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Here’s What You Need to Know If You Are Considering Buying Land in Gulfport, MS

If you have ever dreamed of owning your little patch of this beautiful city of Gulfport, now is the perfect time to buy. With the high economic growth in the city, land values will increase fastest. There’s no better place to improve your wealth portfolio than getting land in Gulfport, MS. You can also enjoy passive income from your raw land through innovative methods instead of opting for a “buy and hold” strategy to gain lifetime profits. Such creative ways in Gulfport include Agricultural land leasing, recreational purposes, renting it for events and festivals, investing in timber production or selling Billboard space. Buying land in Gulfport is a viable investment with promising appreciation rates.


Gulfport was home to indigenous culture for thousands of years until the first European explorers settled in the area. Under the Indian Removal Act, the US ended treaties to remove the indigenous tribes from the area. They were pushed to the Indian Territory while the white settlers took over the land to develop them for agricultural activities. Gulfport was established by William H. Hardy, the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad president. Joseph Jones took the G&SIRR, dug up a harbor in the Gulfport, and created a shipping route to the sea. The Port of Gulfport developed into a working seaport after completing the harbor. The port was later moved from Shieldsboro to Gulfport. It now generates millions of cash in sales incomes and annual sales for Mississippi. The city developed as an important port hub. This stimulated the city’s development by creating a way for the goods to get to the markets. Gulfport’s positioning on the coast exposed it to hurricanes hence weathering severally. Hurricane Camille hit the city so hard, destroying an area of 180km. After the storm, the city extended to 33 square miles north of its neighborhoods, making it the second-largest city in Mississippi.

Things to do in Gulfport

Gulfport is a city full of history, seafood shacks and beaches. Outdoor fans will have a lot to consider when looking for things to do. From enjoying some kayaking, fishing, swimming and sun-basking at the sandy beaches, you can’t exhaust the options. Have a lazy day and are looking for a low-key outing? If so, pack your picnic book and head over to Gulfport Beach to enjoy the sand and some surfing. Alternatively, you can get active on the water by swimming, sea kayaking, or jet skiing.
Watch dolphins and birds and witness the sea lion and dolphin show at The Institute of Marine Mammal Studies. Alternatively, you can consider listening to the story of Mississippi’s aquatic animals at the Mississippi Aquarium. Get Funky in Fishbone Alley and enjoy the thriving arts. The alley is bucked up with pubs, restaurants, and galleries worth exploring. Sip some beer as you explore the gallery collection or enjoy a five-course meal at the finest dining.
To enjoy nature’s beauty, visit the Friendship Oak. Being an area that miraculously survived Hurricane Katrina, it is a landmark worth visiting in Gulfport. Filled with flora and fauna and beautiful gardens full of roses, it’s a stunning natural wonder for picnics and meetups. For foodies, you are in the best place. If seafood is your preference, then you got a lot to enjoy. Visit Half Shell Oyster House and grab a bite of the best local fish, steaks and pasta. For beer lovers, head over to Chandeleur Island Brewing to sample various beers.
If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t afford to miss a visit to the Pop Brothers. This area stands out as the best place for creamy, fruity and Oreo cakes. If you are looking for a place to spend a weekend with your children, consider visiting Zip’N Fun Adventure Park. A park is where adventure awaits you; enjoy the ropes course, zip lines, sky bridges and swinging logs.

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Map showing Gulfport


Gulfport is situated in Harrison County. Covering an area of 64.2 square miles, of which 56.9 miles is land and 7.3 is water, the city is on the west of Biloxi and east of Long Beach along the Mexico Gulf. It lies about 90km east of New Orleans and is an entry point on Mississippi and embayment of Mexico Gulf. Nearby cities include Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Waveland, Pass Christian and Diamondhead. Gulfport is home to hills such as Skull Creek, Ragland, Sand Creek, Sand and Janes, which you can enjoy climbing to keep fit and explore the city’s adventures.

Gulfport demographics

The city’s population has been increasing over the past years and is currently estimated at about 71,507. The racial composition was 56.70% Whites, 37.66% African Americans, 1.33% Asian and 0.58% Native Americans. Gulfport is a diverse city that welcomes people of all races. If you are looking for a place with minimal racism cases, Gulfport, MS, is the city to top your list. The most spoken language is English, with only a few speaking other languages. The median age is 34.8 years, with 33.9 for males and 35.6 years for females. If you want to grow your career through socializing with young professionals, Gulfport is the place to be.
There are 27,918 households with an average family size of 3.11. The median household income in the city is $54,998. Gulfport allows its residents to enjoy a low cost of living combined with high incomes. It is a city where you will spend less and save more. Gulfport has an unemployment rate of 7.5%, indicating hot job markets. If you are thinking of growing your career, look no further than Gulfport, MS.

Arts in Gulfport

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Gulfport has it all, whether original, wood-fired ceramics, authentic masterpieces, or hand-blown glass décor arts. You don’t want to miss the Gulfport Arts Center and enjoy the professionally hung, displayed and attractively arranged collection. The art gallery offers visual, photography, sculptures, paintings, pottery and textile arts.
Marie Floyd Fine Art is also a place to consider when searching for original fine works and customized fine art paintings. If you want to experience the nature of custom framing, visit Negrotto’s Frame & Art. The hall also hosts over 20 artworks from local artists. You will find an extensive collection to admire from pottery, sculptures, and handmade jewelry.
For music lovers, Gulfport is a paradise for you. The city has a lot to offer, from enjoying headline entertainment at casino resorts and live music showcased in beachside cafes. Dance to foot-stomping and hand-clapping jingles at The Blind Tiger or Government Street Grocery. Enjoy some blues at Jesse Cotton Stone or Joe Survival Caruso.
Whether you want to play mini-golf, arcade games or try an escape room, the city has it all. Climb to higher heights at Trampoline Park or battle out in a game of laser tag at Big Play Entertainment Center. A night at the Casino is one of the best forms of entertainment while in Gulfport. Visit Island View Casino to enjoy gaming excitement. Living in Gulfport means no dull moments as there is something for everyone.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Gulfport

Gulfport has highly rated schools. If you consider moving with children, you can be sure they will receive a high-quality education from highly skilled teachers. Based on academic performance and equity, some highly ranked Elementary schools include Lizana, Pass Road, Bayou View, Anniston Avenue, and Harrison Central Elementary School. If you are looking for the best High schools, Gulfport got you covered. With various options like West Harrison, Gulfport, Harrison Central and Roger Amos Mcmurtry High schools, you will find a perfect school for your children. Suppose you want your children to enjoy the private school experience. In that case, some of the best schools are Westminster Academy, St. James School, Fusion Global Academy, Temple Christian Academy and Christian Collegiate Academy. Are you planning to further your studies? If so, you have come to the right place. Enroll in a four-year degree course or start earning a technical program certificate. Some of the higher learning institutions to consider are William Carey University, University of Southern Mississippi, Tulane School of Professional Advancement and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. With the high job opportunities in the city, you can be sure of securing yourself employment after earning your degree.

Why Gulfport?

Land investment is an appreciating investment that you should not miss. Unlike housing and commercial investment, which requires a lot of maintenance, owning land gives you peace of mind and financial security. It remains in good condition and increases in value with no maintenance required. Stimulated by the increasing population and strong economy, buying land in Gulfport, MS, is the best investment decision since your property’s value will appreciate significantly over time.


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