grand Theater to immerse yourself in the rich theatrical performances. The famed director Vincenzo Meduri hosts great artistic mastery in this temple of arts. A night at the Historic Grand Theater is likely to wake your inner child to the beauty that is to be found in art.
For a refreshing weekend, visit the Willamette River. To enjoy the river's scenic beauty, board the Sternwheeler, which takes you around the river's blue silent waters. The best days to come here are Sundays as the Sternwheeler staff serves brunch to tourists. This is the place to make memories with your family.
Celebrate your mobile home purchase at the Assembly Brewing or take shots as you play pool at the Graveyard Bar.

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Map showing Salem


Salem is found in the central part of the Willamette Valley. The city is watered by the Willamette River, which flows from the city's southern part. Salem is 43 miles to Portland, OR, 187 miles to Seattle, WA, and 242 miles to Victoria in Canada. As you purchase your mobile home, consider its overall design and furnishings. An excellent mobile home should withstand the cold and wet winters while being livable in the warm and dry summers. The lowest temperatures in winter fall to 36°F and are rarely below 25°F, while the summer temperatures rise to 85°F and rarely above 96°F.

Salem demographics

Salem has a population of 175535 people. It is a White majority city. Whites make up 78.9% of the population. African Americans are at 1.3%, Asians at 3.2%, Native Indians at 1.1%, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders at 1.5%, and around 8% from other races. Around 10.9% of the city population is foreign-born, making Salem an immigrant destination.
The median household income in Salem is $58726. The city has a mixed-income, with a poverty level of 15.3%. 61.3% of the people of the working age are employed. The city has 62988 households. 54.9% of the households live in their own homes. The cost of homeownership is $266,200, which is slightly lower than the national average, which is approximately $374,900. The cost of renting is $1034, slightly below the national average. This data is indicative of the need for affordable housing in Salem. Mobile homes offer this leeway and are a convenient way of having a fully furnished home at a lower price.

Arts in Salem

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Salem is awash with artsy and holds festivities for art. The Salem Art Fair & Festival is Christmas for art enthusiasts. Running for three days, the three-day event hosts over 300 artists from the local to the international. The event is held at the Bush Pasture Park annually and attracts people from diverse age sets, from hipster youths to families with kids.
Salem's appreciation of beauty goes beyond the stone walled or carved images. It extends to nature. Among its best treasures in the wild is the Bush Pasture Park. The 90-acre botanical garden is a sight to the concrete-tired eye. In its bosom lay over 2000 different flowers and rose bushes. The Bush Pasture Park is undoubtedly one of the most incredible places for romantic and family picnics.
Salem enchants both locals and visitors alike with its hospitality industry. The Grand Hotel has the allure of the romantic and is proof of Salem's state-of-the-art hospitableness.
Salem offers a divine promise in its wineries. The winery tours are beloved by many drinkers. Lovers of wine frequent the Honeywood Winery, while smitten cider loyalists find fulfillment at the Wandering Aengus Ciderworks. With the different companies producing drinks and opening their doors to fans, wine tours have become a thing.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Salem

Parents setting up mobile homes in Salem are assured of quality education for their children. The Salem-Keizer School District is in charge of over 40000 children. Some of the top schools to consider for your child's education include Clear Lake Elementary School, Candalaria Elementary School, Wright Elementary School, and Englewood Elementary School. These schools are known for their strong teamwork and nurturing environments. When you get a mobile home in Salem, you are assured of your kid's transition, especially for a family. The city offers excellent high schools which have a reputation for high graduation rates and preparing high schoolers adequately for college. The city schools are competitive. For high-quality education outcomes for your child, consider the following schools: Sprague High School, St. Paul High School, West Salem High School, Silverton High School, John F. Kennedy High School, and McNary High School, to mention but a few. From your mobile home, you can scale the heights of excellence in Salem's various universities and colleges. Among the best institutions include Willamette University, Oregon State University Extension, Chemeketa Community College, and Corban University.

Why Salem?

Now that you have explored the possibilities that are to be found in Salem, it is your turn to get that mobile home. Living in Salem will prove to be one of the best decisions of your life as it is a pretty prosperous city. It is an excellent place to raise your family; the good schools and rich social life will make for a balanced life. Your career growth and success are assured in the rich public sector or the thriving private sector. Get your mobile home in Salem today.


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