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Land in Covington, KY

Covington, Kentucky is a city near Cincinnati that combines access to big-city amenities with inexpensive neighborhoods to provide the ideal live-work-play lifestyle for everyone.
Are you thinking of buying land in Covington? If you are, then you made the right decision. Covington combines small-town charm with big-city conveniences. It's the fifth most populous city in the state and the largest in Northern Kentucky.

Beautiful architecture, old homes, reused commercial spaces, a racially and ethnically varied population, a vast park, and a strong work ethic with creative genius characterize the city. Covington celebrates an inventive and bright future while paying homage to its heritage. Buying land in Covington is a good investment. When you get to live and work there, you create beautiful memories.

History of Covington

History of Covington

kentucky history

What makes buying land in Covington a good idea? The city's rich history. Covington is a city in north-central Kentucky. It is one of two county seats (the other being Independence). It got its name from Gen. Leonard Covington, who died at the Battle of Crysler's Farm during the War of 1812. The settlement of Covington rolled out the following year. The Kentucky General Assembly formed the town a year later, and it grew to city status in 1834. Covington was Kentucky's second-largest city and industrial center by 1900. Its population of around 43,000 people was about 12% foreign-born and 5% black.

kentucky history

Things to do in Covington

Things to do in Covington

kentucky things to do

Covington has a lot to offer tourists, residents, and those contemplating buying land in the city in terms of permanent attractions and special events. Covington is also an excellent starting place for various enjoyable, easy, and economical day trips. The City of Covington also manages almost 1,000 acres of green space across 40 parks, playgrounds, and facilities.

Suppose you're considering buying land in Covington. In that case, you will find various enjoyable things to do in the city, which boasts a rich, well-preserved history, significant outdoor areas, and a functional food and bar scene.

Roebling Suspension Bridge
This Bridge is one of the first structures you'll see when visiting Devou Park. This engineering marvel spans the Ohio River, connecting Covington and Cincinnati, Kentucky and Ohio. You can dine or relax in magnificent settings while admiring the sights of the bridge, especially at night when its lights reflect off the Ohio River's glistening surface.

Pioneer Park
Pioneer Park, a quieter and more isolated outdoor attraction further from the city center, is a more peaceful and remote outdoor destination. This park is beside a body of water, which adds to the overall beauty of the area. You can find paved walking routes, lush lawns, and the picturesque Banklick Creek along the west side of the 43-acre attraction.

Ohio River
The Ohio River, which runs through six states and is a significant tributary of the Mississippi River, is one of the country's most extended bodies of water. Exploring this body of water is a popular tourist and local activity in Covington, with several businesses giving excursions and boating trips throughout the river's length.

The majority of them are ferry journeys that include lunch or dinner, and you'll get to see some of the river's most renowned sights and cultural locations. So, whether you choose to travel in the middle of the day or at sunset, you have plenty of possibilities.

Devou Park
Devou Park is a 700-acre outdoor destination known for its steep and rolling grounds that provide a spectacular perspective. The park is on the city's highest hill, and it draws swarms of visitors looking for a brief escape from the city and a breath of fresh air among the tall trees.

MainStrasse Village
Visiting MainStrasse Village is like visiting an authentic German village without ever leaving the continent. This attraction is on the National Register of Historic Places, and thousands of people see it every day. This is because this historic district is a 19th-century German neighborhood that has preserved its original architecture and heritage.

kentucky things to do

Land for sale in Covington, KY

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Map showing Covington


It's near Newport (east) and opposite Cincinnati, Ohio, at the Ohio and Licking rivers junction. Covington is in a climatic transition zone with hot, humid summers and chilly winters, wedged between the southern extremity of the humid continental climate zone and the northern boundary of the humid subtropical climate of the Upland South. Also, the presence of species indicative of each climatic area, such as the southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) from the subtropics and the blue spruce from cooler regions, may be found in and near Covington, indicating both a humid subtropical and humid continental environment.

Covington demographics

Covington demographics

kentucky demographics

Covington, Kentucky, is located at the confluence of the Ohio and Licking Rivers. Covington, Kentucky, is a very tiny city, with a population of 40,552 people spread out over thirteen miles of land at a density of 3,000 people per square mile. It is Kentucky's fifth-most populous city.

This city is also relatively young, with a median age of 36, typical for a city of its size. Covington is predominantly Caucasian, with whites accounting for 79 percent of the population, but it also has prominent black and Hispanic people, accounting for 11 percent and 5 percent of the population.

Covington, just two miles from Cincinnati, is one of the most beautiful cities in the Midwest. Once known for its thriving cigar and tobacco business, Covington is known for its manufacturing, government operations centers, and natural beauty.

Licking-Riverside, MainStrasse Village, and Wallace Woods are among Covington's historic neighborhoods, as is the city's main commercial center. For example, employers are always in need of expertise to fill roles in financial service advising, back-office support, cybersecurity, and financial software.

Technology is another burgeoning industry where Covington is swiftly gaining a reputation as a tech hotspot.

kentucky demographics

Arts in Covington

Arts in Covington

kentucky arts

Covington is a vibrant and historic city. It is home to scenic parks and museums; it's also home to several art and entertainment attractions. Covington Arts is a city-wide arts and culture project part of the City of Covington's Department of Development. It is such a creative city that sees these resources as a powerful reflection of the community.

Covington Arts, which views arts and culture as crucial mechanisms for revival, provides an opportunity for everyone to participate in a variety of creative experiences. Furthermore, Covington Arts promotes and supports artists and creatives. This builds lasting and robust community partnerships and improves the quality of the place.

The Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati region offers a diverse range of arts and culture, from classical and historical to contemporary and cutting-edge. The Carroll Chimes Bell Tower, St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Behringer-Crawford Museum of Northern Kentucky History and Heritage, the Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center, the Railway Museum, and the Madison Theater are all located in this vibrant urban community directly across the Ohio River from downtown Cincinnati.

In addition, many of Northern Kentucky's most well-known and popular events and annual festivals are in Covington. This includes the First Friday Gallery Hop, Maifest, Mainstrasse Oktoberfest and Mardi Gras, The Original Goetta Festival, Fresh Art, and many more. All these make buying land in Covington worthwhile.

kentucky arts

Schools in Covington

Schools in Covington

If you're considering buying land in Covington, think about the schools. If you're looking for a public school, the region offers many possibilities. These institutions are vital to the region's workforce because they aim to assist students in developing the skills they'll need later in life, ensuring that the region's talent pool remains full. Covington has a total of 21 schools: 16 public and five private. Over 10,000 students get educated by the Diocese of Covington, including a full range of Montessori, K-8, and high schools. For those in labor fields such as advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, health care, information technology, and construction, there are numerous training opportunities, career routes, and high-paying employment accessible. In addition, there are career options in various industry areas and subdivisions. Local educational institutions such as Glenn O Swing Elementary School and Holmes High School will ensure that your children receive the proper education they need to prosper! In Covington, KY, there are also a plethora of excellent higher education opportunities! Additionally, being close to Cincinnati offers many advantages, including easy access to the outstanding University of Cincinnati and Xavier University.

kentucky schools

Why Covington?

Why Covington?

kentucky why

Planning to buy land in Covington? From jobs, education, outdoor activities, and dining options to historical sites, the city of Covington has a lot to offer. Covington is an excellent location to start if you're looking for new employment.

You can find significant firms, notably those in the downtown area. Also, there's a hotspot for young professionals, thanks to its vibrant nightlife and contagious energy. Finally, Covington has a diverse dining scene with several must-visit restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops.

kentucky why

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