fort wayne indiana
fort wayne indiana

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Fort Wayne, IN Condos
Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a northeastern town that offers all the prospects of a rising, progressive metropolis with an attachment to traditional elegance. It is the second-largest city in Indiana.

You will find an abundance of services and extracurricular possibilities within walking distance of where you live. Due to its massive appeal, the potential of buying a condo in Fort Wayne, IN, attracts individuals from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Fort Wayne's thriving economy offers various employment and business possibilities. Also, you can opt to buy a condo in Fort Wayne, IN, inside the city's limits.

If the thought of luxurious living in top-of-the-line condos in Fort Wayne, IN, is appealing, you may have found your answer.

Fort Wayne - Where Your Money Goes a Long Way
Living in Fort Wayne is less costly than living in most American cities. You'll find it 12% less expensive than the national average in every category, from products to services.
You will also notice that housing expenses are 30% lower than the national average and benefit from 7% lower transport costs and 9% lower utility costs.

Because of the affordable living cost in this town, it is much more feasible to buy a condo in Fort Wayne, IN, where the financial gods are working in your favor.



indiana history

The U.S. Army was instrumental in building Fort Wayne in 1794 under the watchful eye of Anthony Wayne, a famous general in the revolutionary war. It is the last in several forts that the army erected in the Kekionga Miami village. Fort Wayne was named to honor General Wayne, who focused on building this European-American settlement strategically at the confluence of the St. Mary's, Maumee, and St. Joseph's rivers. The region received much attention throughout the years, especially from land-thirsty wealthy Americans. This move caused an increased conflict between Native Americans and the Western Confederacy union. As is typical with conflict, there are always casualties. The friction caused people to be internally displaced, and they sought to settle in other regions. Miami state gracefully accepted two tribes, the Delaware and Shawnee. These refugees settled at Kekionga village and developed a trading point at the confluence of three rivers; Maumee, St. Joseph, and St. Mary. The trading point prompted officials to draw a plan for a small town in 1823. This plan underwent development to become one of the most thriving towns in the region. As the city continued to grow, the crime rate increased. The increased crime prompted the city officials to take action and revitalize the downtown area in the 1990s. Outcomes of these strategies were felt in 1998 when the corruption rate declined by 2.4%, promoting a thriving economy. Fort Wayne continued to grow with time, and authorities invested in implementing new amenities. Some of the iconic structures included the Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne Museum, and the mega Fort Wayne Convention Center. Other mega infrastructure projects included the Parkview field and Harrison Square. Fort Wayne is strategically located in the Rust Belt, a region renowned as a major manufacturing hub. This strategic location enabled the city to experience explosive growth. Consequently, the economy stabilized across all sectors; hospitality, transportation, healthcare, business, distribution, and professional services.

indiana history

Things to do in Fort Wayne

Things to do in Fort Wayne

indiana things to do

Fort Wayne, IN, is the hub of fun and entertainment. While there's a lot to do, we've narrowed the list for you. Discover thrilling experiences from children's zoos, sports complexes, and getaway date nights.

Here is a shortlist of Fort Wayne's favorite attractions and spots to visit:

Foellinger-Freimann Botanical Conservatory and Historic Fort Wayne are in the downtown section. If you love the water, try out the Hurshtown Reservoir close to Grabill. This reservoir is an impressively large body of water in Allen County and is popular with water sports enthusiasts for sailing and fishing.

Sports: Fort Wayne enjoys a reputation as being the NBAs birthplace because Carl Bennett, the Pistons' coach, negotiated a merger between the BAA and the NBL in 1948 from his Alexander Street home

The American Alliance of Museums has celebrated the Fort Wayne Museum of Art with accreditation because it specializes in collecting and showcasing American art.

indiana things to do

Unreal condos in Fort Wayne, IN

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Map showing Fort Wayne


Fort Wayne is built in the East North Central region of the Midwestern United States, in northeastern Indiana, 18 miles west of Ohio and 50 miles south of Michigan. This town lies on flat land with little topographical relief due to the Wisconsin glaciation episode that flattened the region many thousands of years ago. As the glaciers receded, they eroded the ground, leaving an even sediment distribution across its surface during the last glacial period. As a result, Cedar Creek Canyon is the most distinguishable topographical feature, which you can see just north of the city near Huntertown.

Fort Wayne demographics

Fort Wayne demographics

indiana demographics

According to the 2010 Census, Fort Wayne comprises 253,691 people and 113,541 households. The city reflected an annual growth rate of 1.06%, registering a population of 279,228 as of 2020.

There were 31.1% of families with children under 18, 42.3% of married couples, 14.8% of females living alone, 4.9% of males living alone, and 38.0% of non-families in the same period. Individuals made up 31.2% of all households, and 9.7% of those alone were 65 or older, translating to 2.44 homes and 3.09 families.

Fort Wayne has a median family income of $70,364 and a poverty rate of 12.60%.
The city has a young 34.5 age median. Details of this demographic are:

Younger than 18: 26%
18-24: 10%
25–44: 25%
45–64: 25%
65+: 12%

The city has a 48.4:51.6 male to female ratio.

indiana demographics

Arts in Fort Wayne

Arts in Fort Wayne

indiana arts

Whether you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway for the family or just some personal relaxation time, Fort Wayne, IN, is the place to be.

The Embassy Theater will captivate you with the high caliber of its theatrical presentations. Both performers and viewers can participate in or see fantastic productions throughout the year.

You can experience the joy of art and crafts throughout the parks and art galleries in Fort Wayne's cultural hub - The Granary. This city is full of surprises. Whatever the season (summer or winter), you will always find an entertainment destination.

indiana arts

Schools in Fort Wayne

Schools in Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne, IN, is a family-oriented community with solid morals, where education and your children's future are of paramount importance. You may be confident that Fort Wayne boasts some of the most outstanding schools in the state to meet your family's educational needs. It may be a small city, but Fort Wayne still houses public districts and private schools. Fort Wayne is also home to higher learning institutions. Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) is Indiana's largest public school district, enrolling 30,981 students in the 2013–2014 academic year. FWCS operates 51 facilities, including 31 elementary schools, ten middle schools, and five high schools. The Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana comprises two campuses in the city. Further, you can select from three private universities in Fort Wayne. These institutions are the University of Saint Francis, the Concordia Theological Seminary, and the Indiana Institute of Technology. The Crossroads Bible College is a private institution that features regional branches in Fort Wayne. Similarly, Grace College and the Theological Seminary also have regional branches in this town. Both the Harrison College and International Business College are for-profit facilities that you can attend or in which you can enroll your children.

indiana schools

Why Fort Wayne?

Why Fort Wayne?

indiana why

There Is No Place Like Fort Wayne, In
Fort Wayne is distinguishable by its strong sense of community, safe and pleasant neighborhoods, vibrant city life, and rich historical legacy. Friendly individuals who are helpful and ready to go above and beyond to assist you are pleased to call it home, love their condo living, and often claim "there is no place like Fort Wayne, IN," so don't wait to get your condo in Fort Wayne, IN to enjoy a strong sense of community life.

indiana why

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