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A Mobile Home in Fort Smith, AR, is A Prized Treasure and Worthwhile Investment

Fort Smith is among the best places to live, thanks to the living standards and traffic. The city offers all the necessities of living a decent life and a dense suburban feel. The plenty of social amenities, thriving economy, vibrant entertainment and art sectors, many attraction sites and convenient location at the confluence of the Poteau and Arkansas rivers make mobile home investments a lucrative deal in Fort Smith, AR. Read on.


Before the US was colonized by Europeans, Fort Smith was inhabited by several indigenous American peoples who loved the beneficial site near the rivers. The waterways were used to trade and transportation and supply water and fish for their villages. The city's closeness to these waterways was integral to its growth. During the Colonial period, the French settled there, claiming the city to be a version of their La Louisiana and New France. The French fur traders also traveled through other rivers to trade in the city. As the US scrambled for independence, Fort Smith was established as a military post in 1817. After the city's establishment, a stockade was developed and occupied from 1817 to 1822 by a small troop of regulars illustrated by Major William Bradford. Before the army abandoned the area, small settlements were already being formed. John Rogers, a land speculator and an army sutler, brought up previously government-owned lands and the development of the new civilian town of Fort Smith. Due to the town's convenient location, the military presence was re-established during the 1830s, the era of Indian Removal. The town also housed the army during the Mexican War and continued to grow after the absence of federal troops. The town is currently restructuring its downtown to promote economic growth.

Things to do in Fort Smith

The city is filled with history, culture, and tradition ranging from historic streetcars to Italianate-style Clayton House Mansion. Visitors spend days wandering the diverse natural landscapes and discovering modern attractions in the region. For a better experience in the city, consider a blend of education and fun activities and spend your nights in rented, affordable mobile homes.
The Fort Smith National Historic Site is a must-visit area. The historic site has plenty of exhibits that focus on the western expansion and the city's military history. As you trail down the grounds, you will come across the remains of various significant structures like the reconstruction gallows that were once a treasured possession by the Federal Court.
Fort Smith's historic downtown is the home to Miss Laura's Visitor Center. Among the seven-row houses from the city's old red-light district, the former bordello is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Here, visitors enjoy plenty of artifacts and exhibits exploring the property restored to its previous grandeur. The Victorian mansion holds complementary tours to highlight significant structures in the famous building. Visiting the place guarantees a fantastic experience.
You cannot miss a museum tour in the city. One of the most famous and best museums in the city is the Fort Smith Museum of History, enabling visitors to learn about the area's culture and history. The museum's purpose is to preserve, collect and share exhibits and artifacts of different forms so that local residents and guests can learn about the city's past. You can visit the nearby 1920s Pharmacy and gram ice cream soda or sundae to wind up your day.
Parrot Island Waterpark is the best place to chill, unwind, cool down and have fun with family and friends. The park has various attractions, such as the Toucan Cove activity pool, 85,000 water gallons, and the Caribbean Splash wave pool. Beach enthusiasts can play and splash in the age-appropriate waterfalls, slides and climbing toys on Tiny Turtle Island. The park also has various adventurous slides, including the Pelican Plunge, Pineapple Plunge and Tangerine Twist, which catapults visitors into the below pool at high speeds.

Unreal mobile homes in Fort Smith, AR

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Map showing Fort Smith


The city lies on the Arkansas-Oklahoma state border, located on the convergence of the Poteau and Arkansas rivers. Fort Smith is also located 85 miles from Potter, 78 miles from Rogers, and 40 miles from Ozark. The city is surrounded by waterways, making it a convenient location for business activities.

Fort Smith demographics

The current population of Fort Smith is estimated at 88,404, with an average household income of $60,889. The median rental costs are as low and averaged at $685 monthly, and the median house value of $121,800. The homeownership rates are estimated at 50%. The average cost of site-built homes is approximated at $280,133. Unfortunately, it is hard for the residents to own site-built houses since their income levels are low. But, the residents should perhaps consider mobile homes, which costs $70,500 to build, and monthly rent varies from $632 to $1,264.

Arts in Fort Smith

Fort Smith is the hub of entertainment joints and the vibrant arts sector. The city has plenty of murals, exhibits, art drawings, paintings, and sculptures in the museums and downtown. The live theater performances host local and international acts from different regions. There is a lot for entertainment and art enthusiasts visiting and residing in the city.
The Fort Smith Museum of History is a must-visit place for art enthusiasts. The museum is located on Rogers Avenue. It comprises two floors full of antiques, artifacts and exhibits from Fort Smith's old weapons and photos. There is also an old fire engine and telephone piece displayed. One of its famous exhibits is dedicated to the local women and men who participated in World War II. The museum uses art as an inexpensive way to study the city.
The Fort Smith Regional Art Museum offers a fantastic array of professionally exhibited art. The museum's goal is to promote education and appreciation throughout the community. It also hosts cultural events, offers different programs and displays a world-class art collection. The museum has plenty of events to host that are documented on its website. Staying updated with upcoming events in Fort Smith Regional Art Museum is essential to ensure you do not miss any significant events.
The city has the best nightlife that gives you the chance to be wild and unwind on the busy weekdays. Visitors like hanging out in The Cactus and Recovery Room Club, especially on weekends. The city has a lot of entertainment to offer for those not having fun with clubbing. They can opt to visit the live theaters and enjoy plenty of performances from loc and international artists. The best live theaters include Fort Smith Little Theater and The Blue Lion.

Schools in Fort Smith

The city government supports education programs by funding and sponsoring extra-curricular activities. The government allocates resources to ensure that students from private and public schools perform evenly. The schools are famous in the state and enroll students from other cities. Here, students are instilled with good behavior and taught basic life skills to ensure they grow to be responsible adults in the future. The city elementary schools are famous for their excellence at state and nation levels. They are a good start for children's educational life and lay a good foundation. The schools are well funded by the government and incorporate diverse learning strategies in the learning process. The best ones to enroll students include Fairview Elementary School and Ballman Elementary School. The city high schools help nurture the talents and abilities of students and provide them a great environment to become self-aware. The schools also prepare the students for college success and offer talented ones training programs and required connections. The best schools are Northside High School and Union Christian Academy. Fort Smith boasts of the best tertiary institutions in the city that supplies the economy with skilled workers. The institutions promote a smooth transition to adulthood and equip the students with plenty of knowledge and experience to spark their creative nature and indulge in projects that solve problems in society. The school also offers various courses to allow students to settle for the best. The top-rated tertiary institutions in Fort Smith include the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith and Future School of Fort Smith.

Why Fort Smith?

Fort Smith is among the best cities to live and raise a family in Arkansas. The city's strategic location and economic stability make it a prime location for businesses. The economy will continue to attract short and long-term residents and increase the demand for affordable mobile homes. Grab one today.


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