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Buying a Mobile Home in Paterson, NJ, is the New Trend in Combating the High Costs of Homeownership

Paterson, NJ, is a city of vast opportunities and a mixed economy. The cost of homeownership in Paterson is high and out of reach for almost half of the population. This has led to a significant interest in mobile homes. Mobile Homes are considered an affordable means of owning a home and doing away with the excruciating pain of paying rent. Many people who move to Paterson find the city enriching for its rich social life and cultural heritage. Paterson offers an opportunity for the budding entrepreneur and the dedicated employee to make bank, considering the city's business and work opportunities. The city is suitable for those who want to establish families. The rich educational system cutting from elementary to university is a reason to buy your mobile home in Paterson, NJ. Read on.


Paterson is a city conceived out of the vengefulness of the pioneers of our nation. Spat by London's hubris for being the leading supplier of manufactured products, the pioneers came up with a commission from the Society for Enterprise Useful Manufacturers (SUM). Tasked with an all-important task, SUM carried out studies to find a place to establish an industrial city. Stumbling upon the Great Falls of the Passaic, the commission found a suitable place to establish a city. Thus began the story of Peterson. In 1791, the New Jersey Legislature received and ratified plans by the SUM to establish an industrial city. In effect, SUM began its work in earnest, first creating waterpower and a powerplant to harness the power of River Passaic. The first manufacturing companies were established with the initial success, ranging from cotton mills to armory production. With the popularity of the cotton industry in Patterson, given the city was producing most of the silk in the US, the city forged a single identity – the silk city. The industrial fortunes of Paterson would spur in the close of the 20th Century. Car manufacturing became the city's forte, with 80% of all cars produced in the US coming from Patterson's assembly plants. Thus, the 19th Century can be termed Paterson's golden years.

Things to do in Paterson

Visit the Paterson Museum at the Thomas Roger Building on Market Street. The city hosts the Lambert Castle, which preserves the Carolina Lambert legacy. There are several art exhibitions in the Paterson Museum. Also, visit the Castle, a fantastic place for history nerds. Tour the Hinchliffe Stadium, which is historic and carries memories of the Jim Crow Era. A plus to your historical tours.
Lovers of nature find the Great all of the Passaic to have a calming effect. Visit the Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park to have a wholesome experience.
For your wanderlust fantasy, visit the Paterson City Hall. It has a replica of France's architectural designs. It is likely to blow your breath away. The same is true for the Cathedral of St John the Baptist, whose picturesque gothic design is the hallmark of European heritage. While at it, tour the Thomas Rogers Locomotive Erecting Shop. This will inspire a love of classic cars. Various carriages and collections adorn the old shop, now turned into a museum.
To enjoy the artistic genius of Paterson, visit the Pccc Art Galleries and Art Factory Studio. This is a perfect place to get a feel of contemporary classical artworks. You are likely to be inspired by the vast collections ranging from IV Kings Creations to contemporary works.
The Bonfire Mofongo House is your idea of heaven for lovers of exotic foods. The Bonfire Mofongo House offers varied cuisines. Make sure to sample one of the main courses, East India's Litti Chokha.
For a night of fun, visit the La Chiflada Club. Make sure to carry with you your dancing shoes. This is the place to celebrate your first house purchase.

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Map showing Paterson


Paterson is located in Passaic County. The city covers 22.54 square kilometers. Peterson is 77-foot off the Great Fall of the Passaic River. The city assumes the overall Piedmont region general area. Lakes and rolling hills characterize this. Regarding the distance to other cities within its neighborhood, Paterson is 14 miles from Newark and 11.5 miles from George Washington Bridge. Among the major cities, Paterson is close to New York, which is 17 miles away. Consider consulting an architect for the mobile home design appropriate to the Paterson climate. The city has very warm and humid summers, with the temperature rising to highs of 85°F and, on some rare occasions, 93°F. The winters are freezing and snowy. The temperatures can fall to lows of 23°F and, on some rare occasions, to 10°F.

Paterson demographics

Paterson has a population of 159,732. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the US. Paterson is the third-largest city in NJ. There are 17,134 people per square mile. It has a diverse racial makeup, with an almost equal percentage between African Americans and Whites, even though Hispanics make up most of the population. The percentage racial distribution is Latinos or Hispanics, 61.4%; Whites, 27.2.%, and African Americans, 25.7%. Thus, Hispanics have mixed heritages, some being black and some being White. Paterson is a favorite destination for immigrants, as they make up 42.5% of the population.
The median household income is $45,141, which is low considering the costs of living in Paterson. At least 61% of the working-age population is employed. The cost of homeownership in this city is $405,554. The cost of rent is $1,560. This data proves that the cost of housing is high in Paterson and that mobile homes are an easy alternative to homeownership. It also cuts costs. Also, given that 25% of the population lives in poverty, a less costly pricing approach to housing and homeownership is preferable to a considerable percentage of the population.

Arts in Paterson

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

The city pays homage to history and culture. The Upper Raceway Park bears in its bosom the city's artistic history. The Danforth Memorial Library bears the romanticist peerage of an archive.
Cinema lovers frequent the Fabian 8 Cinema to get a feel of Broadway. The Fabian 8 Cinema is a temple to the visual arts. The latest blockbusters are on display in Fabian 8 Cinema halls.
The city hosts multicultural events. The Taste of Brooklyn is the Christmas of festivities in Paterson. During the Taste of Brooklyn festival, people cook various dishes and cuisines from vast cultures.
The people of Paterson know a thing about the power of shopping. The Westfield Garden State Plaza is dedicated to lovers of shopping. Within the Westfield Garden State Plaza shops are the latest high fashion brands.
Paterson is known for its rich nightlife. The Habibi & Hookah lounge is one of the favorite spots for pop music lovers. The Beso Lounge is known for its electric party life with booming Latino music.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Paterson

If you consider buying a mobile home in Paterson to raise your family, you are in luck. Paterson has one of the best family-friendly environments, especially regarding the education system. The Paterson School District ensures that children receive a quality education. The city elementary schools are known for their excellent high school preparation, nurturing of social skills, and developing of cognitive skills and social competencies. Some of the best schools to enroll your child in include the Paterson Academy for the Gifted and Talented, Alexander Hamilton Academy, Charles J. Riley School 9, School 27, and Roberto Clemente. When your child transitions from elementary to high school, choose a high school based on its college preparedness and graduation rate. Among the top schools as per this competency, criteria are the School of Earth and Sport Science, John F Kennedy High School, International High School, and Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts, to mention but a few. Paterson School District assures a stable transition of kids through the education system by providing quality high schools. The critical high schools include the International High School, Rosa L. Parks School of Fine and Performing Arts, School of Earth and Sport Science, Harp Academy, and John F Kennedy High School. Paterson has got you if you consider enrolling in a post-grad or graduate course to advance your career or professionalism. Some of the best universities to pursue your course include William Paterson University, Felician University, DeVry University, and Berkeley College – Woodland Park Campus.

Why Paterson?

Having explored the area, Paterson is an excellent place to settle. Given the high costs of renting and homeownership, a mobile home is preferable for solving the housing challenge. Buy a mobile home today as you explore the diverse opportunities that Paterson provides.


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