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    Expert Final Walkthrough Tips

    A final walkthrough is the last opportunity for a buyer to inspect a property before closing the sale. It allows the buyer to confirm that all agreed-upon repairs have been made, and the property is in the same condition as it was when they made the offer. This thorough inspection typically takes place as close to the closing day as possible and serves as a final check, ensuring the buyer is not taking on any unwanted financial burdens.

    Introduction to Final Walkthrough

    Why Is It Important?

    The importance of a final walkthrough cannot be overstated. It is the moment for the buyer to ensure that any defects or issues that may have arisen during the closing process are addressed, avoiding costly surprises after moving in. This process provides both the buyer and seller with peace of mind that the property is in the agreed-upon condition. In essence, the final walkthrough is an essential step towards a smooth property sale and a successful transition to home ownership.

    Who Should Be Present?

    Ideally, the buyer, the buyer's agent, and, where possible, a representative from the buyer's side of the transaction, should be present during the final walkthrough. The buyer's agent plays a crucial role in offering expert guidance and helping identify potential issues. The seller, however, should not be present during the final walkthrough, allowing the buyer the privacy they need to inspect the property thoroughly.

    Choosing the Right Time for a Final Walkthrough

    Weeks Or Days Before Closing?

    Determining the optimal time for a final walkthrough is not a one-size-fits-all situation. While some may suggest scheduling it a few weeks before the closing date, the consensus leans towards conducting the walkthrough as close to the closing day as possible, ideally within 24 to 48 hours. Doing so allows minimal time for unforeseen issues to emerge after the walkthrough and the transaction is finalized.

    Consider The Buyer's Timeline

    Empathy and flexibility are essential when coordinating a final walkthrough. While you, as the seller, may have preferences, it's crucial to consider the buyer's timeline as well. Their schedule might be packed with work, family, or other commitments, leading to limited availability. By accommodating the buyer's needs, you foster goodwill and move forward with a smooth property sale. 

    Working With The Buyer's Agent

    Collaboration with the buyer's agent is key to a seamless final walkthrough experience. Communicate openly and honestly to establish the best time for the walkthrough, keeping in mind that they'll need ample notice to arrange their schedule. By working proactively with the buyer's agent, you can reduce the risk of last-minute snags and ensure everyone is on the same page.

    Tips for a Smooth Final Walkthrough

    Engage In Open Communication With The Buyer's Agent

    The importance of maintaining clarity and transparency cannot be overstated. Make sure to provide the buyer's agent with meticulous details about the property's current condition, any scheduled repairs, and expectations for the final walkthrough. This open dialogue can lead to fewer surprises and more alignment between both parties, streamlining the process and keeping everyone's interests protected.

    Set Realistic Expectations

    While you might think your property is in excellent shape and ready for a swift sale, it's crucial to acknowledge that issues might still emerge during the final walkthrough. Be prepared to address the buyer's concerns, whether they involve last-minute fixes or adjustments to the closing specifics. Setting realistic expectations from the outset not only fosters a sense of trust but also empowers all parties involved to challenge conventional thinking and work towards a mutually beneficial outcome.

    Be Accommodating To The Buyer's Needs

    The final walkthrough is the buyer's chance to ensure that the property is up to their standards. It's essential to respect their time and requests throughout the process and demonstrate a willingness to be flexible should any challenges arise. By being understanding and accommodating, you signal to the buyer that their satisfaction is your top priority, which in turn can contribute to a smooth property sale and a positive experience for all involved.

    Preparing for the Final Walkthrough

    Clean And De-Clutter The Property

    Before scheduling the final walkthrough, it's essential to thoroughly clean and de-clutter the property. This not only means removing all personal belongings, but also eliminating any accumulated dust, dirt, and debris. A sparkling clean house will leave a lasting impression and provide buyers with a fresh perspective on their potential new home. Consider hiring professional cleaners to achieve that "broom-swept" standard.  

    For more information, read Decluttering for the Intentional Home.

    Know What To Expect

    A final walkthrough isn't just a casual stroll through the property. It's a crucial step in the home-buying process that allows buyers to confirm all agreed-upon repairs have been made and no new issues have arisen. To ensure a smooth and successful walkthrough, it's important to know what to expect. Familiarize yourself with the items to be covered during the walkthrough, such as appliances, fixtures, plumbing, and electrical systems. Be prepared to provide documentation for completed repairs and any agreed-upon changes. 

    Ensure All Repairs And Agreed-Upon Tasks Are Completed

    The crux of a successful final walkthrough lies in the completion of all agreed-upon repairs and tasks. Before scheduling the walkthrough, double-check that every item on the list has been addressed and properly documented. It's not enough to merely promise that repairs have been made; you'll need to provide receipts, invoices, or other evidence to back up your claims. By ensuring everything is completed before the final walkthrough, you'll be setting the stage for a smooth property sale and earning the trust of the buyer.

    To summarize, preparing for a final walkthrough involves:

    • Thoroughly cleaning and de-cluttering the property

    • Knowing what to expect during the walkthrough

    • Ensuring all repairs and agreed-upon tasks are completed and documented

    Conducting the Final Walkthrough

    Giving Ample Time For The Walkthrough

    It's essential to allocate enough time for the final walkthrough to ensure a smooth property sale. Buyers and their agents need to thoroughly inspect the property, confirm that agreed-upon repairs have been completed, and identify any potential new issues. Allowing sufficient time for this vital step in the closing process helps minimize any last-minute hiccups and reassures all parties involved. As most walkthroughs typically take place within days of the closing, accommodating buyers' schedules should be a top priority for seller's agents. By ensuring proper coordination and communication, both parties can proceed with confidence toward a successful closing.

     If necessary, make arrangements for the buyer to have extra time during the walkthrough or allow them to revisit specific areas of the property. Being respectful of their needs, while still ensuring that your own expectations and requirements are met, promotes a positive and collaborative environment, ultimately contributing to a successful property sale.

    Follow A Walkthrough Checklist

    The buyer and their agent should follow a walkthrough checklist during the final inspection. This list should include items like confirming the completion of agreed-upon repairs, checking all appliances and fixtures are present and functional, ensuring the property is clean and free from debris, and examining the interior and exterior for any signs of pests, mold, or damage. Encourage your clients to use their smartphones to document the walkthrough, creating a timestamped record of the property's condition. By following a methodical checklist, buyers can feel confident that they have thoroughly inspected the property and minimize the risk of overlooking any potential issues.

    Address Any Last-Minute Issues Or Concerns

    If the final walkthrough reveals any new or unresolved problems, both parties should work together to find a suitable and fair solution. This might involve the seller completing additional repairs, providing financial compensation, or delaying the closing date, depending on the specifics of the situation. Maintaining an open line of communication between buyer's and seller's agents is key to finding a resolution that aligns with the purchase agreement and keeps the sale on track. By addressing and resolving any concerns during the final walkthrough, all parties can move forward with a smooth and successful property sale.

    After the Final Walkthrough

    Document the Walkthrough

    Once the final walkthrough is completed, it's essential to meticulously document everything that was inspected, discussed, and agreed upon. This documentation should include photos, checklists, and a written report, signed by both the buyer and their agent. By having a comprehensive record of the walkthrough, it helps avoid any potential misunderstandings or disputes down the line. Additionally, documentation serves as proof of the property's condition during the walkthrough, which can be beneficial in addressing any issues that may arise post-closing. 

    Resolve Outstanding Issues, if Any

    If any issues were detected during the final walkthrough, it's crucial to act quickly and resolve them promptly. To do this, review your documentation and consider the agreed-upon terms and conditions of the sale. It's important to communicate openly with the buyer's agent and other involved parties to make adjustments to the sales agreement or negotiate resolutions. When issues are adequately addressed, it demonstrates good faith and fosters trust between the buyer and seller.


    In conclusion, the final walkthrough is an indispensable step in the property sales process, serving as a vital opportunity for the buyer to thoroughly inspect the property before closing the sale. By fostering open communication, setting realistic expectations, being accommodating towards the buyer's needs, and promptly addressing any issues that arise, both parties can work together towards a smooth and successful property sale. By keeping these principles in mind and adhering to the practical tips outlined in this blog post, you can pave the way for a seamless, stress-free transaction experience for everyone involved.

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