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Kyle Stoner
Using a tape measure for square footage
Kyle Stoner
Kyle Stoner

    How To Measure Your Homes Square Footage

    Understanding the square footage of your home is important for numerous reasons - whether you're looking to sell or rent it, or just want to understand the value of your property. In this post, we'll be discussing the various methods you can use to measure the square footage of your home, including using a tape measure, using aerial imagery, and using a floor plan.

    Tape Measure

    The first method that comes to mind is by way of tape measure. To do this, measure the length and width of each room in the home, including hallways and closets. Although it can be tedious, you will need to take into account any alcoves or cut outs in the room as these can affect the overall square footage. Once you've measured each space, add up the square footage for each room to get the total square footage of the home. 

    To properly calculate square footage, it’s advised that you measure from the inside of the walls. This includes measuring the area covered by baseboards and crown molding. By measuring from the inside of the walls, you'll get the most accurate measurement of the home's living space. You should also remember that square footage measurements may not always include all living spaces. All rooms, hallways, and closets should be counted in, but garages or unfinished basements can be left out of the figure.

    Aerial Imagery or Floor Plans

    If you don’t have a tape measure handy, or aren’t able to visit the physical location of the property, aerial imagery or floor plans are another option to find the square footage. Aerial imagery can be obtained from sites like Google Maps, and can be used to get a rough estimate of the home's square footage. While this method can give you a general idea of the square footage, it's not as accurate as obtaining the exact measurements. 

    A floor plan can be obtained from the home builder or a real estate agent, and will provide a more accurate measurement. However, these figures could also be estimates and not reflect the literal square footage. If you decide to rely on a floor plan, verify whether or not the numbers were professionally measured or simply a ballpark figure by asking the home builder or real estate agent.

    Hiring a Professional to Measure the Square Footage

    If you’re looking for a more meticulous approach, it's best to hire a professional to measure the home. Professional measurers have the right tools to measure all the nooks and crannies of a house and are skilled to measure the square footage of a house, ensuring that you get a precise measurement.

    Measuring Square Footage using Virtual Tour Tool or 3D Floor Plan software

    Another way to measure the square footage of a home is by using a virtual tour tool or 3D floor plan software. These tools allow you to “walk” through the home and take measurements of each room. Some tools even allow you to measure spaces in 3D and can provide a more accurate measurement than traditional 2D measurements. 


    Square footage is often used to determine the value of a home. However, it's important to note that it's not the only factor that determines a home's value. Location, condition, amenities, and a long list of other factors can play a role in a home's value. A smaller in terms of square footage that has newer amenities and appliances may be worth more than a larger house that is lacking those updates.

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