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Here's Why You Should Consider Getting a Mobile Home in Owensboro, KY

Owensboro is the county seat of Daviess County and the industrial, retail, medical and cultural hub of western Kentucky. The mid-size city ranks well in diversity, cost of living, crime rate and education, and that's why it is among the best places to call home. Besides its wide range of cultural and recreational activities, the city offers a healthy economy and a variety of jobs that residents can choose from. Getting a mobile home in Owensboro, Kentucky, will give you access to world-class amenities, fantastic parks and green spaces, and posh bars and restaurants to hang out. Here, you will discover a city where foodies can indulge, families can play, and musicophilia can dance to traditional bluegrass music. Read on to discover why you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase a mobile home in Owensboro.


Evidence of Native American settling in Owensboro dates back to 12000 years. However, the indigenous people were ousted from the area following a series of failed rebellions against the British reign in the 18th century. William Smeathers, popularly known as Bill Smothers, was the first European descendant to settle in Owensboro in 1797, where he constructed a cabin on the bank of the Ohio River. The original settlers arrived on the south side of the riverbank from the northeast in flatboats drifting naturally with the swift river currents. The original site was referred to as "Yellow Banks" in reference to the soil color along Ohio River banks. Daviess County was the first to be created in 1815 through an act by the Kentucky General Assembly in honor of Joseph Hamilton Daviess, a fallen hero killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe. The General Assembly further planned for Owensborough town in memory of Col. Abraham Owen, who also died in Tippecanoe. The town was later renamed to its current name, Owensboro, in 1893. Agriculture and coal mining have played a significant role in the history of Owensboro. The southern region along the rolling hills of Panther Creek was rich in coal, which was mined for years. Established in 1884, Owensboro Wagon Company is one of the oldest manufacturing companies in the city.

Things to do in Owensboro

Owensboro is a city famous for its softball tournament and parks. Smothers Park is one of the places to visit within the city for a lovely riverside picnic. The park, nestled on the banks of the scenic Ohio River, is packed with riverfront swinging benches, a vast playing ground, a memorial to honor prisoners of war and MIAs and a splash pad. The visitors also enjoy the magnificent fountains with water shows, a river overlook, a concession stand, a picnic area and a waterfall.

Hiking at Yellow Creek Park provides an opportunity to interact with wildlife such as muskrats, woodpeckers, turkeys, deer, and several others. Additionally, the park will give you a chance to engage in a vast array of outdoor recreation activities such as disk golf, picnicking, hiking and fishing.
The Town Square Mall, Owensboro, offers residents and visitors a convenient one-stop shopping facility housing two department stores, several places to eat and drink, and many small specialty stores with almost everything they need. You may also tour the Green River Distilling Company open to visitors all year round for tour and tasting. Since the late 19th century, the historical site has served many distilleries. In addition to watching the fascinating process of making bourbon whisky, you will have a chance to try out some of their best varieties of bourbon. The place is famous for its excellent whiskies.

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Owensboro is situated in Daviess County, in the state of Kentucky, United States. The city is strategically situated on the banks of the Ohio River on U.S. Route 60, about 57 km southeast of Evansville, Indiana. Owensboro has a total area of 52.9 km2, of which 49.5 km2 is covered with land and 3.4 km2 is water. Owensboro's residents enjoy a humid subtropical climate distinguished by humid, hot summers and relatively cold winters. The average temperature varies drastically over the year. The temperatures are favorable between summer and winter, considering the humidity. July, August and June are the hottest months, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities. The hottest time of the year is typically mid-July, when highs are around 32°C, with night temperature rarely dropping 20.8°C. During springtime, March through May, temperature and humidity combine to make the season feel favorable. Rainfall is somewhat common, with 7 to 10 days of significant precipitation in a month. Winter is experienced from December through February, with the average high ranging between 9.6°C and 5°C. Temperature differences during this time can be high day-to-day. It usually snows or rains 4 to 7 times per month on average.

Owensboro demographics

Owensboro ranks fourth among the state's largest cities by population density. The residents of Owensboro make up a dynamic community that strives for diversity. The city has a total population of 59,796, with a median age of 38.4. Of this population, 52.33% are females, and 47.67% are males. Citizens born in the United States account for 95.25% of the residents in the city, while non-US-born make up 2.12%. Moreover, non-citizens represent 2.63% of the residents. Owensboro is home to 25,414 families, each with an average of 2 members.

Households in Owensboro generate a median yearly income of $44,705. About 26.97% of these households earn more income than the national average per year. The average household expenditure per year is $49,882. Much of their income is spent on transportation, food and beverages, shelter, health care and utilities. The city has a cost-of-living index of 84.9, 15.1% below the national average. In today's economy, you will hardly find a city that is affordable to live in yet still offers the benefits of deluxe metropolitan life.

Arts in Owensboro

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Owensboro RiverPark Center is a popular performing art and civic center with a multi-purpose auditorium and experimental theater housing more than 1500 people. The center also boasts an open-air courtyard, a riverfront plaza and the International Bluegrass Music Museum.

The Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum is a must-visit when in Owensboro, whether you're a casual listener or a bluegrass fanatic. You will also learn much about the history and artists of this top-of-the-line music through interactive galleries, exhibits and unique memorabilia. Try various bluegrass instruments in a Pickin' Parlor available for locals and visitors. Also, don't miss out on the events calendar at the museum to experience a live bluegrass show.

The Owensboro Museum of Fine Art, the second-largest art museum in the state, aims to connect people with their culture through collecting, preserving, interpreting and exhibiting visual arts. The museum offers exhibitions and education programs to expand creativity and awareness for all backgrounds and ages. Owensboro Museum of Science and History in Owensboro's downtown is a family-friendly entertainment center, a learning facility and a gathering spot within a historic 19th-century building.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Owensboro

About 14.39% of the population in Owensboro holds a bachelor's degree, while 24.26% have a college certificate, and 40.9% have attained a high school degree. The city has five private schools which serve at least 1,419 students. Owensboro Catholic High School and Owensboro Catholic Elementary K-3 are among the top-ranked private schools in the area. The public schools in the metro are above average. Owensboro is known for the highest concentration of top-ranked public schools in the state, with 33 public schools serving more than 16,103 students. Some of the top public schools in the region include Tamarack Elementary School, Deer Park Elementary School and Sutton Elementary School. The city is also home to 4 colleges, and residents can also enroll in the 46 colleges within 100 miles.

Why Owensboro?

Owensboro is one of the few cities that offers the residents a rich quality of life. Owensboro is your place if you are looking for an affordable and enjoyable city to live in. The neighborhood has put up strategies to develop and nurture a skilled workforce, a high-quality education system, and a riverfront with one of the country's biggest play parks. Owensboro bills itself as the "Bar-B-Q Capital of the World," holding a Bar-B-Q Festival every year filled with food, dance, music and more food. The city's downtown invites a leisurely lunch date and a scenic stroll, followed by an art museum visit, live bluegrass music and a bourbon distillery tour. The low cost of living, hospitable communities and affordable homes are among the reasons many people desire to live in the city. Join the lovely Owensboro community by buying your mobile home today.


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