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Why Buy Land In Rockville, Maryland?

As one of the oldest cities of Maryland, Rockville is situated approximately miles north of Washington D.C. The city prospers on a thriving economy as it is home to some of the biggest pharmaceutical corporations in the nation such as Otsuka America Pharmaceuticals, Human Genome Sciences, Mmg, and Aeras.

Rockville, Maryland is not, however, limited to high-tech and bio-med firms. The city is teeming with scenic beauty, hiking trails, countless gardens, parks, and museums. Gorgeous houses let you have a glimpse into Rockville’s charming history and the bustling Town Square conveniently located near the Rockville Metro Station lets you enjoy the endearing landscape as you mingle with the friendly community.


Located in the central region of Montgomery County currently, Rockville even as far as 8000 B.C was conveniently located in the Piedmont region and provided refuge to semi-nomadic people of the area. Thanks to prehistoric sites discovered within the city, much of their early history was revealed after documents and artifacts that dated several thousands of years back were found. Later on, these communities settled in the region as they were agricultural and depended on the area for the native foliage. After 1200 A.D, these tribes remained in constant conflict with groups known as Susquehannocks and Senecas who were immigrants that had traveled from the Pennsylvania and New York areas. However, after the arrival of the Europeans in the year 1700 most of the Native Americans had been driven out of the region. Between the years 1717 and 1735, Arthur Nelson was one of the first people to acquire land patents in the region. Almost 30 years later there would be a building built where in the future the area would be the central region of Rockville. At the time the city was a part of Prince George’s County, however, as Frederick Town grew, the western region including Rockville separated and became a part of Frederick County in 1748. The city is known by several names such as Owen's Ordinary, Hungerford's Tavern, and Daley's Tavern. Over time as the region prospered and thrived and became the largest and most populous county in Maryland because of which the Maryland Constitutional Convention on September 6, 1977, decided to divide it further into 3 sections. The southern part which included Rockville was named Montgomery County. Still lacking a proper name and only known as Hungerford’s Tavern still, the village became known as Montgomery Courthouse after it was chosen as a county seat. The village was finally organized by a surveyor hired by William Prather Williams in 1784 due to which it now became known as Williamsburg as well as Montgomery Court House. The city thrived and prospered further in the 19th century with the arrival of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad because now it was easily accessible from Washington, D.C. in addition to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) beginning work on the Rockville and Twinbrook Station.

Things to do in Rockville

The city has much to offer to outdoor enthusiasts. Many parks and recreational facilities are spread throughout the city. Rockville is known to host many seasonal events as well such as Independence Day and New Year Celebrations. All this makes buying land in Rockville, Maryland an attractive buy.

If historical architecture is your thing, visiting the Potowack Canal is a must. It was originally planned by Goerge Washington and aimed to provide access to the Potowack River. However, construction didn’t begin until the 1700s and now it includes 5 canals between Maryland and Virginia.

Although the city has numerous sprawling parks and gardens, a visit to the 2000 acres of Rock Creek Regional Park is a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of Rockville. The city is not short of locations that provide various leisure activities such as hiking, fishing, picnic areas, and even a nature center.

Unreal land in Rockville, MD

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Map showing Rockville


Rockville, Mayland is the third-largest incorporated city of the state only half an hour's drive away from Washington, D.C. Furthermore, the city has easy access to I-270 and Beltway including two metro stations, Rockville and Twinbrook. Commuters have the option to hop on the Amtrak as well as the Marc train as well. As the northern suburb of Washington, D.C, the city has four neighbors including Aspen Hill, Gaithersburg, North Bethesda, and Potomac. The 13.57 square miles of the city is mostly land with only 0.06 miles of it being water. The city experiences hot and humid summers and has a humid subtropical climate with temperatures ranging from 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. The winters are cold, snowy, and windy with the lowest temperature reaching as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit in the month of January. Rockville is one of the coolest cities in Maryland and the most pleasant months of the year are September, June, and May. The annual rainfall of the city can be 42.2 inches with the wettest month being May and the driest February.

Rockville demographics

Rockville is the county seat of Montgomery County and has a population of 60,232 people. It is the 3rd largest city in the state of Maryland while 554th in the country with a continuously growing population in recent years due to its economic boom. Spread over almost 14 miles of land, the city has a population density of 5020 people per square mile.

Rockville city is a melting pot of various ethnicities with the majority being white (56.34%.) almost 22% are Asian whereas 11% are African American. Other ethnicities include Native American, Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiin, and Hispanic.

Arts in Rockville

Rockville is home to several museums and theaters. You can be guaranteed a good show at the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater. The 446-seat facility will allow you to experience some beautiful ballet, mesmerizing opera shows, as well as highly captivating musical plays. You can add a little bit of laughter to your life on Thursdays at the Java Nation Thursday Comedy Night Center.

In addition to countless parks, museums, and nature centers, Rockville provides a wide variety of entertainment options whether you are single or a family person. Enthralling adventure parks, large shopping malls such as the Lotte Plaza, spa centers, cinemas, and an outdoor ice skating rink will keep you entertained in Rockville.

Schools in Rockville

Those who are considering buying land in Rockville, Maryland, or thinking of relocating to the city, will have the benefit of access to quality education in the region. Whether you prefer a public or private education system, Rockville caters to both as it has 60 elementary schools, 26 middle schools, and 16 high schools which make up 30 school districts in the area. Currently, the city has almost 30 private schools which cater to almost 4,700 students. Some of the best private schools include Charles E Smith Jewish Day School, Green Acres School, and Christ Episcopal School. Of all the private schools, almost 40% of them are religiously affiliated mostly with Catholic and Jewish sects. Those who are interested in pursuing higher education have ample opportunities to consider in the region. The city is home to 44 colleges and universities of which 37 are private colleges, 4 are public universities, and 3 are community colleges that offer 2-year degree programs. The University of Maryland Shady Grove Center, John Hopkins University, and Strayer University are considered some of the best in the city. Data shows that in just the previous year, almost 65,354 students completed degree programs in Rockville which was an almost 6% increase since 2016. Many universities and colleges provide online degree programs as well.

Why Rockville?

For those looking to live relatively close to Washington D.C. but still want a taste of suburban life, Rockville, Maryland is the place to be. As you take a drive into one of Maryland's oldest cities, you will be surprised to know that its history can be dated back as far as 8000 B.C. Parts of the city have done well to preserve its past which can be seen in various historical sites, monuments, and landmarks. The city is filled with sprawling parks and gardens for nature lovers while others can enjoy performing arts at various theaters. You can enjoy swimming lessons in one of the numerous fitness centers in the city or spend a day relaxing in one of the spas. Rockville, Maryland has something to offer for everyone regardless of age and taste.

The has been regarded as one of the best flourishing small cities with significant future growth expected. Whether you are someone prospecting to buy land in Rockville, MD or a family considering a move to the city with children, or perhaps someone looking for professional opportunities, Rockville, Maryland is the ideal place to have a fresh start.


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