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So You Want to Buy a House in Jersey City, NJ?

Jersey City is the second-most populous city in the state, after Newark. Despite its close proximity to the 24/7 dynamo that is New York, the city allows you to buy an affordable house within a friendly and safe community.


The Lenape Tribes (later referred to as the Delaware Indians) originally lived on the land that is now Jersey City. Henry Hudson, the English sea explorer, arrived in 1609 on one of his exploratory missions, meeting and greeting the locals. Then a little historical see-sawing took place. In 1630, Michael Pauw, who was the mayor of Amsterdam at the time as well as being a director of the Dutch West India Company, purchased it from Delaware. By 1660, a permanent settlement had been established. In 1664, the English arrived and renamed it New York after the Duke of York. For most of the 19th and 20th centuries, Jersey City was an import destination via its docks, and quickly became a major transportation center and important manufacturing town. It shared transportation communication facilities with New York City as the docks expanded and the railroads were integrated into the transportation mix. And like New York City, Jersey City has very much been a journey's end for new immigrants coming to live in the United States. Many high-rise buildings were quickly built, with those by the waterfront being among the tallest in the city. Known as "Wall Street West,'' the Exchange Place financial district has become one of the largest financial centers in the United States. Large financial institutions such as Chase Bank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and UBS can all be found on the Jersey City waterfront.

Things to do in Jersey City

If you do buy a house in Jersey City, take note that the state has more diners and shopping malls than any other in the US. If you can’t find what you want in the six malls close to Jersey City, you can go further afar and try one of the other 50 malls, outlet and shopping centers and the multitude of retail centers in the county. If you can’t get what you want in Jersey City, you probably just can’t get it!

For those with a love for food from around the world, both the waterfront in Jersey City and downtown Jersey City are the go-to places to visit. From local American, to Caribbean, and South American to Asian and Mediterranean, whatever cuisine is your particular favorite, you should be able to find it.

Jersey City is also very switched onto visual arts, and the Mural Arts Program encourages street artists with the New Jersey community supporting them.

When you’re in Jersey City, you may also want to find a little green space. Luckily, this city offers the beautiful Lincoln Park. With nearly 275 acres of natural beauty, this park has been offering a respite from city life since 1905. This space features a wide variety of athletic fields and facilities, children’s play areas, historical monuments, beautiful trails, and even public Wi-Fi access. You also have the option of visiting Ellis Island, which is a popular attraction visited by people at Liberty State Park. To keep these areas looking their best, the city is often performing renovations on different parts of these beloved parks.

The restored historic White Eagle Hall in Downtown Jersey City is worth keeping in mind. It hosts some major musical acts in its 800-seat theater which is undeniably more personal than the usual large arena spaces.

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Map showing Jersey City


Jersey City is located on a peninsula named Bergen Neck, the site noted for having some of the earliest European settlements in North America. The Hackensack River, Kearny and Newark are to the west with the Hudson River on the east of the city. Bayonne is to the north with Secaucus, North Bergen, Union City and Hoboken to the west. Liberty Island is surrounded by Jersey City waters, while most of Ellis Island is included in the city boundaries. These, combined with rapid transport to Manhattan, Jersey City is sometimes called “New York City's sixth borough.” Jersey City Neighborhoods Downtown Jersey City A popular area for a Jersey City house is the historic downtown which includes the charming neighborhoods of Hamilton Park and Van Vorst Park. This area is very desirable because of its predominantly low-rise buildings and its proximity to both local amenities and Manhattan. There are numerous attractions such as the Harsimus Stem Embankment, Jersey City Museum and Hudson and Manhattan Railroad Powerhouse. The Heights The famous Jersey City Heights are in the north end of the city on the New Jersey Palisades. This neighborhood is also popular when buying a house in Jersey City because of the two- and three-family houses that abound. There are plenty of cafes, coffee shops and independent, owner-operated establishments serving up everything from “homemade” burgers and cakes to craft beers. With many Spanish speakers here, there’s a wealth of Cuban and Puerto Rican restaurants. Journal Square Journal Square, once considered the center of Jersey City, is perfect for those who may wish to commute to and from the cities (Newark, Harrison, Jersey City, Hoboken, Lower and Midtown Manhattan) served by the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH) rapid transit system. There are historic landmarks, and numerous wonderful restaurants offering menus from throughout Asia.

Jersey City demographics

Not many people realize that after English and Spanish, the Austronesian language Tagalog, spoken as a first language of the ethnic Tagalog people in the Philippines, comes in as the third-most-common language spoken in Jersey City.

Jersey City has a population of 256,747 and is the second most populous city in New Jersey with an average household income of $105,122. The population of New Jersey State is 8,958,013 making it the 11th largest state in the country. The climate in this area is generally hot and humid in the summers with mild to cool winters.

The population is divided into White 67.78%, African American 13.46%, Asian 9.46%, other race 6.29%, mixed race 2.74%, Native American 0.22% and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.04%. There is an almost 50/50 male to female ratio.

Arts in Jersey City

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Hunterdon Art Museum
Housed in a National Historic Register 1836 mill, this is an interactive center for contemporary art, craft and design. It has a particular leaning towards innovation and new creative work. There are regular exhibitions throughout the year as well as over 300 studio courses held.

McCarter Theater
Situated right in the center of Princeton’s active art district, this highly rated-regional theater is a must-visit. There is always a wide diversity of programs, live music concerts featuring all genres, first-run theater productions, some of which later move on to major national theaters, including Broadway, as well as special shows, presentations and seasonal productions.

Grounds For Sculpture
Quite the family destination, this large private park (near Trenton) offers plenty to see and do with in excess of 270 contemporary sculptures and numerous unusual landscape features as well as quiet places. It’s one of the best excuses to get out into the open air. There are also food outlets if you don’t want to picnic.

Farmstead Arts Center
This hands-on center presents regular art and themed exhibits, classes, workshops, theater presentations and concerts. During the warmer months, performances are usually held in the English Barn. It is a superb location for those who feel they have a latent artistic inner being trying to get out!

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Jersey City

There are 162 preschools, 75 elementary schools, 52 middle schools, 20 high schools, 42 public district schools, 12 public charter schools and 143 private schools in the immediate Jersey City area. The following schools, Upper School with 328 students, Henry B. Milnes Elementary School with 497 students, Woodfern Elementary School with 363 students, Island Heights Elementary School with 124 students and Jersey City Global Charter School with 437 students, all have an exemplary 10 out of 10 score for their educational provision. There are, however, over 7,000 other schools in the state of New Jersey, so there is certainly plenty of opportunity for schooling in the outer suburban areas surrounding the city of Jersey City itself.

Why Jersey City?

Jersey City, despite its close proximity to the 24/7 dynamo that is New York, still allows you to buy an affordable house within a friendly and safe community. The city also allows you to experience not only what New Jersey as a state has to offer you as a “local,” but also to very easily enjoy and experience New York and its environs as and when it suits you. In fact, many residents in Jersey City commute to Manhattan for work as it’s just that close.

Regardless of whether you are an urban professional or a family with children looking to buy a house in Jersey City, you’ll be guaranteed a very warm welcome and will find that you will be able to settle in with extreme speed and ease.


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