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Mobile Home - Las Cruces, NM

Las Cruces, NM, has long curved its reputation as a historical city brimming with culture. With its ornate monuments, elaborate architecture, and awe-inspiring landscapes, it has continued to attract millions of people looking forward to getting lost in its undeniable splendor. The warmth of those that call the place home is legendary; a city famous for its welcoming nature. This remarkable combination of qualities has made the city a desirable place for many people looking into buying a mobile home - Las Cruces, NM.

Have you been seriously thinking about buying a mobile home in a place where your expectations will not only be met but be exceeded? A place where you will feel at home? Las Cruces, NM, is a city you should consider as you make those relocation plans.



history arkansas

Las Cruces, NM, history goes back millions of years. As proved by paleontological analysis of fossils scattered around mountains and deserts in the area, reptiles and amphibians roamed on its surface. It is home to what the Smithsonian Institute has described as “the world’s best-fossilized footprints from the Permian period.” More than one and a half-century ago, Perfect Don Pablo Melendres issued an order for an area on which a town would be built to be mapped. The work of doing the mapping fell on a United States Army lieutenant called Delos Bennett Sackett. With rawhide ropes and blocks, Sackett laid the foundation for what came to be known today as Las Cruces, NM. People from different communities found a home there, including people from the El Paso and Dona Ana communities. The responsibility of protecting those communities from bandit attacks in the summer of 1948 fell on the First Dragoon of Company H alongside 87 soldiers. The war that the United States and Mexico were embroiled in came to an end with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. Thanks to that treaty, Dona Ana was transferred from Mexico to the United States as the two countries committed to the cessation of hostilities. In a bid to maintain law and order, Don Pablo sought the help of the United States army in laying the foundations for Las Cruces. A piece of land was set aside for a plaza and church. There are many theories that explain how Las Cruces got its name. One theory says that during the 18th century, a priest, a bishop, four trappers, and four choir boys came under attack. Only one boy survived the attack. To honor them posthumously, a number of crosses were put up, giving rise to the name El Pueblo del Jardín de Las Cruces. The name translates to the City of the Garden of Crosses. Other explanations say that the crosses were put up to honor those who had lost their lives in Apache raids. Even with the rise of Las Cruces, the anti-US sentiment remained as the residents preferred to be under the rule of Mexico over that of the United States. That sentiment saw the movement of scores of families from the area to the Rio Grande, which was situated to the west and was under the influence of Mexicans. The exodus happened in 1850. Las Cruces was visited regularly by prominent figures such as Geronimo, Victorio, and Clyde Tombaugh, the man who is said to have discovered Pluto.

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Things to do in Las Cruces

Things to do in Las Cruces

things to do in arkansas

Visit The New Mexico Farm And Ranch Heritage Museum

The New Mexico Farm And Ranch Heritage Museum is where history comes alive. Paying the museum a visit will afford you the opportunity to learn about thousands of years of farming and ranching in the area. Set on 47-acre land, the museum has exhibitions and demonstrations that enable visitors to see how Las Cruces, NM, has evolved over the years. You leave the place enlightened about the area’s rich history and culture.

It is a children-friendly place so you can bring your kids along to enjoy what’s on offer.

Indulge In Golf

Golf enthusiasts will tell you nothing beats the experience of teeing off on a warm day. If you are one, then Las Cruces is a place where you would rather be. You don’t have to be a pro to play as different playing levels are available for both the amateurs and the professionals. The city is dotted with golf courses, including the Sonoma Ranch Golf Course, which offers a championship-level golfing experience, and the Red Hawk Golf Club, rated among the best.

Dive Into The Glamor Of Cowboy Culture

Las Cruces, NM, is where the cowboy culture finds its most captivating expression. It’s an aspect of the city’s culture that attracts tourists and keeps them coming back. Few things beat the sight of cowboys in their colorful boots and hats, galloping on horseback or belting out soulful ballads. A whole week in September is devoted to celebrating cowboy culture.

things to do in arkansas

Unreal mobile homes in Las Cruces, NM

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Map showing Las Cruces


Las Cruces, NM, is a city in Dona County, Southern New Mexico. Sitting on the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, it lies 38 miles northwest of El Paso along the Rio Grande. The city’s climatic conditions mimic those of a desert. It experiences little to no precipitation annually. Averagely, the temperature in Las Cruces, NM, is 65.4 ℉. Rainfall in a year stands at 8.7 inches. The driest month of the year, according to data by Climate Data, is 0.2 inches. Most rain is experienced by the city in July, averaging 1.3 inches. The temperatures peak in June, hitting 84.3 ℉. December ranks as the coldest month with temperatures dipping to as low as 44.2 ℉.

Las Cruces demographics

Las Cruces demographics

arkansas demographics

As you would expect of any cosmopolitan area, Las Cruces, NM, is a magnet for people from different racial and cultural backgrounds. You will find Caucasians, Latinos, African Americans, and Indians. The city is what you might describe as a rainbow city, where everybody feels they belong.

According to a World Population Review, the population of Las Cruces, NM, stands at 105, 292 with a population density of 1, 369 people per square mile. The city has posted a 7.86% increase in its population since the 2020 census was done. Whites make up the bulk of the area’s population, accounting for 85.76% of the people who live there. African Americans make up 2.76% of the population. Female persons are the majority, making up 50.6% of the city’s population.

The average household income stands at $60, 116 with the poverty rate standing at 23.59%. Overally, the median age for Las Cruces is 32.3 years; 31.3 years for male persons, and 33.5 years for females.

Las Cruces, NM, is home to a significant number of industries. The town has a booming manufacturing sector, providing scores of employment opportunities for the local people. It is also a place where aerospace research and testing happen. Respected aerospace firms like Boeing, General Dynamics, Honeywell, and NASA have a footprint in the city. Other industries powering the economy of Las Cruces, NM, include digital media, healthcare, and value-added agriculture.

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Arts in Las Cruces

Arts in Las Cruces

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Part of what makes Las Cruces, NM, thrive is its arts and entertainment scene. The city’s skyline is filled with cultural venues including the New Mexico Farm, Ranch Heritage Museum, and the Las Cruces Museum of Art. There are many events every year to attend such as the Border Book Festival, the Day of the Dead, the Whole Enchilada Fiesta, and the New Mexico State Fair.

Lovers of good music are well-taken care of at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival, where talented musicians serenade people with soulful ballads.

colorado arts

Schools in Las Cruces

Schools in Las Cruces

As you contemplate buying a mobile home (Las Cruces, NM), you might be understandably curious to know if there are good schools in the area. That should not worry you as the “City of the Garden of Crosses” is dotted with some of the best schools. Your kids will have access to quality education to brighten their prospects. MacArthur Elementary School and Montevista Elementary School are among the best elementary schools in the area. There are many middle-level schools to choose from including Camino Real Middle School and Picacho Middle School. If you have kids who are in high school, you can take them to the Las Cruces High School, or the Mayfield High School where they are assured of a good education. Las Cruces, NM, is also home to a number of higher education institutions such as the New Mexico State University and the privately-owned Business Skills Institute among others.

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Why Las Cruces?

Why Las Cruces?

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If you have desired to live in a place where you will feel at home and where a level of decency is guaranteed, Las Cruces, NM, is where that noble desire will be met. The city has everything you need to afford you a stress-free life. It is where you and those you hold dear deserve to be. You will definitely like it here. Buying a mobile home in this great city is a decision you will not regret. If anything, you will wonder why you never made that decision early enough.

Ask those who call Las Cruces, NM home what it’s like living there, and they will tell you it’s a dream come true.

why arkansas

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