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Boise, ID Real Estate
It seems that people are flocking to Boise, Idaho, to buy real estate. Boise has quite the charming reputation because this unassuming Western city is well known for its cleanliness, good mix of shops, and excellent walkability. It is not a massive city, but it is most certainly large enough to cater to all levels of society, especially if your goal is to invest in Boise, ID, real estate.

A Little Bit of Spice and All Things Nice in Boise, ID
For all its safe, homey vibes, do not think Boise is boring for one minute. This vibrant city has everything from cultural to culinary delights. And if outdoor activities are your thing, then you cannot go wrong living here.

You will be delighted with the many Boise River activities, the bike scene, and for those just wanting a bit of relaxation with a sprinkle of scenery, a wide selection of parks from which to choose. Boise, ID, real estate is waiting to give you your dream home!


History of Boise, Idaho It is always a good thing to know the history of where you will be buying your house. Boise, Idaho, "City of Trees," is steeped in a rich history that may endear you to the area. There is an interesting story about the Boise name. In 1863 a group of French-Canadian travelers passed through the Snake River plain area, and as they climbed to the top of a large hill, they discovered a river thickly shrouded in trees and foliage. In their excitement to find relief from the dry terrain, they repeatedly called out 'Les Bois' ('the woods'). This incident led to the name Fort Boise, the city's namesake. After the gold rush in 1862 to the Boise River basin, Fort Boise saw the development of a community to service the mines nearby. Its rapid growth was assured because of its location near the crossroads of the Oregon Trail, Boise Basin, and the Owyhee mines. This convenient location led it to become Idaho's capital city in 1864. The Boise Irrigation System Project built several dams, including Arrowrock Dam on the Boise River, to provide the area with water storage and recreational activities. In addition, the building of this dam was invaluable to agricultural expansion, which further aided the growth of Boise in the early 20th century and the rise of commercial lumber and construction industries alike. Since then, Boise has continued to expand as other industries have arisen. Agriculture and lumbering aside, electronics, wholesale trade, and trucking have contributed to this growing economy. Interestingly most of the city's population growth in the 1990s was due to high-tech industries. At its heart, Boise, Idaho, will always be famous for its beautiful foliage, housing numerous city parks that contain trees from all over the world. So it is no surprise that Boise is home to the Boise National Forest. This National Forest is entrenched in Boise history, as abandoned mines and ghost towns can be spotted everywhere. It's safe to say that this is a well-established city with much to offer the homeowner.

Things to do in Boise

This thriving city has just everything and anything to offer its natives and visitors alike. So whether you are single, a family, on a business trip, or just want a few hours away from the humdrum of routine, then Boise has you covered.

Boise River Greenbelt: For those wanting a breath of fresh air and beautiful nature, make your way to Boise River Greenbelt. It is a park along the riverbanks of the Boise River. Either walk or bike your way over this 25-mile stretch in the scenic views and wildlife surroundings.

Aquarium of Boise: This hands-on aquarium is built in a 10,000 sq. ft. remodeled warehouse. It grows continuously with delightful marine animals from crabs to coral to sharks and starfish. The aquarium invites a hands-on experience where visitors get to touch or hold the animals.

Boise Art Museum: This museum is one of the best places to visit if you are an art lover. Be enthralled by the Education Wing, a Sculptor Court, a Museum Store, and more.

Discovery Center of Idaho: With over 200 exhibits, this science center seeks to inspire people to take a keen interest in science, math, and technology. Not only can you experience the permanent exhibits but also enjoy the rotating exhibitions and a class or two.

Capital City Public Market: For a mish-mash of colors, flavors, and experiences, this market will liven up your day. With 150 vendors daily, you can imagine the variety. The market features everything from fresh local produce and food to the creations of local artisans.

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Geographical Location of Boise, ID Boise is 41 miles east of Oregon and 110miles north of Nevada, situated on the Boise River in southwestern Idaho. Being the capital city and the most populous city in Idaho, it forms the county seat of Ada County. As the 77th most populous metropolitan area in the United States, it falls under the Boise Treasure Valley, which includes five counties. Boise is one of its largest cities next to Nampa and Meridian and holds some of the most prime and sought-after real estate in Idaho.

Boise demographics

Demographics and Industry in Boise, Idaho
According to a 2020 census, Boise is growing at a steady rate of 0.22% per year. Looking over the last ten years, you can see a 12.08% increase in population, which brings the present figure to just under 230,510. Boise also has a population density of 2,775 people per square mile.

The median age in Boise across the board is 36.6 years, 36.1 years for males, and 37.1 years for females. Most certainly a young demographic, which would account for the popularity of Boise, ID, homeowners.

The racial composition of this city is dominantly White making up 89.25% of the population, followed by those of mixed race at 4.43%. The rest of Boise’s population comprises Black or African Americans, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders.

More than 60% of people are homeowners in Boise, Idaho. An average household income of $82.424 per year and the poverty being a low 13.75% combined with the median house value of $253.400 may account for the affordability of houses in the city.

Arts in Boise

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Boise Arts and Entertainment
Boise is a growing city with an even more significant, growing arts, music, and entertainment scene. Renowned musicians make their stops in the city and draw in the crowds with their concerts.

With various bars, restaurants, and coffee shops hosting local bands, the streets are flowing with music. From festivals to film, comedy, and storytelling, Boise is an ambassador for culture.

Take a walk in downtown Boise and be bedazzled with the city’s flair for fine arts. The streets are lined with indoor and outdoor art galleries galore. And for those theater lovers, Boise has you covered with a broad range of theatrical productions from stage to the screen.

Mural in Spanish Harlem in New York City

Schools in Boise

Schools in Boise Boise has the best to offer in terms of elementary schools starting from the ground up. Highland Elementary School, Hidden Springs, Longfellow, and Callister Elementary School are rated the best. The best Junior High Schools in Boise are East Junior High and North Junior High, followed by Boise High School and Timberline School. All these schools are described as transformative, facilitating the growth and development of students in academic, cultural, and sporting arenas. There are six prominent colleges and universities in the city, all within a 20-mile radius. Of these schools, 4 are four-year private colleges or universities which cater to over 5,000 student enrollments. Franklin University, Northwest Nazarene University, Steven-Henager College, and Boise Bible College are top schools where students achieved over 2,200 degrees in 2021. When buying a home in Boise, Idaho, schools and tertiary education make the top of the list of inquiries. However, a home is more than a house. It should also be a supportive environment that encourages the acquisition of knowledge which, as growing families and individuals know, is power.

Why Boise?

Boise, Idaho Calls You Home
With the fluctuating economic climate, Boise, Idaho, can certainly offer you the opportunity to own a home here.

This vibrant and growing city invites you to call it home, to experience the richness of its culture, the splendor of nature, the power of learning, and the warmth of its communities. So, take a leap of faith and invest in your Boise, ID, real estate today.


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