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Mobile Home Oklahoma City, OK

There are several cities in the United States that are profoundly endowed, and Oklahoma is certainly at the top of the table. From expansive farmlands to more than 10,000 miles of shoreline and hundreds of manmade lakes, the city of Oklahoma seems to have it all. It is playfully referred to as “The Sooner State,” a phrase that dates back to late 1889. How did it come about?

As people anticipated the appropriation of nearly two million acres of land by the government, they poured into what was known as “Unassigned Lands.” They had come before the designated date, which was April 22, 1889. The settlers who got here in this period were known as “ Sooners,” and the name somehow stuck, kickstarting the journey into the future as we know it today. Away from these old days of land ownership, buying a mobile home Oklahoma City, OK is one good way of settling down.


When the area was finally opened for occupation in April 1889, thousands of land applicants (known as homesteaders) settled here. Some reports claim that when the dash to grab the land kicked off on April 22, 1889, up to 50,000 people found their way here. The Homestead Act of 1862 stipulated that a settler could own 160 acres of unassigned public land. To be granted the title, they had to live on that land for five years and make considerable improvements. This enticement saw a crazy frenzy when the time came to grab tracts of land. Oklahoma became a state in 1907, becoming the 46th state to join the union. Leading the community here were men such as Anton Classen, Henry Overholser, John Shartel, and James W. Maney. As Oklahoma State speedily grew in every aspect, the capital was moved from Guthrie to the City of Oklahoma. The city continued to serve an essential purpose as a vital stop along Route 66 and continued to expand in the early years of the 20th century. The years following inclusion into the union had seen Oklahoma grow into a major oil producer, and most of its early growth emerged from this industry. The oil industry was further boosted by the 1928 discovery of oil in parts of the city. The most thrilling part of this discovery happened under the capitol building. It necessitated slant drilling of oil, and the well continued to be in use for 43 years, producing about 1.5 barrels over this time. The other important economic endeavor for the city was the livestock trade which thrived here, especially before World War I. The city witnessed relatively steady growth, as was the characteristic of many cities in this period. However, in 1930 parts of Oklahoma state were hit by drought, attributed to poor farming practices and natural causes. The season was dubbed Dust Bowl and swept across Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico. It was characterized by long periods of little or no rainfall, extremely high temperatures, and strong destructive winds that came to be known as dust storms. These calamities hampered farmers’ productivity and led to widespread poverty. Farmers were forced to relocate in search of fertile lands, mostly to the western side of the United States. By 1950, the state had recorded its highest population decrease. It took political goodwill and effort to engage in soil and water conservation and erect flood control mechanisms, including dams. That’s how the city came to gain hundreds of water reservoirs and manmade lakes that now steadily supply water for all needs. Oklahoma holds the record for the most lakes in the nation, courtesy of these efforts. These creative ways of adapting to life have made buying a mobile home, Oklahoma City, OK, easier and more attractive.

Things to do in Oklahoma City

Events and Festivals
Amazing and thrilling events take place at different times around the city. The OKC Pride Week is perhaps one of the most packed in the city’s calendar. You get to experience food, music, and other art exhibitions.

The Chuck Wagon Festival
Lots of fun goes down at the two-day chuck wagon festival. Live music is accompanied by fancy family activities, and your day will be splendidly filled up.

Oklahoma State Fair
This is an annual event that showcases developments in agriculture, commerce, manufacturing, and other sectors. As the exhibitions take place, food, art, music, and fun carry on in tandem.

Visit the Oklahoma History Center
The city and the state have chosen to celebrate the journey by preserving its unique history at the Oklahoma History Center. You will find information regarding the native culture, aviation, administration, pioneers, and commerce. There are incredible lessons to draw from this depository of national history.

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Map showing Oklahoma City


The city of Oklahoma occupies about 69,899 square miles. Approximately 1,304 square miles of this is covered by water. Oklahoma serves as one of the most crucial transport and link corridors to Texas and Mexico. Northwards, the city links to Wichita and Kansas City. The city has several remarkable features within its boundaries, such as the Sandstone Hills and the North Canadian River, now known as the Oklahoma River. The climate in Oklahoma cuts across both extremes; scorching summers and extremely cold winters. In July, summer temperatures average highs of 93°F and lows of 73°F in July, which is the hottest month. Winter temperatures maintain about 58°F but drop to as low as 31°F and highs of 50°F.

Oklahoma City demographics

The 2020 census estimated the population of the city of Oklahoma at about 676,492. The city is recording a growth rate of 1.07% and has grown by 16.13% since the previous census of 2010.
The income per household in this city is about $77,896 annually, while the poverty rate is at 16.07%. Renting a house will cost you an average of $871 per month and about $158,500 to buy one. The median age is 34.1 years, making the city a relatively youthful and promising community.

The economy of the city is driven by industries such as energy, aerospace, bioscience, logistics, and agriculture. Insurance, telecommunications, finance, and other service industries are also performing well.

There are several international brands with a presence in the city of Oklahoma, including Sprint, Sonic, Dell, Hertz, and Xerox. With the median age of the city below 35 years, Oklahoma is within a good ranking and path to more growth, making it a suitable place to own a mobile home.

Arts in Oklahoma City

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

The city of Oklahoma is vibrant and boasts a rich entertainment and art menu. Here are a number you can indulge in:

Oklahoma City Museum of Art
The museum is home to a diverse collection from Europe, Asia, and North Europe. It also has collections from other museums around the world. The Oklahoma Museum of Art has exhibited works by some of the most decorated artists in the world.

Carpenter Square Theater
There are several ways to entertain and educate society and theaters play a significant role. The Carpenter Square theater is certainly one of Oklahoma’s best places to pick a good laugh. Classic comedy shows, musicals, and award-winning modern art of other kinds occur at this downtown venue.

Oklahoma City Ballet
You will experience ballet performances by leading choreographers. The team of more than 30 dancers mounts classical and contemporary dances that aim to inspire the community and pass down important lessons.

Street Art
You will be glad to learn that the city of Oklahoma has been ranked first in street art. Part of this is contributed by the dynamic art street that is superbly creative and original. From colorful murals to captivating statues, the city has attempted to put art in its rightful place.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Oklahoma City

With the number of learning facilities at 476, the large population in the city has several options to choose from. Millwood School District, Crutcho, Deer Creek, Putnam City School District, and Mustang School District are just a few of them. Learners can begin school life at Eastlake Elementary School, Fisher Elementary School, Red Oak Elementary School, and Sooner Elementary School. There are scores of high schools to serve teenage-level learners. They include Earlywine Elementary School, Harding Fine Arts Academy, Putnam City North High School, and Westmoore High School. The list is long, and learners must consider what caters to their interests. For advanced learning and professional studies, the distinguished Oklahoma State University is a preference for many learners. The university has several campuses spread across neighboring cities. Other institutions include the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Langston University, Rose State College, and Redlands Community College.

Why Oklahoma City?

The city of Oklahoma is an epitome of inclusivity and a melting pot of ideas, business, and industry. The city has a diversified economy that is catered for by industries such as energy, aerospace, logistics, bioscience, finance, and government services.

It’s always pleasant to live in a community that’s dynamic and progressive but never loses an opportunity to spark off the fun. Such is the life that the city of Oklahoma continues to shape through its affluent history and optimistic future.


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