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Experience An Immaculate and Sophisticated Haven by Exploring The Meridian, ID Real Estate Market

Meridian was once a sparsely populated community, but it has become a booming city with new and exciting developments. Today, Meridian offers a pristine setting for a family-friendly life to thousands of people flocking there from all over the nation. The city is ready for the future, and you should be as well. Meridian is also the fastest-growing city in Idaho. It is in the top ten list of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The metropolis has terrific and affordable housing, growing job opportunities, and excellent entertainment and culture, significantly influencing economic growth in the region. Read the article, and we will convince you to invest in the Meridian, ID real estate market.


The history of Meridian began when the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was passed. The treaty allowed the Choctaw Indians to vacate their territories in the Mississippi in 1830. A year later, Richard McLemore of Virginia settled in the region that would later become Meridian. Richard offered free land to attract more people to the area. Meridian became a city in 1892. The arrival of the railroad to the area in 1855 secured the future of Meridian. More families settled in the region in the mid-1800s. In the 1860s, it was a small community of 15 families, but the town’s strategic and geographical location influenced the growth of railroads. Meridian was the Confederate’s site for an arsenal, military hospital, and some state offices during the Civil War. Meridian was the largest city in Idaho between 1890 and 1930, and it was a leader in manufacturing. The city built most of the existing skyline during this time, including the Grand Opera House, the Threefoot Building, an Art Deco masterpiece that became the tallest skyscraper, and the Meridian’s Carnegie Library, which houses the Museum of Art. While the city experienced the challenges of the Great Depression in the 1930s, it continued to grow. Meridian continued to thrive throughout the 20th century, with an increased population and economic developments. The region is also home to Jimmie Rodgers, the Father of Country Music, who was instrumental in shaping the new musical style.

Things to do in Meridian

It is never a dull moment in Meridian. The city has some of the most beautiful and clean city parks in Idaho, which offer visitors and residents many recreational activities. For instance, you can play, relax, enjoy the sun, and attend festivals, concerts, and other unique events at Settlers Park and Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park. Such parks and others are clean and safe for individuals and families.
Roaring Springs is one of the best destinations for people who want to experience an excellent outdoor activity. It is the largest waterpark in the Northwest, open from May through September. The park has more than 20 water attractions, including the Snake River Run, wading pool, and Cliffhanger, the high-speed six-story drop.
The Village at Meridian is one of the top attractions in the city, and you will have plenty of activities to do. It is an outdoor shopping center with unique European styling and flair that will transport you instantly into another realm. Catch the latest blockbusters throughout the day and night, enjoying drinks and dinner while watching your favorite movies.
Ice skating is one of the best fun activities during the winter, and music enthusiasts can enjoy outdoor concerts during the summer. Have a great shopping experience or walk through the gardens. The Village at the Meridian has choreographed shows during the day and night, and people of all ages will have fun. Meridian has no limits to the things you can do for recreation.

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Map showing Meridian


Meridian is found in Ada County, Idaho, and it has a land area of 26.84 square miles. The majority of the town lies on a flat plain, mainly in the north-central region of the Treasure Valley. The Boise River runs on the northern portion of the city, while the Snake River runs far south of the metropolis. People can see the Shafer Butte to the northeast at 1,790 meters, and to the far south, the Owyhee Mountains are visible. The city has an altitude of 2,605 feet above sea level, and it is situated between Idaho’s state capital, Boise, and Nampa. It also lies directly on the Boise Meridian, one of the 35 principal meridians of the United States’ Public Land Survey System. Several irrigation canals run across the city from the southeast to the North West portions of the metropolis. Meridian’s location affords a semi-arid climate with four seasons, including hot and dry summers and cold winters.

Meridian demographics

Approximately 117,635 people live in Meridian, with a population density of 2,802 people per square mile. Income levels in Meridian are higher than the national average, with a median household income of $76,403. Poverty levels are also very low because most people are economically stable.
Residents in the city enjoy a high standard of living due to the flourishing economic growth and development, and many have bought homes. About 76% of housing units are owner-occupied, and the ownership rate is increasing. The median value of owner-occupied housing units is $304,500.
Approximately 4.5% of the residents are foreign-born, and most people are Whites of non-Hispanic origin, who make up 84% of the population. Other groups include Hispanics, who make up 8% of the people, 2.5% are Asians, 1% African Americans, and 5.5% are individuals of Two or More Races.

Arts in Meridian

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Art is at the heart of Meridian. The Meridian Arts Commission has played a significant role in promoting art in the city. The commission advises on arts and culture policy in the city. It also encourages public awareness and participation in arts, significantly influencing art presence in Meridian. The commission runs some of the galleries and art shows in the city.
The Meridian City Hall houses the Initial Point Gallery on the third floor, featuring art exhibits weekly from Monday to Friday. Art exhibits always include national, regional, and local artists, and residents can visit the gallery for free. Art in the Public places initiative allows residents to learn and experience art, including outdoor spaces. The initiative showcases modern art pieces that promote culture and arts in the city.
The vibrant downtown Meridian is one of the most entertaining sections of the city, where you can stroll, shop, and dine on rooftops. The downtown allows people to have fun with kids and families while providing excellent nightlife. The city manages 17 public parks, such as the Meridian Settlers Regional Park, where you can watch the free outdoor movies during summer.
Many people prefer to go to the parks because of entertainment and cultural events. For instance, some parks feature live concerts and festivals, which attract visitors in and around Meridian. The city is home to a symphony orchestra that entertains residents and visitors with the highest quality symphonic performances and educational programs. Meridian’s proximity to other cities such as Boise allows residents unlimited entertainment options.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Meridian

You definitely want to purchase land in a region with renowned schools Meridian is part of the Boise Metropolitan area encompassing five counties. The West Ada School District serves Meridian. It is also the largest district in Idaho, operating public schools in the city and other areas. Meridian is home to nine public schools, five of which are alternative schools. The city has more than 15 middle and elementary schools. Five private schools serve more than 2,000 students in Meridian, with an average acceptance rate of 81%. Some of the best private schools in the city include Cole Valley Christian Schools and the Ambrose School. Religious organizations, mainly Christian, run 60% of the private schools in the city. Institutions of higher learning are also emerging in the city. For instance, Idaho State University opened a campus in Meridian. The city’s proximity to other metropolises such as Nampa and Boise enables residents in Meridian to easily access universities and colleges in the Boise Metropolitan Area. Residents can drive for less than 30 minutes to access universities and colleges in the nearby cities.

Why Meridian?

Meridian real estate consistently ranks as one of the best in Idaho and the United States, and it is among the most expensive in the country. The city’s economy is booming, and the real estate market is highly competitive. Meridian is also one of the safest and most friendly communities to make you feel at home. Safety and comfort of the residents are a top priority, and crime rates are meager. The best reasons to move to Meridian include excellent public schools, a blossoming economy, convenient and friendly neighborhoods, and great recreational activities. You definitely don’t want to miss any investment opportunity in Meridian. Grab your lot while land is still available and prices friendly. The clock is ticking.


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