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    AI Innovations are Making the Real Estate Market More Efficient

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing many industries, and the real estate market is no exception. From finding the perfect mortgage and home to identifying potential listings, AI is making the process more efficient for both buyers and sellers. In this article, we'll take a look at how some of the biggest names in the business are using AI to streamline the real estate market.

    How AI is changing the mortgage process

    One of the most significant ways AI is transforming the real estate industry is by changing the mortgage process. At LoanSnap, a San Francisco-based mortgage lender, AI is used in various steps of the mortgage process, from finding the perfect loan type for a borrower to finding the right investor for the loan.

    First, the borrower's financial information is inputted into the system. Then, the AI takes all that information and forecasts it out into the future, looking at thousands and thousands of options. This means that the AI can show borrowers different ways of paying off debt and different loan options, all in seconds. This can help consumers find the best loan option and potentially save money in the future.

    But AI's capabilities don't stop there. For refinances, the AI builds a financial model for the borrower, showing them exactly how much money they're losing on a monthly and yearly basis, even showing them how they could potentially fix that issue and save money in the future. This level of financial forecasting and analysis was previously only available to a select few, but can now be accessible to everyone.

    AI is also being used to automate the mortgage application process. AI algorithms are able to review and verify all the required documentation, reducing the time it takes for a borrower to get approved for a loan. For those who are self-employed or have complex financial situations, this is especially significant. But not all companies are using AI to its full potential. As Karl Jacob, CEO of LoanSnap, points out, "Ninety-five percent of it is rhetoric, right? It's a popular term. People glom on to things like that and say, 'Oh yeah, we use AI too.' AI is actually machines thinking and/or looking at possibilities that would not have been looked at before." So, it's important to make sure you're working with a company that's truly utilizing AI to its full potential.

    Looking to the future, we can expect even more advancements in AI in the mortgage industry. Virtual assistants powered by AI serve as a good example, as they have the potential to answer borrowers' questions and guide them through the mortgage application process. Additionally, AI-powered fraud detection systems could be implemented to increase security and protect borrowers from fraudulent activity.

    How AI is helping consumers to save time and money

    Unreal Estate is revolutionizing the real estate industry by using AI to streamline transactions, saving consumers time and money. With traditional real estate transactions, fees and commissions can add up to more than 6% of the home price. However, Unreal Estate has found a way to alleviate this problem.

    By reviewing thousands of its own transactions, Unreal Estate has built a model that automates repetitive tasks traditionally completed by real estate agents. This allows them to charge less than half of what traditional agents charge. On the buying side, the platform uses AI to learn each user's preferences and prioritize property searches.  Buyers are shown the homes they're most likely to be interested in, and the AI saves them time from scrolling through listing after listing. Furthermore, the company uses previous transactions to create a step-by-step guidance plan that automates much of the work of a traditional buy-side agent, which also reduces fees on the buy-side.

    How AI is helping real estate agents

    The housing market is crazy competitive, meaning agents are constantly looking for fresh listings. With a limited supply of homes for sale, the stakes are even higher. Fortunately, AI can help agents find homes that are likely to sell in the next 12 months. It triangulates all the data associated with the home, like when the home last sold, how long the owner has occupied the home, and what rate the home sells at in that particular area.

    This means that agents can approach homeowners with a much higher probability of success. Joseph Sirosh, Chief Technology Officer at Compass, a real estate brokerage, says that Compass agents have a 94% higher chance of winning a potential listing they target with AI than not. And, with AI's help, agents can price the home more exactly and target marketing more specifically.

    But that's not all. AI is also used to automate tasks such as scheduling showings and sending reminders to clients. While this work is being taken care of, agents can focus on more important tasks, like building relationships with clients and closing deals.

    Hopefully, we can expect even more AI advancements in the real estate industry's future. For example, AI-powered virtual assistants could be used to communicate with clients and handle scheduling and paperwork. Additionally, AI-powered chatbots could be implemented to answer clients' questions and provide them with relevant information about properties.

    The impact of AI on the real estate market

    For buyers, AI can help them find the perfect home and mortgage by analyzing vast amounts of data and providing them with personalized recommendations. For sellers, AI can help them find potential buyers and price their home more accurately.

    However, be wary of the potential challenges and drawbacks to the use of AI in the real estate market. There's the potential for AI to make the market more competitive, leading to increased pressure on buyers and sellers. Additionally, there's the potential for AI to be misused, such as by companies using it to target or discriminate against certain demographics.

    If AI becomes more prevalent in automating tasks, the number of real estate agents or mortgage brokers could drop.


    AI is revolutionizing the real estate market by making it more efficient for both buyers and sellers. By analyzing vast amounts of data and providing personalized recommendations, AI is helping buyers find the perfect home and mortgage. And, by identifying potential listings and pricing homes more accurately, AI is helping sellers.

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